accessorizing your 2023 acura in
Altair Club Cars Accessorizing Your 2023 Acura Integra:,000 Worth In Upgrades

Accessorizing Your 2023 Acura Integra:,000 Worth In Upgrades

All right welcome back to the channel we are here with the 2023 acura integra at hendrick acura in south point in durham north carolina just wanted to show you what what accessories uh this vehicle has it’s got a few totaling to about seven thousand dollars with the installation uh up front you can already tell it’s got the blacked out emblem which looks amazing it’s

Got those blacked out emblems all across the vehicle i wanted to show you so starting from up front which we just saw to every single one from the a-spec badging all the way to the rear has been all blacked out it’s a few hundred dollars for all of them we’re in the back here you do have this awesome diffuser this gloss black diffuser that they recently installed

Personally i think it looks fantastic with this carbon fiber spoiler you can see the detail i think that’s this spoiler is a must-have when it comes to this vehicle um super cool along with the blacked out emblems especially with this black paint it just gives it like a smooth look coming to the side these wheels and tires are an option these the wheels and tires

Alone are about a three thousand dollar option with installation and these are the matte black so you can also get them in the glint black but these happen to be the matte and they’re 19 inch alloys we talked about the diffuser also uh this one has the carbon fiber mirrors which are actually on backorder so they’re not installed right now but they do just go on

Top of here and on the side as well you can tell that it has the side underbody spoiler which is this this trim piece that actually it’s drilled into the side so just gives it like an extra character line across the car in my opinion i i think it looks great my top my top favorite accessories in the car like i said are probably the blacked out emblems and the

Spoiler think those are must-haves another cool feature also another acura accessory is the illumination on this uh door sill right here so this a-spec is is illuminated from the top or bottom up and that is on all four corners all four doors door sills and the a-spec carpeting which is an accessory as well these are only a couple hundred dollars but i think

It they are they are pretty nice i like i like the uh aspect badging throughout so total if you were to get all these uh accessories with installation like i said it’ll be close to seven thousand dollars so you can definitely accessorize your your vehicle to whatever specifications you want definitely a neat car love the hatch design and it closes very solid and

When you fold down the seats you get as much usable space almost as like a smaller suv let me do this this is the storage with the seats folded down i like this angle super cool car especially with the manual like i said these are very customizable uh cars i think acura did well with the accessories my highest recommendations are definitely the spoiler like i

Said along with the black badges definitely appreciate it let me guys let me know if you guys want to see the carbon fiber mirror cast when they come in they are in back order but uh thanks for watching and yeah if you guys have any questions please post them down below look forward to reading them appreciate the opportunity and hope you guys have a fantastic day

This is the demo unit uh provided by acura so they they actually cannot sell this vehicle for about 60 days so they wanted to put the accessories just to kind of showcase what is possible uh so it’s basically like the flagship show car so this car is available to test drive today um so if you guys are interested it is here

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Accessorizing Your 2023 Acura Integra:$7,000 Worth In Upgrades By TwoGuys OneCoupe

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