a timeless aston martin db11 v12
Altair Club Cars A Timeless Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR Coupe finished in Hammerhead Silver – Walk-around with Stuart

A Timeless Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR Coupe finished in Hammerhead Silver – Walk-around with Stuart

Join Stuart as he takes you on an in depth tour of this wonderful V12 DB11 AMR. Finished in Hammerhead Silver, contoured with black accents, this truly is a gorgeous example of the DB11.

Welcome to hwa master martin and welcome to this february 2020 on a 69 plate v12 amr db11 coupe this particular car’s travelled 9600 miles from new and what we thought we’d do is give you a good look around the optional content that is on this vehicle it is available on the timeless scheme from aston martin and on our website which is hwmastonmartin.co.uk let’s

Delve in and show you a few of the key features so this particular car is finished in hammerhead silver so hammerhead silver was is a color that’s been around for quite some time with aston and it sort of sat between tungsten and meteorite for a very long time but it is an off palette colour so there was an optional cost for this particular colour a few things

A lot of people didn’t quite know about amr they changed a few features without really letting anybody know so the led front headlamps on db11amr actually have a dark gloss black backing in them whereas on the original v12 model they were a chrome or a bright silver finish on the inside of the headlamps so we just sort of darkened down the mood of the vehicle

A little bit and also sort of went with the rest of the theme that’s on this particular car so this car does have the gloss black lower body pack which was a standard feature of the v12 amr you could either have that in carbon or gloss black and we also have the gloss black upper body package as well which is your front grille your bonnet vanes side strikes and

Your rear tail pipes on top of this as well we also have the gloss black mirror caps roof strike and roof just give you that nice sort of gloss black over hammer head with a gloss black on the top as well so a great theme on the side of the vehicle we have the forged lightweight satin finish wheels along with the black brake calipers behind there as well moving

Around the back of the vehicle this car has your smoked rear lights as well as the aston martin script that then became a standard feature of db11 from about 2018 onwards so on the interior of this car this is where we have a large amount of the optional content on this particular vehicle so we have the optional pure black leather on the interior and being the

Amr you had the choice of having the alcantara finish on the bolsters of the seats or the bottom bolster on the squab and also on the side as well we have amr logo imprinted on the headrest and heated and cooled seats so you do also have the perforation and we also have a match to seat roof lining as well so we have a leather tram rail around the outside of the

Roof along with the alcantara and then the roof center we also have premium audio which was a standard feature of amr and we also have the dark chrome jewelry pack which will be your waterfall surround your buttons and switches and dials and your air vents as well this particular car was a much later model so when db11 amr was introduced you could then have things

Like blind spot monitoring which this car has you also have heated steering wheel which was an optional extra on this particular vehicle as well and then your regular features like your 360 cameras your bluetooth music memory seats and also you have multi-adjustable seats on this vehicle so you have lumber and bolster support on this car a couple of features that

Are worth just noting about amr so when they stopped production of the early v12s and they introduced the v8 db11 a lot of the a lot of the engineering that they learned through the weight saving of the v8 with the thicker anti-roll bars and suspension configuration on the v8 they then added into the v12 amr db11 along with a few bits that the source also helped

Along with with at the time aston martin racing like i say if you’re interested in this car do give us a call or visit our website and we’d be more than happy to help where we can thank you

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A Timeless Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR Coupe finished in Hammerhead Silver – Walk-around with Stuart By HWM Aston Martin

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