8 seater 2023 land rover defende
Altair Club Cars 8-Seater 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 First Edition

8-Seater 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 First Edition

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What’s going on youtube and welcome back to our channel here at vagabond builds and today we’re going to be doing a review on a 2023 land rover defender 130. now guys we’re going to be talking about the exterior interior and some specs about the car and the difference that we see in the 130 but before we do if you do like our content like the video subscribe to

Our channel really helps us out you got something for us to film here’s our email below email us we could talk details later and it’s not a sponsored video we would love it to be but it’s not but we also really just want to give a shout out and a thanks to land rover and jaguar here in rocklin california right outside sacramento area guys let’s go ahead and start

This review so starting off the review with this engine and some specs about this exact car now this engine is one up one out of two options it is the mhev so pretty much saying the mild hybrid part of that option now this comes 395 horsepower with 406 six six foot pounds of torque now that will vary on the other motor itself they call this motor the p400 the

Other one is a p300 you have 8 200 towing capacity comes eight-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive and a twin speed transfer box a little bit about the mpg 17 city 21 highway and 19 combined tank capacity is about 19.8 gallons 0 to 60 in a whopping seven point second 7.5 seconds everybody sorry i’m just tripping over my words today so guys this is

Some specs about this car let’s go ahead and shut this hood and talk about the front end now you’re not going to get a lot of different from the 110 over to the 130. other than the increased in length with a little bit of room on that interior side we’re going to be talking about that later front end still looks pretty uh straight to the point um the same this

Is the carpathian gray so if anybody wants to know i know people do asking about uh exterior colors so i’m starting to pay attention to that defenders stamped in that nice kind of matte silver look with that girl land rover stamped on the driver’s side and that lower uh area on that bumper cover with that matte flat silver look you have led top premium lighting

With high beam assist black gloss trim around i’m just loving how it keeps it simple how land right land rover keeps it simple but also it gives it a rich feel a lot of character going on bumper sensors integrated with fog lights on that lower end you will have 360 camera around this whole car will will trim in that plastic i want you guys to pay attention to that

That you get that plastic look it is a high durable plastic that will last over time on these tires this will is the off-road package so you will see off-road tires and you will see different um rims on different defenders depending on which package you get and all that good stuff a little bit about the suspension it is an air ride suspension uh dynamic air ride

Suspension so it has different levels and things of that sort coming over to the side i just want you guys to kind of get a load of this this is where you’re going to see the difference the extension and this rear end everybody you get an extra 13.4 inches on that rear tush now it does not change the wheelbase from wheel to wheel you have the same wheelbase from the

110 over to the 130. side mirror in that black gloss trim fully loaded side mirror electrical auto dimmable heated and it has approached lighting with the camera integrated that black shrimp coming up to the top around the windows the roof rails are on that black gloss trim so it’s all coming together very nice with that kind of matte gray plastic look down there

Keyless entry on the door handle tuning over to the rear end but before i get to the rear end i almost forgot to mention this accessory plate here this is what land rover states that we could lean our accessories maybe like a long box or something against that don’t need things that can scratch it’s just going to look awful guys but loving how that nice beautiful

Tint glass comes all the way from the front over to the back makes it look like it’s one glass all around loving that you kind of see that level in the colors back end you have the extension that 13.4 inches increase giving you that more space in the trunk bumper sensors integrated matte silver on the bumper to match the front end loving how land rover is bringing

It together not much has changed the cord according to the lighting but look at this defender first edition now i want you guys to remember that seeing that these cars are fairly new or uh they’re coming out on the showroom floors or people are starting to buy them or pick them up first editions are the first ones coming out on on these cars now guys if you guys

Do want to get out and get these they will be a little bit more rare i know the rarity uh sits in that first edition stamp let’s go ahead and enter push that button right under that handle and you open up of course we have accessories from the dealership let’s go ahead and take these out set these under the cart for now and you have extra room they say that you

Add cubic fees this is some tire uh tools here get your premium led lighting on the back end with your hooks for grocery getting if you have that loving the color look at this color i just love the color that land rover puts in their cars let’s go ahead and pop these back head rest down pull these belts towards you and it drops the seating and look at all this space

This is just third row you could also drop that second row flat and look at all this room that you get on this back end and you can fit so much maybe there’s just four of you guys going up to the mountain or something and you’re using this car for a ski trip or a snowboard trip you guys can toss skis uh gear back here and all that maybe you could fit a dishwasher

A dryer or whatever i don’t know but let me tell you guys let’s say you can’t lift that heavy dishwasher or dryer you have the option by these two buttons right here to drop that rear end check this out by the push of a button you hear the air ride the dynamic air ride suspension drop and you could even drop it lower pick that up check that out and it comes up now

Right under this uh bumper i didn’t show you guys with the um the wheel there because we’re gonna have to drop the camera but you have your camera right over that back license plate now that is under the wheel once the tailgate is closed uh towing package is eight thousand two hundred pounds everybody but let’s go ahead and pop these seats back up for the sake of

The video when we’re talking about the third row seating just like that we’re going to pop these headrests up and close this and the wheel with the camera so that’s why i didn’t show you guys but very cool so we’re pretty much done with the exterior side of this car and a little bit about the trunk space let’s go ahead and talk interior so now let’s talk interior

Of this beautiful car land rover first edition 130. before we step inside the car i just want to pull you guys attention to something is that door sill plate is stamped first edition remember guys these are the first ones coming out we see that dealerships are starting to take them in let’s go ahead and step inside the car i just want you guys to pay attention and

Just breathe i’m gonna keep saying pay attention i keep emphasizing but look how nice and simple minimalist look that this car has yet off-road but luxury you have the kind of square look rectangle look but with some curves thrown in there very nice leather if anybody wants to know this is the vintage tan color with slashed ebony color wood trim around the interior

Will be seeing that on door panels on center consoles and things of that sort nice vintage tan leather coming across door panel you have your straight to the point control unit for your side mirrors your windows and your memory seating these are electric seats heated and ventilated seats with lumbar support perforated leather they don’t come sporty full luxury

Look at that now you do have a little bit of holster to kind of hold you down but it’s a more luxury not sport steering column is electrical you have your electrical control unit that we see that’s a little bit different on the right hand side on the left hand side of that electrical control steering column is just simply your parking brake now a lot of people

Will throw buttons down here or a lot of manufacturers but i love how um land rover keys keeps it simple here now i like both i don’t have any preference but it is pretty cool from one perspective that it’s just a nice simple left hand side and not much is going on if the car is off look how simple it looks you don’t feel like you have a lot of buttons everywhere

Kind of gives you that nice high class tech feel let’s go ahead and start this car for the sake of the video now 11.4 inch front digital cluster with a 10.25 infotainment pv pro screen now full digital with your rpm gauge on the right miles per hour gauge on the left letting you know our doors are open with that info card in the middle control units here on the

Right and left for what’s going on with voice activation and things of that sort black leather stitched with that kind of uh gray white plastic feel on that steering wheel control rods here for your lights and things of that sort your windshield wipers and all that good stuff pretty simple straight to the point coming over to the infotainment screen everybody now

If you’re coming over to land rover of rockland california you’re going to come and spend a lot more time than what i’m just showing you in this video but let’s go ahead and push the four squares on the bottom left and i’m going to show you something with the cameras you get your 3d view around it’s a very cool option but you could also throw that into off-road

And it gives you a different view with letting you know if your lockers are locked or unlocked and towing also a different view with that let’s go ahead and push the four squares again enter navigation you can do a full screen navigation which gives it a nice high class look i love full screen navigations i just don’t know why i’ve always been a fan of them and

Something that we see in the 130 that we see coming in and you can control your air quality by the pushing of this button and look at that it lets you know how uh well your air quality or the purification the carbon dioxides or the ions inside the car lets you know up to hazardous or how good it is very cool can’t control climate from here also with the flow things

Of that sort let’s go ahead and go back now you get your apple carplay your android auto with your wi-fi assist and things of that sort inside you can tow with this of course i keep mentioning that now coming down under this infotainment screen you have your control unit to your for climate control now you can control the two climates passenger and driver you can

Sync them having the same temperature but we don’t have that here you get hill uh decline assist you can increase that rear end length off the floor by the push of these buttons traction control uh control of your fans you can control the modes from your car check this out and you will get a different look and it’ll ask you do you want to enter that mode we’re

Going to put no look at this push that button again and you get snow things of that sort of desert whatever you’re doing a little bit more watery parking cameras on the right hand side of that screen too now there’s a lot going on you can control by manual buttons come back to the air quality view and things of that sort of ac and all that right under that is usbc

Usba plug-in with the 12 volt plug-in and some more personal cubby space so for your change i don’t know your chopsticks and things like that right behind you get more room loving the room that you get maybe you want to hide a kitkat bar from your kids or something i don’t know a twix i have no idea why you would put something back here but you do have that option

Too more personal space defenders stamped right in front of that passenger now coming over to my hand rest a pretty cool option that land rover offers in their cars is a um cubby that turns into a refrigerator check this out by the pushing of that button you get the blue uh lights on that button and you get that nice led bar going across that refrigerator so if you

Want to keep some candy cool some chocolate some drinks whatever you’re going to be snacking on a long road trip this is a super cool option to have on these cars awesome awesome awesome i think a lot of manufacturers think about that wireless charging pad for your phone right here very convenient a lot of times you’ll be seeing some weird spots like down here or

Inside more towards the um center or lower center of the dash and some more cubby room again up top here full panoramic glass that stretches out over to the second row now that’s a freaking cool option to have everybody because uh that second row gets the same feel that that first row you can’t control that uh visor electrically and you can open up that glass let’s

Check this out look how big it is i’m just in love with this moon roof i’ve always been a fan of moon roofs the airflow in the moon roofs kind of just coming in and just kind of feeling like you got that fresh air from outside in now up top here live mirror from the back camera and you can go back into manual mode you can control that camera from the three buttons

Right under the right hand side of that mirror brightness and the up and down side of that camera let’s go ahead and shut that down for the sake of the video so we’re pretty much done with the front side of this interior let’s go ahead and talk second row so now talking second row of this 130 defender now one thing i want to pull your guys’s attention first is we

Do not see a simplified seating meaning the seats coming in from the front look like the second row and look like the third row a lot of manufacturers will simplify that third row or maybe even the second row but not land rover they keep that same rich minimalist same color perforated leather feel and look to control these seats you have three locations where you

Can pretty much control them from the rod up here manually you will move that up and back you will can drop this back rest pick that up and you can bunny hop this seat forward by the lifting of the lever near your right and left shoulder so you can get over to the third row seating let’s go ahead and do a space test now i’m about six feet two inches and i have

A whole lot of leg room remember 13.4 inches increase to the cabin room so you’re getting a lot more leg room you’re getting you’re not getting head rest with regards to 13 head clearance with regards to the 13.4 inches but i’m not even going to talk ahead of clearance because goodness look at all this head clearance i am not going to be touching the ceiling leg

Room beautiful personal space here behind the seats straight to the point arm rest with your cup holders and some pretty cool option trinkets for like your dress shirts or if you want to attach things door panels look the same coming in from the front over to the back they don’t simplify i’m a lovely manufacturers do that land rover shout out too because you kept

That same rich minimalist look meridian sound system i forgot to mention that up in the front meridian sound system premium sound so if you do love your music you love your beat maybe you’re at the drive-in theaters and you’re doing that this is a great car to have even when you’re tailgating stepping outside popping this seat forward let’s go ahead and shoot this

Over come in and i’m gonna pop this seat board so you guys can get a good look now i’m gonna drop this seat all the way back and look at this leg room i mean you know they call these i believe the stadium third row seating where i’m six feet two inches and a lot of times you’ll get in a third row and you will feel cooped up and claustrophobic but not here because

Look at all this now you’re gonna throw maybe kids or smaller people back here not as tall as i do but that is the super cool thing that we see with the extension of this cab with a 13.4 inch extension that you’re adding to that leg room very cool they say that you also get that increased shoulder length on being that bigger body 130. heated seats on the third row

Now remember you get the heated seats also on the second row by the controls on the back center console cup holders and some personal pocket space you can’t control the airflow and the vents back here on the right and the left so guys we’re pretty much done but before we finish manual visor for that top panoramic full glass that the third row also gets in touch

With the outside so they’re feeling less claustrophobic back here very cool feel so now we’re completely done and guys thank you so much for watching our channel here at vagabond builds if you have any comment questions concerns leave in the comments section below we really appreciate your guys’s feedback stay tuned we’ve got some pretty cool things coming

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8-Seater 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 First Edition By Vagabond Builds

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