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Altair Club Cars 7th Generation Ford Mustang First Look | MotorTrend

7th Generation Ford Mustang First Look | MotorTrend

We’re here with Alex Taylor, host of HOT ROD Garage along with Ford Mustang Brand Manager Jim Owens at the 2022 North American International Auto Show for the global debut of the 7th-generation Ford Mustang. What makes the new Mustang so special and what were the biggest challenges in developing the new Mustang? We discuss it all here. Learn more at

I am alex taylor and we are at the north american international auto show i’m here with jim owens the ford brand manager jim you’ve been with ford for 20 years correct i have been actually on the mustang program in some way shape or form for 20 years i’ve been with ford motor company over 35. oh wow so going into the 7th generation mustang it’s a big deal what were

Some of your team’s goals and your mindset when you’re purchasing when approaching that so if you think of what mustang means this is the seventh generation the sixth generations before it having that heritage and the 10 million plus mustangs that we have sold and have had owners across six continents um there that’s a high bar to live up to their expectations

When you have customers who literally he tattoo the pony into their body like customers not people who work for ford motor company but customers who are willing to do that that sets a high level of expectation for what the engineering and design community have to do and we are so excited for not only the folks who’ve owned generations one through six but the new

Members to the mustang family who will come in on this seventh generation absolutely and with that said the mustang is an icon globally it’s had massive success and i believe as you say it’s even a character and so with that said what are some of the challenges that you faced going into designing and redesigning an icon so if you think about it and it’s been in you

Know more than 5 000 movies and very recently if you think of like the john wick character right like each time that mustang icon represents a story to somebody it’s their mustang story right so for them it might be the the wider wheels and tires or the stripes over the top and for others it might be the powerful throat ev8 engine that’s you know doing burnouts

For others it might be the vacation they take every day it might be the time that you spent with your dad or your mom rebuilding the car so to be able to bring out elements of all of those generations of mustangs into the current ones so that we can find what makes it their mustang story that’s the most difficult thing we’ve done and we think we’ve delivered on

It in this seventh generation so so looking at the previous owners and the current ones we also are at a point where new blood in the industry is super important i you know that’s something that i feel like everybody is facing right now um and looking at the new design of the mustang um that’s something that you guys put a heavy focus on correct we put a large

Focus on now i normally won’t sit in a mustang for more than 10 seconds without turning on the engine you know old school key hitting the push button right with the gaming technology that we have put into this interior i sat for more than 50 minutes playing with the playing literally playing with the the instrument cluster and the panel to personalize it to set it

Up for mine and it’s used with the unreal gaming so the things that power like rocket league that do it instant generation that highlights the suspension highlights the steering highlights the exhaust puts it in your burnout for a line lock i mean if you want to approach a younger generation you know you’re in that younger generation you personalize things not

Only through technology like your phone and you want to personalize it differently you will be able to personalize this mustang to your exact taste maybe you want that my color to be the green of your coat and then the secondary color to be red of the motor trend you can go into the screen with two touch buttons and change it and it changes not only on the car

That is in the game it changes in the car itself really and so those are some of the things that we think that will resonate with the younger audiences and for like people my age because we do focus groups you know one of the guys sat there and said i think i can launch a missile from this thing right and then the the younger audiences were like hey this is the

Technology that makes me feel special right and we’re so excited about that so you’re able to bring in those previous and current owners with the style and the designs and what makes mustang an icon it sounds like they’re even liking the new technology that they’re seeing there as well love the technology because it’s not only about the the colors in your car and

I mean the the red seat belts that match it’s you can also design it to your performance taste and then you can set six of the tabs so depending on how you’re feeling maybe it’s a friday maybe you’re feeling may want a little bit more throaty exhaust and a little stiffer suspension so you hit your friday button and maybe monday you need a little bit more octane

To get going so you hit your one that has the track mode on it you can do all of those in this that not only the current mustang lover owner will love and probably learn new technology for the first time which is a good thing but the younger audiences are going to embrace right right so overall i’m sure this is a hard question to summarize into a small answer what

Is your favorite part of the seventh generation mustang so my favorite part is the freedom that i feel when i sit in the new cockpit it is a unique experience for mustang owners previous ones when you sit in there it feels like you are in an absolute fighter jet and with the controls that you have at your fingertips you feel like you’re a fighter jet pilot and

You know track use only you can do lots of fun things in that vehicle that really make me excited and for both the younger generations the new generation customer for the seventh and the existing 10 million mustang owners that we’ve had out there well i love to see a icon continue on and jim i appreciate your time thank you so much if you want to see more about

The new mustang head over to ford.com

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