abandoned jeep wagoneer revival


Bringing a 1983 Jeep Wagoneer back from the dead…

Oh wow it’s lit i hear them trying to work dude but i do too here they’re probably just seized up you hold the you hold the camera let daddy robert do it for you yeah actually my f-150 i had oh wait there it is there we go you just needed the magic touch yeah that jeep touch yeah i don’t have it yet apparently and they’ll just never go back up oh yeah we got

One down yeah the ventilation is a little bit better so it’s a wagoneer revival day yeah we’re gonna see how this goes so far we’ve revived one window and got the back window down so that’s pretty cool yeah it actually uh went down the switch up here on the console oh the switch up there there were yeah yeah it’s pretty good for a wagon that’s fry burger this

Thing is mint that’s it a little squirt of starting food yeah if there’s any in there yeah there’s a little bit in the can right here ready yeah go ahead go that should have fired there go here try it i must not be getting any spark it’s got starter fluid in there he should have done something yeah here you you’d be my cameraman play with the wagon here

Yeah you do your jeep stuff yeah there you go baby i can’t see the other one i got it got it it’s so exciting to work on a wagon here that’s not mine looks pretty clean so these have this ignition module here and those those do go bad so i got one of those at the house dude off my cj yeah we got it um we used daniel’s knife but um one other thing check

All these wires and make sure so i was in bed sick with a cold today and daniel drove me out of bed to come work on a wagon here look now he tells us he had a cold yeah yeah i’m good it is not it’s not it’s it’s not the other thing everybody’s got i’ve already had the other things yeah i actually i chased it away i drank a bunch of red bull on the way down here

That sounds healthy i think that’s all yeah i didn’t think about bringing a i got a spark tester at house i should have brought it i wouldn’t think about it screwdriver yeah um where did you did you okay good deal yep clear yeah we got a spark uh let’s just just keep on cranking on it a few more times i should have fired yeah it should oh this vacuum lines oh

There we go there we go yeah hit the gas open up the car she might go now this is exciting do you have any gas just gasoline this is the sound that i’ve actually heard way too often is the sound of a non-starting afc 360. yeah i sounded at 360 v8 trying and trying and trying that’s like back in the day uh had a cousin had a 68 dodge dart had a uh slant six

In it and you could turn that thing over and you could like you could play a tune to it it was like no no no no no no no no no no no no no no it was just funny we always laugh every time we cranked it up but it always cranked up though how old that is yeah 10 year old 10 year old gas here yeah that’ll fire it up daniel’s making the uh squirt jar for the gasoline

And i mean that’s definitely gas but it smells like it’s from you know like reagan era yeah which means it’ll still work yeah maybe we’ll see i actually started a wagon here they’ve been sitting for like 30 years on the gas that was still in the tank yeah old gas is fine because it doesn’t go bad like ethanol gas does i’ll do this all right i gave it some gas go

Ahead try it there we go hold on uh push the gas down okay it’s running on the tank now look at the smoke out of it did you check the oil it no right hydrant on its own now it is leaking pretty good out of the carburetor you have like a fire extinguisher handy don’t you one in the back there you go okay we know that old gas actually burns it’s leaking out

Of the uh accelerator pump yeah exactly but it runs yeah that’s good enough and get on the trailer yeah the tires held air from tuesday so brakes don’t work for the crowd though well that’s all right yeah master cylinder needs to be rebuilt we don’t need brakes around here loaded up going uphill yeah awesome yeah right i i have a cold today so i can’t smell very

Well because i’m kind of congested but thankfully i have daniel here to describe what it smells like inside of this wagon here well let’s back this story up for a second see all those bags of corn they were in the back of the wagoneer and now corn is a loose term with these bags because there is no kernel left in the bag what grits really feels like you find like

He ground it up at the mill and put it back in the bag and the first one i grabbed out it was fine the second one had this black goop tar stuff that you can see in there and the best i can describe it smells like if you stuff the dead squirrel inside of a dead dog and lift out to the front porch in the summertime for about six months that’s what it smells like

It is horrible other than that i got a wagon here though yeah i think i got a razor knife i was kidding that was that was sarcastic oh man oh man that’s worse than hey i’ll give you five bucks to eat some of that cool no thank you and i can’t smell it they can smell it they’re walking off they’re getting out of here i can’t smell it but that is that’s worse

Than i imagined that’s pretty rough that’s foul that’s what yeah that’s bad it’s kind of similar to my k5 laser tailgate i i could probably i literally i could in one week i could take this thing completely apart and put it completely back together the power window works from up front and i don’t think it works yeah they never do so this is this is one car one

Vehicle that i guess call it stupidity yes i know every single which if you own one of these it’s not going to be very long until you learn every single piece of it they multiply too it’s going to break like every single piece is eventually going to break yeah multiple times and these multiply though you get one and before you know it you’ve got another one in

Your backyard i got a couple five or six something like that ten no i’m wrong so you don’t need this kind of trouble daniel you don’t want this question the 80s the early 80s jeeps were in amc absolutely yeah oh no 85 that was what uh 86 84 500 all manufacturing companies that’s what they part these parts from all manufacturing companies it was the leftover

Stuff from everything else well amc would go to ford or gm or whoever and say hey what do you have that’s outdated yeah and we’ll buy it because like this has amc360 which it is an amc engine with a ford carburetor yeah gm 400 transmission yeah forward ignition system a ford yeah ford alternator a gm steering column yeah gm steering column and this this stuff

Yeah steering column feels like a marshmallow it’s awful okay i’m going to rebuild that thing yeah um but i’m kind of excited about it now man i’m telling you you don’t need this kind of trouble in your life just tow it to my house go to the farm just drop it off there you don’t need this kind of trouble yeah you don’t have no room left on the farm you can’t get

It back but road’s too soft i got it i got to put it somewhere it covered up because it’s still got the holes in the roof i haven’t seen what i’m up yet i’ve got a roof rack i’ll trade you for the wagon i got a couple of racks so i’ll get the roof right you get the wagon in that’s right then i’ll save the reef rack back hey that’ll okay how long is this fair yeah

It’s kind of the most expensive roof rack you ever sold you would lose i’m sure there’s probably been this completely lost fingers this thing’s not broke that’s me that’s actually that is actually definite wagoneer feature right there bouncing up and down the dirt roads a little a little extra yeah they probably paid extra for that oh wow it starts oh man we’re

About to move this wagon here ain’t got no brakes yes it ain’t got no brakes i’m trying to pump them up a little bit you just got to do the shuffle between drive neutral drive neutral oh wow right into gear and it’s already moving what in the world let’s see what kind of new breaks we’re talking about hey you got a little bit of break yeah i can’t see where i’m

Going first thing first time this has moved in six years i think well when you’re like hitting the gather something bumping was probably just a u-jointer uh and it’s just leaking gas on the engine so you know yeah it’s a big deal that means well yeah i mean the fuel lines nice the the prop assembly yeah the accelerator pump is leaking on the carburetor yeah

Only when it runs though so it’s not bad yeah yeah i’m excited about it i mean i have a i have a almost brand new rock intake 600 carburetor take off one put on another yeah all right this is the oil yeah at least it’s got oil in it it’s got oil it lost all of it don’t smell like gas or nothing lost all of its viscosity back in 1987 but it’s got something in

There yeah there’s no telling last time it was changed and you know half of these are all rotten yeah vacuum full drive doesn’t work because of one of the vacuum lines that is one thing i hate about amc so much dear god they like their vacuum lines amc all these stupid well not just jeeps but all the amc’s had enough vacuum lines it’s just ridiculous

Transcribed from video

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