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Altair Club Cars 911 Owner Stories: Dan and his 993 Carrera 4S

911 Owner Stories: Dan and his 993 Carrera 4S

At a young age, Dan Brunn moved from Tel Aviv to LA; armed with a love of cars, but unable to speak English, he found a novel way to interact with other children who shared his passion – through car designs and drawings. His first design was a 911 from 1987, borne from falling in love with it on first sight and thereafter deciding to become an architect.

I’m originally from tel-aviv and i came to los angeles in the mid 80s growing up in tel aviv at the time there weren’t anything like that you would just see like in catalogs and then i remember just seeing these on the road it was like 1986 carreras and all of these and they’re just being able to consistently evolve while maintaining a route to me what’s so significant

Is that you know you have the 964 right before it which was a modernized version of what we had for you know 20 30 years before but then the 993 took on a new language of design and it’s probably still the current language of design of porsche embodies that is something very special it’s a very daring thing that they did with that car a lot of people maybe didn’t

Realize how important it was the bumpers completely changed the headlights completely changed everything about that has been evolved and to me i enjoy seeing the ability to master something like that while still embodying that porsche ethos right so nobody would mistake it you don’t need badges on a porsche and so they were able to evolve it and i think reduce in a

Way and it goes back to my house sensibility for sure just embodies that perfectly and to me the 9930 was the epitome of all this and that’s why i had to have them my name is dan brown i drive 1996 porsche carrera for us it’s full of passion it’s full of surprises yet it’s predictable and as an architect i appreciate that and it’s really the epitome of less is

More the moment the ignition is turned on i feel connected to the car the accelerator and my leg and the shifter in my hand are just so communicative and the exhilarating sound the road the steering the thinness of the a-pillars everything you’re just immersed and driving you know and you get that throaty air-cooled sound there’s no other car that does that when

The rpms reach 7,000 it’s just waiting for more and more and more and it makes you happy to shift because you get another reward and another communicative response somebody recently asked me how is a stereo doesn’t matter the stereo is the window down and it’s a symphony cars are important and it’s not just about what they mean to people seeing it it’s what it

Means to yourself and i think that goes back to vintage cars and what this car means to me it’s a specific representation of my personality it doesn’t have any of the american bumper guards it’s all the european spec there’s not even the washers on the headlights it’s all been shaved off and cleaned away so it’s a very specific car there is something there that

The older cars have lasted which shows you that there is importance to them i think my 99 3 has a hundred and three thousand miles on it right now when you drive it it feels like it’s new and everybody’s always surprised you know and i go out and i’m driving this thing and so there’s stories to be had when you buy something new you’ll make this story the older

Actually carries through that story and it was interesting for me to find out where my car started its life the second owner the third owner and now you know me you know and how i wanted to continue on to carry that irritation so many automobiles now even the generic sedan has 300 horsepower but you don’t ever feel it with my 993 i’m always aware of that and it

Heightens that eight to beena something that i’ve treated as something special so it’s not my daily driver i don’t use it to take to business meetings but when i do use it it has an unbelievable healing quality i’ll have a lot of memories from that and i cherish you

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911 Owner Stories: Dan and his 993 Carrera 4S By Porsche

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