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Altair Club Cars A Timeless Aston Martin DBX Finished in Sabiro Blue – A Walk Around With Stuart

A Timeless Aston Martin DBX Finished in Sabiro Blue – A Walk Around With Stuart

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Welcome to hwm aston martin today for you we have this beautiful october 21 subaru blue dbx this car has done 2 600 miles from new and has a full host of options not just on the outside but also on the inside and we just wanted to run you through a few of those if not as many as we can and give you an overview of the vehicle so finished in subaru blue this was a

Color that was launched on dbs superleggera it is a beautiful color works really really well on dbx and as you can probably see through this the windscreen here or the window we also have a lighter colored interior so that sort of really nice contrast between a dark exterior color and a light interior color so this car has the body colored lower body package um

So what that gave you was the color down to the lower of the doors so we didn’t have any cladding across the bottom of the doors put your front spitter and also your rear diffuser also in a body colored as well so a more simpler design and look and feel and finish to the vehicle we also have the gloss black upper package so that did give you the gloss black front

Grille on the front of the vehicle you also as you can see here we also have the bonnet blades as well and then moving on to the mirror caps the side strike and also the window surround and more importantly your roof rails as well on the vehicle we also have these 22 inch sport design satin black wheel with a black brake caliper behind and a few things that you

Probably want to know as well is a dbx does come with a three-year service package from new and that this will have had one off of that package and so we’ll have two left on there we also have a db db elegance package convenience package and as well as a db luxury package as well so that did give you the laminated side glass so on your rear quarters here you have

The privacy or the laminated window foreign and then moving on the back we have your black tail tips on the back of the vehicle as well sanctuary lights we also have a get your home spare wheel in the back of this dbx along with the tow bar as well and dbx and i know from personal experience is great with towing so if you are looking to tow this is a cracking

Vehicle for that we’ll give you a bit of a wander around and we’ll show you a few of the options on the inside so what we have is a light duo tone interior so that gave you the full seats and also the lower environment in the lighter color so we have dark knight over coral sand so coral sand came along db11 valente it’s a really really cool color it’s sort of it’s

Not an ivory and it’s not a cream it sort of sits in between it’s a really really nice color db elegance package and all the other packages that were on the car that gave you the the um broken that you have on the seat here with the contrast stitching the perforation and also the quilting and you could change those as you wish but we have a match to leather on

The on the quilting but we do have a contrast fine stitch on the seat and also on the door card as well gloss back piano just on the center here so you could option to have it on the door cards if you wanted but we just have a leather on the door card and then we then have a dark jewelry package on the vehicle so that will be all your switches and buttons and all

These sort of bits and pieces on the vehicle they will be in a dark chrome finish and again part of that elegance pack we have heated and cooled seats multiple adjustable seats that’s your bolster and also your lumber and as well as sort of your standard equipment so we have 360 cameras forward-facing um high beam assist uh and radar cruise dbx is fully loaded

With passive safety so actually if you look at the market for dbx and compare it to its other competitors all its passive safety is standard on the vehicle we also then have a obsidian black carpet in the bottom here and what we’ll do is we’ll run you through the back and we’ll show you a few features in the back of the vehicle as well welcome to the back of dbx

So whether you’re sitting in the front or in the back of this vehicle the the standard panoramic roof as you can see is huge on this car it’s not a cost option it is part of dbx and just lets in tons of light into the cabin we have plenty of space i’m about six foot four six foot five plenty of space for myself in here so actually you know not it would be a nice

Comfortable journey and that is sitting with myself in the front as well so plenty of occupancy space in dbx and you have control of your heating your heated seats as well as your air conditioned seats in the back of where all your record seats in the back of dbx so there are some features that you have available to you in the back we’ll also just show you a bit

Of boot space so welcome to the back of dbx as you can see we can open the boot lid on the key there is an option wouldn’t be on this particular vehicle where you can swipe your foot underneath and have gesture control but because this has the tow bar electrics and tow bar it’s not available on this vehicle but it’s part of the convenience package underneath your

Your dark carpet that we have in the boot we have the storage for the tow bar and all your torque it as well as your get your home wheel which was optioned on this vehicle and then on the side here we have your umbrella which is its nice leather straps on the side of the boot as well okay just that you can do with dbx is you can drop the rear seats with the buttons

On the right hand side and should you have anything a bit heavy or you want to get a dog in the back you can raise and lower the back of the vehicle as well so it does have plenty of travel should you want to put something heavy in or you want to get something like a dog in the back but look this vehicle is available on our website you can reserve it online for

99 pounds or visit us at hwmaster martin dot co dot uk

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A Timeless Aston Martin DBX Finished in Sabiro Blue – A Walk Around With Stuart By HWM Aston Martin

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