780hp lamborghini urus review on
Altair Club Cars 780HP Lamborghini Urus REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

780HP Lamborghini Urus REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

780HP Lamborghini Urus REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

Oh my god we now have orange brake calipers and a remap that’s it oh my god it’s 300. what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autistic now my name is martin and today we finally have a tuned lamborghini uruz now back in 2018 we’ve tested the stock urus when it was released if you haven’t seen that review go check it out by clicking in

The top right corner today i’m going to cover all the tuning all the customization done by mr elmer house because this one has been customized modified by elmer house motors a company we’ve been visiting for many many years we really really like their cars and they offer such great possibilities when it comes to tuning and customizing your car so let’s check

Out this awesome awesome lambo many many thanks to the owner by the way for letting me test his personal car really really nice guy and let me show you what he has done to his car now this is an all black lamborghini euros but he’s thought that was a bit too normal to have it black on black which i agree so he decided to have these orange details done by mr

Elmer house so we now have orange brake calipers housing the biggest carbon ceramic brakes ever made which are stock on a lamborghini uruz this little detail right here has been orange eyes again orange calipers striping on the rear diffuser which i think looks really really cool especially the curves the angles of the diffuser stand out even more than it was

Just gray or black now we also have the orange stitching in the interior looks really really good orange lamborghini logo stitch in the headrest and always do it twice when you used to own a bmw you always do it twice now the masterpiece let’s talk about this this is the four liter tfsi which is used in many many cars kn turbo panamera turbo audi sq7 audi rsq8

Audi rs6 audi rs7 the list goes on and on but the euros has a slightly different configuration because uh most importantly this car has been designed to house two air-to-air intercoolers because an rs6 or an audi rsq8 has a water to air intercooler now the intercooler cools the charged air and if you tune the car the engine gets hotter and hotter because it

Has to produce more power and you want that inlet temperature to be as low as possible now with the water to air intercooler and many audi tuners know that this is the biggest problem the the air intake temperature can go up to like 90 degrees celsius which is i mean you can nearly boil an egg in the air of a tuned audi rs6 the bottleneck for tuning this engine

But as i said lamborghini chose for this 650 horsepower configuration to have air-to-air intercoolers that’s how important it was to them that also means we have a lot more room for tuning so this has a decap downpipe only the first cap not the second cat and a remap that’s it and we now have 780 horsepower that’s a gain of 130 horsepower can you believe it it’s

Insane now fun fact this engine cover you can get it at lamborghini in carbon fiber costs only 5 000 euro yes sir 5 000 euro for a carbon fiber engine cover crazy right now let’s see what it’s like to drive on the autobahn i’m not going to drive it on b roads because 780 horsepower it’s something you use on the autobahn now we also have a customized exhaust by

Elmer house and it sounds flipping amazing it really really does i’m going to put it into corsa mode put it in manual by pulling both pedals oh my god oh my god that’s that’s awesome guys all right hope you can see this speedometer right there so when i picked up this car mr crystal elmer house is a good friend of the people at g-power and g-power x6m

It did a 7.59 seconds 100 to 200. so he really wanted us to beat that car which had 770 horsepower so 10 horsepower less but lamborghini is a bit bigger we are running a bit larger wheels so it’s going to be very very close i’ll talk about the result when i show you guys a little pool oh when it shifts gear you get this immense torque punch in your back in

Corsa mode because it’s it’s just as fast as it can be in corsa okay let’s see if we can get a little space here because this is not like our usual autobahn this one’s a bit more busy okay 100 to 200 shouldn’t take too long here we go don’t need that much space and that’s 200 in 7.57 seconds so it’s 0.02 of a second quicker than the g power x6 amp competition

That’s hilarious and when i told christoph about this time he immediately send the dragon sheet over to g power that’s insane uh and this isn’t even the most powerful uruz he has built because he has also worked on a plus one thousand horsepower horus i’m really hoping we can test that car in the future and see what that’s like because jesus christ these things

Are insane and with euros more so than with the audi rsq8 you have room for tuning because you have the largest carbon ceramic brakes on the planet helping you manage the power manage the speed because look at it go it’s insane this is a freaking house on wheels and it’s doing 280 285 to 90. oh my god that’s 300 in a flipping boat oh my god what a car and

The ease it handles the power is just it’s insane guys okay i’m going to flip it into manual mode and show you the immense torque now this is about 780 horsepower he has done many of these configurations so he can like make a good estimate but he hasn’t done a big dino pool on it okay i’m going to use fifth and show you oh the growl sorry that was my bad but

The growl this thing makes producing the torque building up the power it’s it’s it’s an angry bull it really really is what a car what what a what a machine now i have heard rumors that lamborghini are developing a uruz evo or something in that spirit and uruz svj whatever they have so many abbreviations over at lamborghini to make a guard go fast but i mean

It’s probably going to be something like this but a lot more expensive because i mean if the engine cover in carbon fiber costs an extra 5 000 euros then imagine what 130 horsepower is going to cost you i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time i mean it was 2018 when we tested the euros and finally it happened a tuned lamborghini urus i’m absolutely in

Love with this car it’s the ultimate suv and it’s the fastest suv we’ve ever tested so this is my exit thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed this crazy lamborghini again thanks to the owner and to mr elmer house so if you like this video please subscribe to the channel don’t forget to like the video check out this lamborghini review or go check out the

Reviews playlist if you want to see anything else bye guys

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780HP Lamborghini Urus REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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