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Altair Club Cars A Timeless Aston Martin DBS Superleggera finished in Hyper Red – A Walk-Around with Paul

A Timeless Aston Martin DBS Superleggera finished in Hyper Red – A Walk-Around with Paul

This outstanding example of DBS is truly stunning. Finished in AML Special paint called Hyper Red with obsidian black leather throughout the cabin, it is jaw dropping from every angle. The Launch Spec highlights on this DBS include, AML Special Paint, 20″ Forged Black Textured Alloys, Aston Martin Premium Audio, Triaxial Quilting, Stainless Steel Quad Exhaust. The 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine produces 715 hp at 6,500 rpm and 900 Nm of torque from 1,800–5,000 rpm. In order to optimise the centre of gravity and weight distribution, the V12 powertrain has been positioned as low and as far back in the chassis as possible.

Hi there and welcome to hwm aston martin here in warden on thames particularly excited today because i wanted to spend a few moments showing you around our aston martin dbs superleggera coupe finished in hyper red those of you that follow our channel please do rate and subscribe below would have seen um guy and myself present dbs in a much more comprehensive

Format in terms of what it’s actually like to live with dbs so if you haven’t seen it do go and check it out it’s on our channel but in the meantime i want to spend a few minutes showing you around this hyper red dbs super sharer so i’m really really excited to show you around dbs um personal favorite of mine but it’s um just a beautiful shape and finished in

This stunning hyper red color with some real sort of dark detailing from the um textured multi-spoke aloe wheel to the gloss black fins and the mirror caps the roof panel and the side straights as well looks look i think it really looks stunning this covered just a fraction over 6 000 miles and we supplied this car from new from hwm aston martin so it’s just

A beautiful design with some nice detailing and some beautiful color i particularly like the carbon fiber the weaved carbon fiber that you can see on the front diffuser um i beg your pardon the front the front splitter and the rear diffuser which is actually weaved in the direction of travel there’s a load of craftsmanship and thought that goes into dbs and it

Really does show it off right down to the carbon fiber splitter which again is weaved in the direction of travel it’s really really special so other things to talk about apart from things like the smoked rear lights and reverse camera carbon fiber splitter at the front and the back reverse parking sensors as well as the front parking sensors as well let’s have

A look quick look inside there’s some really really fine detail inside so one of the things i like is that it has a contrast red stitch to the seat but it almost sort of matches the the exterior color it’s been really well thought through a half alcantara steering wheel as well sport steering wheel with items like electric rear seat with front seats i think you

Pardon with memory and as well as them being heated also benefits from lovely detail like the tri-axial quilting on the seats first available on dbs very very nice indeed so first of all when we’re setting here just a level of detail and craftsmanship inside this cabin is truly stunning i think i mentioned earlier on about the you know the flat bottom steering

Wheel which is made half of leather and half alcantara this beautiful tri-axial quilting around the seat and the contrast stitching which matches and emulates the exterior color of the alcantara headlining again with the pattern to emulate the seating it’s just really well been thought out one of the things i like about dbs apart from how simple everything is

To use everything’s functional and has purpose um is the ability to adapt the uh the drive and the suspension settings so your whole driver experience is changed via your thumbs so you can change into sport which alters the gearbox throttle exhaust note as well as combining it with adaptive damping so actually once you’re sat here driving it’s a really really

Comfortable gt everyday car as well as a monster pushing out 715 brake horsepower should you need it it’s really really clever it sounds and drives amazingly that’s one of the things that was worth talking about and again you can find more information on myself and guys previous video about what dbs is actually like to live with on a daily and more practical

Basis but the boot space has been really really well thought of it’s got a really really wide aperture and you can get sort of a couple of sets of luggage in uh easily and the width has been considered to enable things like golf clubs or a um yeah anything that needs width rather than rather than depth it’s been it’s been quite well considered and this is truly

A car that i found looks beautiful from every angle when i when i look here and i look at this beautiful line that goes all the way down that the car these massive sort of muscular shoulder lines all the clean clean lines you and you’ll notice that this piece we always talk about this is a is a one piece clam shell bonnet and that’s um really not to compromise

The beauty of this car so there’s no specific shut lines that come down the bonnet and run out run off of the car it’s one continual piece uh just a bit on this very very quickly it’s uh always a pleasure to uh to open up the the clamshell bonnet it’s it’s one piece and pretty much a revolutionary design to be fair it’s uh it’s really been considered and well

Thought about but i love the whole exposure of of everything it just kind of strips everything back and you can see how things have been considered and designed you know around being aerodynamic improving handling being agile and forcing the air around the vehicle and through the the ducts at the rear and out of the back to to help stability uh it’s it’s yeah

It’s always always a nice feature with soft clothes as well well thanks very much for joining us um i hope you enjoyed this kind of whistle stop tour around this hyper red dbs superleggera like i say it’s covered just over 6 000 miles was originally supplied by hwm from new do get in touch with this if you need any more information but please don’t forget to rate

And subscribe in the corner of your screen and we look forward to seeing you again on our next video thanks for joining us

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A Timeless Aston Martin DBS Superleggera finished in Hyper Red – A Walk-Around with Paul By HWM Aston Martin

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