72 reg range rover sport 3 0 d30
Altair Club Cars 72 Reg Range Rover Sport 3.0 D300 Dynamic SE

72 Reg Range Rover Sport 3.0 D300 Dynamic SE

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We had four new model range rover sports they arrived a couple of days ago they’ve all sold they’ve all been collected here is another fantastic example in the first new generation varicine blue metallic we’ve had so that is a new color the car is as you would expect stunning it’s done 200 miles delivery miles a couple of key extras on the car it’s got the 22

Inch dark satin wheels which are beautiful finished in like a a matte gray color you’ve got the calipers finished in black they’re 22 inch wheels this looks like what i like about this car it hasn’t been done with black wheels black exterior badging it looks like a beautiful original land rover with a different styling it’s it’s a dynamic so it’s in our dynamic

It’s an essay it’s a three liter 300 brake horsepower diesel without having the art dynamic obviously we’ve got this new beautiful slick front end of the car but then you’ve got the little slats so you’ve got the r dynamic bronze coloring you’ve got that across the front bumper you’ve got the little sections of the grille under there finished in gloss black but

Then you’ve got nickel color on the grill that gray color on the badge in and you’ve got this stunning new grille which is made in all them little sections it just looks very very slick and what they’ve tried to do is just make it so so it’s not it’s just very very smooth and sporty looking from the front you’ve got the ad dynamic on the bonnet and on the wings

As well you can see and then you’ve got a on here you can see it’s broken up lovely you’ve got black you’ve got the little surrounds of the windows new deployable door handles is part of the new sport you’ve got privacy glass being done from factory and they’ve changed you see how the windows just comes down there’s no panel there which just makes it look that

A little bit more sharper i think on the outside the back i think is absolutely superb so you’ve got these new led lights you’ve got this huge spoiler on the top here biggest spoiler that landro have ever produced and put onto a to a land rover product it’s massive and that’s broken up you’ve got the varicine blue and then you’ve got the black across there that

Beautiful section along the middle and then they’ve obviously brought the the number plate down and then the bottom section that big rear diffuser is done in in gloss black as well which i think looked really really well i’m going to keep the camera there actually and start the carpet and just show you the car lit up from the back because i think it looks really

Well once we start the car you can see them led lights yeah it looks really well especially when you’ve got little bits of black the spoiler them lights at the back it looks superb and then that big rear diffuser inside we’ve got black leather you’ve got this new material trim what they’re putting on the door cards which i think works you’ve got meridian sound

We’ve got memory seat we’ve got heated seats standard features as well now on the new spa is you’ve got a heated steering wheel you’ve got adaptive cruise control and it’s a lot more of a sporty seating position so they’ve lowered it ever so slightly so you sat that little bit more lower but they’ve brought this center section a lot more high so it feels a little

Bit more like a cockpit and you’re a little bit more enclosed in the spot of your driving position digital cockpit here which is the same as the new range rover you’ve got the big privy pro 13.1 inch screen in the center which is fantastic which has got the fabulous camera system which is just really superb especially on a big screen like that 3d if i go into

The main menu again you’ve got wireless apple carplay but it’s it’s i like the way they’ve done this center section black leather inside which is lovely glass roof with an internal blind that brightens the whole car up inside and these cars are so so desirable trust me people avoid are trying to order them now now they know they’re on the road and they’re getting

Courted 18 months they’re getting quoted two years land rover is struggling to fulfill all the certain parts meridian speakers so the cars which are out now and have got things like meridian get them bought in the back there you’ve got rear heated seats for your rear passengers rear electric seats lots and lots of space they’ve actually made the car a little bit

Longer than the previous model so that benefits the rear passengers you’ve got lots of extra leg room there as well and then also tailgate massive boot you can drop the seats down them three seats there can all be adjusted electronically as well just with a touch of these buttons here look at that so if you need that extra boot space very very easy just press

Them buttons and then you’ve also got your air suspension button electric tailgate stunning great color the color is lovely when i first heard of the name i thought it was just going to be like a a bland blue metallic like the previous blues lander i’ve done but that color varicine blue really really works it’s stunning it’s going live 72 delivery miles new generation range rover spot

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72 Reg Range Rover Sport 3.0 D300 Dynamic SE By Acklam Car Centre

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