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Altair Club Cars Acura ILX Drag Car Weigh In & Engine Build Progress Vol.4

Acura ILX Drag Car Weigh In & Engine Build Progress Vol.4

We finally weigh in our Acura ILX Drag Race Car project. Comes in a little heavier than we were hoping for but no loss of hope as there are many things still to be removed and cleaned up on this car.

So i’m just going to go ahead and get these um snug down just a little bit i’m going to go into about 30 foot pounds so i’m doing a clay in the motor just making sure that these oversized pistons work out well the bigger valves and everything i mean everything is pretty much set up to work together just gotta double check it find my true tdc and then i’ll go ahead

And degree to cams in just gotta go through everything one time and motors coming out little by little and i’ve always got to put the customer motors first so i’m always doing those but whenever i get a chance i do a little bit on this motor hopefully hopefully get in the car within two weeks and see what other work we can get done on the car so i gotta mount

The shifter box shifter cables i get some time maybe we’ll get that done tomorrow all right that should be good for now uh apparently when i flip the screws upside down the the back of the bolt is actually hidden part of the actual fuel tank cage that we built so i’m gonna have to go in there i’d like to keep the screws facing up still to be honest so i’m gonna

Try to notch the bottom of the tank cage and see if that’s good i’m going to try to re-weld it about here so i’m going to go ahead and cut some off of it hold it while you weld it go i can see the light through my eyelids so bumper should go on now i gotta go over that looks close all right so the time joint’s on and looks like it’s in good some extent

Yeah so we got adjustable behind joints we’re able to actually put by just rotating this we can add or remove tension off the front of the bumper so this should make it down a little bit this will bring it up and that’ll help us to get the gaps filled in get some weight on the car see where we’re at we’re going to put this on um my side over here sort of we still

Got a mock motor in there which is just i got a red and yellow which you are these two here like i said there’s a mock there’s a mock engine in here so we’re still going to be a little bit underweight as far as the true weight for the engine but um we do have extra parts inside the car which will add back some weight that’s not truly going to be there but we’ll

Get a close enough weight we’ll kind of get an idea how we’re getting if we if we’re overweight already it’s going to be hard making getting as light as we want oh it’s the top i don’t know battery’s already inside i’m gonna go 1895. 1895. you got to guess on the weight right now nick two thousand i’m gonna go at about 19.50 all right i’ll bring the jack around

The front i can’t see it anymore i used to see it with the bumper off oh actually um no i can clear it but that’s really the jack point it’s covered yeah i need to cut that out the car sits high so the jack is not gonna get stuck in there she’s heavy oh no are you off completely 2090 yeah two thousand two thousand ninety well the new class rules allow for twenty

One hundred i mean there’s there’s more stuff in the car than what will be on the car but it also adds me right well the wheels you’re gonna drop fifty pounds oh i’m gonna drop a lot on the wheels um no we’re gonna it’s gonna be close it’s gonna be tough yeah 2100’s with the driver oh man so we’re definitely getting a little overweight her original goal was 22.

Yeah when the rules for last year was 2 200 pounds so what 2 200. yeah where else we come from at 2200 we were that’s how we estimated everything we were going to be pretty close the new rules allow for 2100 which is um beneficial if we can actually get it down that low now i i think right now without actually doing any more cutting or anything like that we’re

Gonna be probably 24 23.50 when the car they were is today and it seems like sixteen hundred pounds last time yeah um well we got a header we got a hitter and a gas tank in it now now it’s 2100. and um radiator radiator wasn’t there a hall tech wasn’t actually in the car wire harness wasn’t actually in the car right now other than fuel fuel and some internals

Yeah we got everything eight pounds a gallon of fuel we got 16 pounds of fuel to add um i mean the engines well the axles are in the car too so it’s not like there’s no axles in there right so um just uh basically internals for the motor but we do have some things we can cut out and clean up still but there’s gonna be some things that have to go on that are still

Heavy like the engine has no crank in it the crank alone or 50 pounds yeah it’s gonna be um yeah 23.50 is where we’re going to be at with all the stock components on the car still and then we’ll have to start doing some carbon fiber and stuff to try to drop some weight there but kind of anticipated using a newer chassis you know it’s not an eg it’s no it’s

Like a 60 40 right now yeah no it’s not that bad right now yeah um because it’s 578 to 470 so an extra hundred and and the front it’s pretty close as far as consistency of the balance of the weight left to right you get 27 percent of the weight is on the front left 26 percent on the front right 22 percent on the rear left and 23 on the rear right and that’s just

Because of the placement of the stuff in the trunk though oh yeah you know what it’s this is gonna be you know it’s gonna go it’s gonna this is gonna go way more front heavy which is what we want exactly but um the tilt twin disc and everything is in the front of the is in the trunk of the car right now yeah so the flywheel the clutch pressure plates all that is

In the rear in the trunk so yeah this is already like sand and but the wheels are heavy the the race wheels are going to drop a lot of weight 48 i think that’s a lot i think we measure one yeah so so that’s going to drop at least 50 pounds with tires it’d probably drop yeah they’ll probably get closer to 25 pounds apiece so no that’s awesome i guess i’m gonna

Have to take that decklid out though i was hoping to leave some of that stuff in for now and just deal with it as we need the a lot more stuff the weight to come down um and then we’ll have to really hit the drawing board to try to get another 100 to 200 pounds out of it yeah we still got all the glass there’s still some room um we haven’t taken out the rear deck

We have to put we got to put weight back in to take you know to cover up the stuff that we take out but um i mean i was hoping that we didn’t have to go to expensive route to get it lighter but we might just have to you might have to do carbon fiber doors like the rear doors the carbon fiber trunk carbon fiber hood stuff like that to drop the weight those are

All the things that cost a lot of money but to really get it to exactly where you want it to be it’s probably going to have to happen it got a lot bigger since last time which you know it’s a little bit of plus and minus you add something to take some things so all right let’s get these scales off of it and we’ll wait here again next week well nothing too

Exciting but we made some progress and we’ll see you guys again soon with some more updates on this car awesome

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Acura ILX Drag Car Weigh In & Engine Build Progress Vol.4 By P2R Power Rev Racing

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