800hp formula drift bmw 2 series
Altair Club Cars 800hp Formula Drift BMW 2 Series vs 670hp Time Attack BMW 318is Drag Race // THIS vs THAT

800hp Formula Drift BMW 2 Series vs 670hp Time Attack BMW 318is Drag Race // THIS vs THAT

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Chance to win wait hit it you’re hitting it there you go gary got a song three big guys standing on the set we’re back with another this verse that brought to you by nos energy we got a couple special cars back there wait we don’t mention i mean that’s not here we grew hair today so sorry in honor of you sir we brought a couple of european delights a baguette of

Assortments for you one being dry carbon and one being dtm inspired there we go so let’s go over there gentlemen let’s be the three happiest guys that ever can be how you doing how you doing what’s your name nema voss what’d you bring my f-22 euro fighter so i bought it basically exactly the way it sits it’s a company in latvia called hdk that builds these cars

On a computer and prints them exactly the way they are then they came over here and they were in fd so i bought them off the previous fd drivers so this is an actual real hdk this is not just the body kit that they supplied right it’s actually their signature okay so fully assembled latvia yeah retired fd car right who drove it it was the eve myers car okay what do

We got underneath the hood here uh ls7 it’s a mass motorsports black label we see the sauce yeah sure now sir i see you got this beautiful hoover scoop of a vacuum cleaner intake what is hdk basically makes everything they have like the perfect k n filter that goes through in there all the little things and and knickknacks that like hold everything together all the

Wiring and all that uh was either done by healthtech which they have on everything or hdk most of it came out the factory the way it sits and then it was at drift cave and drift cave tended to it during the season of fd so yeah yeah they did all the you know fd fixes and whatever they needed to fix on the go they did so there’s a couple of small changes but for the

Most part it’s the same car what what’s the size on this motor like i’m talking liter cubic inch it’s a 427 okay 427 makes 800 i’m yet to dyno it myself so i’m going based on what fd and other people are telling me it should make about 800 wheel compression it’s a 13 to 1 compression i run ms-109 race gas okay so yeah you got some sauce in it it’s definitely a lot

Of car you got a lot of cool stuff going on what’s going on inside everything is customized by hdk again and built by them so they pretty much make all the doors the custom carbon doors they badge everything on the inside to show that it’s one of their signature cars with the signature vin number on it they actually came with different seats but that’s my favorite

Seat ever i run it and everything so yeah yeah it’s the adv that’s the thing is looking at the hdk cars it’s like wearing a tailored suit everything on it is perfectly fit if you look at just like it said the pedal box the dash the center console the positioning of the e-brake the shifter everything is built very very specific and proper transmission and dip set

Up what do you run in uh so it’s a samsung six speed sequential it went to healthtech and they beefed up the inside more than it already is somehow and that’s it can take a beating and then it’s a winner’s quick change diff i don’t know the gear ratio it came with i haven’t bought any extra gears or opened it up to check but i’m guessing i’m on like a three nine

Gear ratio everything else under there is basically quick exit as you’ve seen with my exhaust so that’s six six speeds quick change differential looks like a rear mounted radiator fuel cell the typical fd setup yeah perfect pro car perfect out of the box i know how fast fd cars are off the line yeah i don’t know how fast those things are go ahead what’s your name

What’d you bring i’m matt lambrick owner caliber customs my partner steve spurrier we brought my grandma’s 1994 bmw 318 is it still hers because i’m still making payments on it but we’ve done a few modifications to it and uh it’s basically been modified to compete in time attack you have crazy arrow big fat slicks all the way around the arrow is all built in house

Basically it has a complete underbelly so you can see the side skirts we kind of drop it down we got a custom diffuser in the back it’s all adjustable to dial it in for the conditions that we’re racing in canards also built in house we do custom fabrication so pretty much everything on this car is is made in-house can we see actually what’s underneath the hood what

Is all of this okay you guys brought a little american muscle underneath this beauty here that’s more than a little ls2 stock crank rods pistons it’s got trick flows blower cam msd intake literally has the largest pool you can put on there so it’s on the lowest boost that we could run oh wow so it’s got tons of potential to go up from here what does it weigh because

It looks like you got a lot of holes cut out but then you’ve also added it’s a lot of stuff just over 3000 pounds like 30 50. yeah so we added a lot of weight with the intercooler it’s got two radiators now giant oil cooler what power did it make 670. six seven and what tires are you gonna have we ended up putting 345s on it excuse me a 35 pretty much the biggest

Tire you could shove in there the 335 on the front 345 35 rear look at this uh this is the excellent oh wow so that’s actually the best catch can you can possibly buy on the market and we attribute all of our wins to that catch can right there how many wins do you have um i’ve lost count oh if you need another catching i can make you one real quick here we might

After the first pass we’ll see what fluids come out we got hoses so what do you got going on in interior anything special oh yeah so engine management is mtron kv8 let’s go baby it’s got a custom built uh carbon fiber dash for the ladies amtron screen so what’s uh what’s this block i’ll play for do you have to modify the firewall or do you bring anything back or

We learned that at this power level and time attack you have to have a dry sump g-forces blow-by push-up so that’s where his reservoir is at got it okay so it’s a dry sump yeah okay yeah it’s got a daily engineering dry sump on it now is this a side exit exhaust on both sides because i haven’t seen that side yet originally it was only on one side but the customer

Complained that he could only pass people on one side so we put it on both sides that way he could pass people either side he wants wait wait why why what huh you want people to hear you when you’re passing them oh i give you a little extra i thought there was like a rule this is all about intimidation oh this is just a big dick energy car huh exactly and with that

Being said now let’s get these two baskets out i jump for the first race is going to be a heads up race with the hand drop to the thousand foot marker first one to the finish line wins then after that we’ll negotiate and set up the next round questions good to go yeah shake hands prediction predictions would you consider this green i like i like green green is

The color prosperity my gemstone but i’m gonna go with the white car only because it’s got little doodads and doohickeys in there i want to touch and feel and plus if he if he if he loses then i can buy it possibly go green car green car all right this is gonna this is gonna be a tough decision because i know uh the y car’s stacked makes big power big tire but yeah

I’m gonna try to drive this thing after this i gotta go with the drift car euro fighter the whistle goes so i gotta go with the e36 with the vortech dog let’s see round one hmm foreign those cars are fast bro the e36 took the dub by two cars let’s get him back in the pits have a quick negotiation and see what the euro fighter wants to do on this next battle

All right so at this point now that you’ve lost the race ball’s kind of in your court you can negotiate figure out what’s going to give you a competitive edge you’re up one you’re down one i’d like another fair race another head up yeah to a thousand yeah cause i mean i do want to see where i hold up i think you’ll still beat me but i didn’t drive the best on the

Last run so i would like to see how i actually hold up that’s that’s called self-inventory it’s a really good skill to have people i want to shake his hand yeah me too shake his hand round two oh limiter limiter limiter is he shifting that limiter yeah he’s saying he can’t see the attacks maybe you should just drive without a steering wheel oh here he

Comes all right so it’s official e36 gets a w now we’re gonna go into a bonus race we got to figure out how to make this work took the win by three cars oh three cars three cars that’s exciting yeah how old i’m learning how to shift how did you feel off the launch that time i felt a lot better launching that time yeah yes sounded better looked better yeah for

Sure i felt a lot better as soon as i seen him pulling on me though i was like oh it’s over here yeah are you guys down to do one more race you want to have a boat race all day all right would you like to do real negotiating you’ll probably decide you need to win well no i mean we could try like a roll if anything that might be my yeah i’m good with that possible

Winning grace all right what do you think yeah let’s try it all right shake hands straight ahead shake hands can we show my secret high five now oh yeah that was really good hey uh micah 8361 out of 30 mile roll thousand feet everything two cars you want everything that’s done at all hey what’d you think of that last run that was awesome man i mean i

Felt like it was actually an even race where he is still faster than me but you know it wasn’t like one person launched better than another or anything like that it was just carver’s car at that point yeah where do you feel like he was getting you the most high-end top speed yeah he’s got some gears oh she was pulling hard that time i was like whoa what happened

Yeah congratulations man you officially took the w an amazing run again but you know what you can still win this wait still win this all you have to do is drag bumper against the camera guy right there oh we got some victory donuts well i didn’t win i’ll give it a try just don’t let that he next me next i’m still going for the money you

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800hp Formula Drift BMW 2 Series vs 670hp Time Attack BMW 318is Drag Race // THIS vs THAT By Hoonigan

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