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Altair Club Cars A SUV you should consider: 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid EX | 4k

A SUV you should consider: 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid EX | 4k

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Welcome how you doing today we’re going to look at the 2021 kia sorento hybrid so pardon this format it’s a little cold outside it’s 30 degrees in the dc metro area so i’m gonna do a lot of the talking from inside the car and showing you a couple shots here and there right so let’s go over a couple things uh that are awesome about this car and some areas maybe

Kia can improve later on they’re really nitpicks but hopefully they’ll help you in your car search or your comparison with other vehicles right so the first thing you need to know it’s it’s in the name it’s a hybrid so with the hybrid you’re going to get 37 miles per gallon combined that is pretty amazing it’s 39 city 35 highway to be exact anyway you cut it

That’s going to be amazing mpg it puts out 227 combined horsepower with the electric and and gasoline engine and so you’re going to have that mated to a six-speed automatic transmission this the shifting is very very smooth you really can’t feel the power transition between the two motors if you will or even the transmission changing gears it’s it’s very very

Smooth the second thing you need to know about this car is technology it’s been the key in hyundai’s um kind of calling card as a last couple years in including more features uh for the dollar that you spent on this vehicle and the number one co number one feature for me particularly for these cars and this car here is android auto and apple carplay it’s it’s

It’s like a no-brainer so um i’ll still pay personally pay for the larger screen you so usually when you buy a navigation you’ll have a larger screen so i will still pay for the navigation to get the larger screen so that i can then use android auto or apple carplay um yeah that’s that’s still a no-brainer to me right i wouldn’t want to use it and you can you

Can use android auto and apple carplay on a smaller screen um i haven’t had that experience yet but personally as a techie i i prefer that myself so here’s some thoughts on the android auto integration with kia right so on the left side of your steering wheel there will be a voice activation button that works perfectly fine with google the okay google action

Whether you ask weather or playing a certain song within your library or navigation it’ll work fine right next to that button actually is a volume up down and a track button the funny thing is if you push up the volume goes up as expected with the plus icon displayed there but the track button you actually push down to go forward to the next track as opposed to

Expecting pushing up or to go forward in the next track it’s not that’s not how it is so again volume up is up down is volume down but for the track button down is next track up is rewind or restart the track interesting right next thoughts on the stereo system itself so it’s not an upgraded system it’s a standard speaker system you can do some eq on the base

Treble a little bit uh but out of the box kind of impressive for what it is the cars have come a long way in this standard stair system it’s not going to rock your socks but there is a good amount of punch within the system and some clarity at the high end but for you audio files out there you’re going to want to wait for an upgraded steer system offering from

Kia or just do the upgrades yourself but as it stands out of the box pretty decent and the third pro thing that you should be aware of for the for the this kia car is value and this is this is something not new but i wanted to just touch on it again is that the the the price you pay for this car the miles per gallon the features uh the fit and finish the design

For the money as tested this is 38 205 dollars including destination it’s going to be really tough for you to find in the car in this segment at that price with these features in this look right now there are things that you will have to yield to at this price point but there’s also a lot of pros for going for this car let’s go to the flip side the negative so

One of the first things that i noticed about this particular build and how kia decided to spec it was there’s no all-wheel drive being a dad looking at an suv one of my number one requirements was to have all-wheel drive now if you don’t have all-wheel drive on a hybrid truck powertrain on like say a prius for example that makes perfect sense but on a suv you’re

Gonna want elbow drive because it’s it’s you’re not necessarily going to go all terrain but for people who live in the northeast like myself having all-wheel drive will mean that you have increased traction in the snow sleet ice or even rain so even if you live in the south having all-wheel drive will increase your traction uh ability or ability to get traction

In the wet with the hybrid power train and the somewhat very torquey uh turbocharged engine you’re going to have a lot of torque from the get-go so you can actually break traction in this front-wheel drive car if you floor it especially as you’re coming out to merge to a from an intersection so uh just be aware of that the car has a ton of ton of pep uh i have

No issues i have full confidence in merging with this car on the highway uh passing other cars so no issues there second thing is it’s kind of a nitpick but i personally prefer shifters as opposed to a rotary knob for changing gears that’s just a preference thing this car being a hybrid you want to be a little bit more futuristic if you will so i totally understand

The design direction along with that kind of futuristic design thing they could have gone with a digital dash that’s kind of like my 2a 2b right so 2b is the digital dash could have been improved i i prefer that option here which then feeds to the third actual item that i wish was available on this car was at higher trims so this comes in the ex trim i believe

There’s an s and e ex so those are basically the middle two tiers i would have liked to have the top tier option of having let’s say ventilated seats digital dash 360 camera what have you those are not must but if i personally buy a car i would rather buy a car with more features so that i can somewhat future proof myself but also if you really think about

The demographic who who buys these suvs these family-owned suvs are parents parents like myself so even though you have the best intentions of concentrating on the road driving enjoying getting to your destination unless you’re by yourself you’re most likely gonna be distracted by your little one or your wife or your husband or whoever else is in the car your

In-laws so by having higher tiers and having other technologies uh support you and driving safely that just catches you in that one percent of the one percent situation where you might be just looking back for half a second right i don’t really condone that but that’s just the reality we live in with that said uh there are a lot a lot of safety features so this

I guess the bonus item of the pro is that there’s a lot of safety features in this car lane keep assist lane follow assist it works beautifully so i wanted to give you some driving impressions first thing i want to show you is look mile no hands so in this car there’s lane keepers lean follow assist all that cool stuff so basically i can set this car to cruise

Control set the distance in which i want to follow the car in front of me and it will get no closer than that so there’s different levels one two three or even four that i can set so i can basically on a relatively straight road and now we’re curving just a little bit the car will actually keep it within the lane it’ll occasionally ask me to put my hands back

On the wheel but then i can take it right back off and it would be good now this these technologies are not supposed to be driving for you like an autopilot type system like say tesla but it’s supposed to be there to catch you which is amazing this is this type of feature being on this car this price point is mind-blowing it’s great that it’s been being able to

Creep down to this to this level for this vehicle segment uh other impressions of driving the the car itself is very smooth there’s very minimal uh wind noise the acceleration off the line is great actually for this heavy vehicle for an suv at least ensure full confidence in merging shifting lanes going around emerging from the highway uh sorry exit ramps onto

The highway right there’s very little body lead so overall good job cube i really hope that a lot of customers out there really consider the kia brand or kia hyundai brand they really made a lot of improvements over the years they’re kind of doing what the japanese did to the americans back in the day being that value brand and then coming up right so now it’s

It’s an interesting market it’s great to be a consumer right it’s really great to be a consumer with having all these options and the competition between the korean brands the japanese brands the german brands and the american brands as well all across the board there’s tons of things you can pick from and this is one of the ones that you should probably keep on

Your short list for a three row suv that only can sit six at this time this particular trim rather the hybrid can only come right now with the two captains chairs for this year maybe they’ll come with the bench seat later on but you know who knows this is pretty comfortable as it is sitting in the back there’s plenty of space i forgot to mention the auto start

For the key this is actually the key for the car itself so i’m actually sitting inside because it’s cold as heck outside so we’ll pretend to just the car is already locked you lock it one more time to confirm and then you hold the start button on the back and the car will actually start right now i’ll pretend to get in the car by opening it and closing the door

And then you can just put into drive and off you go hopefully you enjoyed this this quick uh look at at the 2021 kia hybrid ex trim and front wheel drive i appreciate again your your tolerance in this format it’s it’s freezing outside so i try to intermingle the the shots within the speaker we really appreciate your like and subscribe so we can continue doing

Videos like this and getting you information that you need so you can purchase your car or vehicle in the future if you have any questions please comment below if you have any other suggestions i’m really open to adding or deleting portions of this this short short review take care be safe out there and always remember side wisely see ya

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A SUV you should consider: 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid EX | 4k By Decisions Decisions

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