800hp audi 2 0t 1 8t build episo
Altair Club Cars 800Hp + (Audi) 2.0t/1.8t Build Episode 1 B6/B7/B8/B9

800Hp + (Audi) 2.0t/1.8t Build Episode 1 B6/B7/B8/B9

In this video I will take you thru the process of my Audi b8 2.0t build which shares mostly the same platform with B6/B7/B8/B9 so if you’re in to making more power this is the video for you. My goal is 800 hundred plus horse power!!! Like and subscribe enjoy the show

Productions thank you foreign what’s going on youtube this is bruce with bruce custom motors bringing you guys another official video as you guys can see as you guys can see i’m going to try to do what no one has done before i’m gonna try to do what no one has done before i’m going to take our cars to the next level all right guys i noticed a couple

Of other people who’ve taken on vic turbo projects and i’ve been watching their builds and i just really been glued to their bills just seeing who can get the most horsepower out of a stock engine and an engine with um internals and i’ve seen some numbers but i also feel like we still have a big ladder that we can climb to get peak horsepower out of our vehicles

When you think about it on most of the cars that are doing six seconds that are pushing a thousand horsepower or honda civics four bangers you know because you can get the best bang out your book with a lighter engine in strap on a big turbo a twin scroll set up or just like a single turbo or twin turbo and you can just get a lot of power so what i wanted to do

For this platform is i wanted to really just see what i can do through my trial and error so i decided to to do a series on this turbo build or rather this big turbo build for our platform so in this series some of the steps i’m going to do is going to be to help the people who are interested in turbo builds as you guys know i have a ko4 turbo apr right there also

Um stage 3 i.e custom tune ie intake manifold wagner intercooler and water myth and a lot of other things if you follow my channel if not make sure you like and subscribe first thing i’m going to do is one see what would happen if i put this turbo on our vehicle with a ko4 turbo custom tune just to see what happens i’m going to give you guys some before numbers

Some after numbers but individuals of a ko4 who were just curious what would happen if i put a bigger turbo on my vehicle i’m going to see if i’m going to run any codes and see how it runs second thing i’m going to do a second engine is a built engine with ie rods pistons ported it’s just it’s just a whole nine yards but before i put that engine in i’m going to

See how much horsepower our stock engine can take so i’m going to crank it up and push this platform to the limit to see exactly how much horsepower it can take i have a buddy in uk who have taken this platform to 700 horsepower in their steel room um the biggest concerns he had was can my transmission take it so he has a conservative tune at 700 horsepower the

Only thing he did differently with the tuning that he he has the rated pistons for the fuel pump to help get that extra fuel into the vehicle and also he has some s3 injectors just like i have history injectors so i’m going to kind of just see what happens with just my s3 injectors i’m going to go ahead and get that upgraded um piston kit and what that is is just

Going to be a solenoid in the actual fuel pump that’s going to help to get you more fuel to your vehicle and that’s going to be the only feeling i’m going to do right now if i need more fuel and i’m going to definitely look at the low pressure fuel pump to see if i can add any fueling from that perspective but yeah guys so this is pretty much what it’s going to

Be it’s going to be a precision 646v band k4 so i guess the biggest question is how am i going to mount this monster turbo on my vehicle so right now i’m taking partnership with um lunch box fabrication and they’re helping to build me a custom intake manifold i’m going to top mount this turbo so it’s going to kind of sit like it’s pretty heavy so let me see if

I can pick it up it’s gonna sit it’s gonna be right about here so yeah i’m going to top mount is going to be right about here and so so it’s going to sit right about there and what’s going to happen is i’m going to relocate this math sensor over here to my charge pipe over there so i’m gonna relocate this extended put it over there that way i can have my air

Fuel ratio and then over here i’m just going to just take the traditional oil feed lines and the cooling lines connected to this turbo i’m going to get a custom uh down pipe made i’m gonna get that custom down pipe and so the o2 sensors i’m going to bypass them are either just connect them to the new downpipe it’s gonna look something like this of course i’m

Going to have my charge pipe and this charge pipe is just going to come like this and it’s going to be routed all the way down there to my intercooler i’m where this one kind of goes from right there to my inner coolers so that’s going to where i’m gonna get the boost of my intercooler so that’s why i’m going to get the boost to my intercooler guys and you know

All your feed lines or oil feed lines it’s just about rerouting and making sure you have the right lines going to it um down pipe just a little bit of custom exhaust work just to to just get the right bin so it can fit down there so i’m going to make a dummy copy of it have someone weld one for me make it look pretty pretty and nice i mean that’s the gist of it

Now the one special thing about this turbo and you know there’s a lot of cheaper routes that you can go like i know a lot of people were doing um the boss 500 600 this is comparable to probably about 700 a little bit bigger than the 600 so it’s going to come it’s going to need that custom manifold whereas a lot of people who wanted to step up from the ko4 with

You know got the boss 500 it comes with the intake manifold so it’s just kind of plug in play but i just wanted a little bit more power i know that we have one one of our i know one of my fellow youtubers just achieved about um um just achieve force something to the wheel on his vehicle so i’m definitely shooting for a higher number you guys already know the

Specs on my current build um my current build with everything i have going to it so the one special thing about this turbo other than being a dual ball bearing is if you look at the bottom right here and it’s really heavy so i’m gonna so if you look right here you have it’s a t4 divided it’s a t4 divided v man so what does that mean so as you can see i have

These two sixes right here so the best way for me to say this this is almost um the best way for me to say this the one thing i like about this turbo is it has a lot of low end torque a lot of times when you’re doing bigger turbo builds you have that super turbo lag and that’s the one thing i was conservative that’s one thing i was concerned about that’s why i

Went with this one paid a little bit more but two of these are going to go to two cylinders and two of these are gonna go to two cylinders so what does that mean that means that i’m going to have two external wastegates for each cylinder so it’s almost like i’m pushing a twin turbo per se but it’s not a twin turbo it’s going to enable me to have a really great

Low end power and torque almost instant spool um just like i’m pushing the ko3 even though i’m running a big turbo and that’s the biggest thing i’m looking for i want my low end as well as high end that’s a lot of turbo if i didn’t do this if i didn’t do this dual setup then it would take a lot longer to spool but this is going to really help me get to that

Level and as you can see this is the hot side i’m gonna have because i have the dual setup is why i need two um wastegates so i’m have those two way skates so right now it’s just a matter of me just running the lines getting the custom work done as far as the intake manifold um the down pipe and i’m going to take you guys through this journey i’m going to let

You guys know what our car can do on our stock internals versus uh custom versus forged internals in the level we can take it to so i guess what i’m saying is i’m not too concerned what happens to this engine because i have another engine once i push this power to the peak so um if you’re not subscribed to this channel make sure you subscribe stay tuned as you

Guys can see uh i got a big turbo project coming what i’m gonna also do for the most for the best comments and the most engagement i’m i’m gonna do a giveaway on my ko4 turbo so the more people that are engaged and the more people that are into this build i’m going to do a giveaway on that kl4 turbo um it’s a apr k04 running real good um i mean you guys know

Those turbos about three grand so i’m just gonna give it away to one of my subscribers there’s not going to be a need for it anymore as i do this um turbo build and i think you guys deserve it so thanks for all of the love and support from all the subscribers new and old um i really appreciate everything you guys have done once again it’s is bruce with bruce

Custom motors peace them out foreign foreign foreign

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800Hp! + (Audi) 2.0t/1.8t Build Episode 1 B6/B7/B8/B9 By Bruce Custom Motors

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