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Altair Club Cars Actress Nafessa Williams and the Lexus NX: Philly Lifestyle Tour

Actress Nafessa Williams and the Lexus NX: Philly Lifestyle Tour

Rolling in Philly with Nafessa Williams as the “Black Lightning” actress gave @AutomotiveRhythms a glimpse of her lifestyle from the seat of the all-new #LexusNX. You’ll also see #NafessaWilliams in the upcoming #WhitneyHouston biopic “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Collaborations are key for success! #LetsRide #ExperienceAmazing

What’s up family it’s your girl nafissa williams welcome to my lifestyle of film fashion philanthropy right here in the city of brotherly love today is a super dope day since i’ve connected with the next level lexus nx now i stay on the go whether making moves to photo shoots or speaking engagements therefore i’m appreciative of the efficient power whenever i’m

In route and with the all-wheel drive i can navigate the lively philly streets with ease so when lexus talks to me about showing my lifestyle and some of my favorite places to go to eat in philly the first thing that came to mind was fred’s this is a staple snack a staple treat here in philly this is how far back i go with friends i remember when friends used

To have this cart and he will push it or ride it up these blocks around here in southwest so to see the level of entrepreneurial ship to go from this cart to this freestanding water ice store it speaks to all of us that literally anything in life that we want any dream that we have is possible and it’s really already written it’s really just up to us to go and

Get it if you ain’t never have a what is from friends you are tripping we’re so good y’all bath my nx350 luxury all-wheel drive is blessed with an attention-grabbing spindle grill led headlights led blade tail lamps and the luxury package including these 20 inch alloy brims with a silver finish hey y’all i’m an actress i’m an entrepreneur and i’m also

A philanthropist and what inspired my movie career was actually growing up in the city of philly it was pretty rough and i would escape through watching tv and the cosby show was the first time i remember watching tv and seeing rudy huxtable like who is she she looks like me i want to do that how do i get inside of the tv screen so that was the first start i was

Always obsessed with tv so i figured that was where i wanted to be so here i am so some of my favorite features is the color grayson water is the color of my lexus and next if y’all know me y’all know i love blue so in case i know that’s what grayson water is version of blue and another thing that i love i used to be a race car driver in my past life so the sport

Mode of the lexus index has me balling in the streets again my whole entire life safety comes in the form of lss plus 3.0 known as lexis safety system plus which is the most advanced version of lss and one of if not the most advanced suite of standard safety features in his class safe exit assist uses blind spot monitors to prevent occupants from opening a door

If the nx detects another vehicle approaching too close my driver inspired cockpit is designed with the philosophy of perfect balance so everything is placed right where the driver needs it within reach and made to be intuitive so the vehicle and the driver can feel and anticipate one another wireless apple carplay allows me to chill with my favorite artists

Through the 17 speaker mark levison audio system wait is somebody hot no worries dual zone automatic climate control will handle that whether you love your city whether you love your all new lexus nx most importantly make sure you love yourself did i sponsor a cheerleading group which i used to cheer for is called the northwest raiders it’s feeling so good it’s

Bringing back all the memories like that competitive energy that i have like i got that from being here and going to competition and just wanting to be the best team in the city being in this building alone is i used to be a flyer so what they’re doing right now is considered an amount so i’m gonna see if i still got it i think i do i think i remember what i’m

Supposed to do i’m a little nervous all right y’all i hope y’all enjoy insight into my world now please go experience amazing at your lexus dealer peace y’all

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Actress Nafessa Williams and the Lexus NX: Philly Lifestyle Tour By Automotive Rhythms

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