700hp audi rs6 avant vs tesla mo
Altair Club Cars 700hp Audi RS6 Avant vs. Tesla Model S Apex: Ultimate Daily Driver Showdown // This vs. That

700hp Audi RS6 Avant vs. Tesla Model S Apex: Ultimate Daily Driver Showdown // This vs. That

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I need to call elon and ask him if it’s okay to do this hey get my own supercharger station right now that brake caliper is bigger than your engine ball welcome back this versus that brought to you by our friends at nos energy that’s the reason this show’s free so support them because they support us and they support the stuff you want to watch anyway today

Is it’s the battle of the ultimate daily drivers in my opinion yeah if you have the bank account i suggest you should buy one of these cards what’s that ferris bueller line do you have the means i highly suggest it i also would argue that this is the battle for the future of the automobile in general perhaps what’s up man what’s your name where are you from rex

Cummings from pasadena california so rex what did you bring here today so i brought you an unplugged model s apex complete build i love the story of this company i go back with ben shafer he started a company called bulletproof performance high horsepower high octane jdm importer and then all of a sudden he moves in with elon musk you guys are in the same business

Park the rocket ships are going off next to him and he’s building stuff like this it’s amazing is that that business park yeah hawthorne california yeah exactly dave knows this is also a challenging car to mod because elon’s people are watching everything so there’s challenges around what sort of mods you can there’s not much you can do and so what you’re saying

Is unplugged didn’t move to that park elon moves moved it down i think so yeah i’m reaping all the benefits exactly keep a closer eye keep your friends close keep your enemies closer hands down this is the best looking tesla i’ve ever seen and not that i dislike the tesla but like this one actually looks like tough you don’t have like a weird vanity plate that’s

Super tasteful you rolled up next to us this morning and both van and i were like i drive that like this nice touch right here you have a fender cut right which is traditionally a bit rice but then you have the end plate coming off of it the carbon it’s all like really tastefully done now in terms of performance this is the dual motor it is it’s the dual motor

That’s the model s performance yes but they also do some water like twin turbo yeah but the other thing about it is elon’s known to like download new maps is this the cheetah stance yeah it is um it came out in the new update so now that gives faster acceleration correct does it does give you faster acceleration i know exactly exactly exactly what i want to know

And i don’t know a ton about it so tuning in ev like what what can you you’re pretty limited it’s a lot of suspension work i’m lightening the vehicle in regards to performance so we are pretty limited because elon is just like he’s watching he’s watching us right now i know i’m a little worried to be honest if you want to drive a model s with the full interior

And everything you can’t really start modding or start adding more power or start hot rodding it so to speak because they’ll shut it down there’s warranty avoiding there’s they’ll break the car essentially yeah yeah so the mods that you guys do to these are basically lightning suspension braking correct so but the cheetah stance is more acceleration does that cut

Down on the range the whole time you’re talking it will all i’m thinking about is really bad vanity plates anyway saying that charger no that’s that’s the same i’m getting into my own i’m going to get my own supercharger station right now you can answer this question just no one really it does improve acceleration um anytime you use you use a ludicrous plus it

Definitely will cut down i love ludicrous plus where did that name come from so standard model s dual motor about a 10 40 10 50 quarter mile is that what it says yeah yeah okay so this the cheetah stance is probably a little bit faster then that’s what i’m saying okay okay so anyway let’s uh let’s talk about the car that i really care about i don’t like the car

But i’m a four rings kind of guy so this actually isn’t yours it’s one of your customers yeah you were gonna bring yours up last night right got a flat on the way borrowed a car i love that amount of just at 1 30 in the morning well what what is your name and where are you from david straubium uh the owner of your code so this is a euro code customer card audi

Rs6 what year 2021 22. this is a milder version than what you normally do though this is in terms of stages this is a stage one car he came in and we did the stage one tune and we did some lowering module on it for now we’ve got some other products in order wheels and such but right now there’s actually a shortage on wheels we’re looking for some hrd wheels can’t

Get them right now i don’t know how much you actually have to upgrade on wheels i know man 85s yeah not really so much for the sake of uh you know the overall tire width but it would be more aesthetic thing so it also makes the car a little more unique you know you’re not running the cookie cutter wheel on the car so absolutely so four liter twin turbo engine

Where’s it at with a stage one so it’s about 700 horsepower that’s up from 590 right right i love how that’s stage one you also realize that this is already like audi stage five because this engine comes in like a 520 horsepower version and the a8 and they just keep making it better and better they’ve also put this into sq7 with slightly smaller turbos kind

Of like the s6 rs7 type combo got an sq8 and then you know the rsq-8 has identical motor to this particular car and the lamborghini eras and such do you like this car like um i own one i love it it’s an amazing vehicle i’ve got two kids so it works out really well it’s not a canyon carver it’s it’s an audubon mobile for sure i’ve taken it on button willow and

Streets cars done okay unfortunately the weak link is the tires you know you’ve got these street tires that you can’t really get anything decent for the track so three laps in you’re pretty much done you get one it’s heavy too so you’re getting a lot of weight 5 500 pounds 500 not like you can downsize a wheel and get a meatier tire on there especially with the

Carbon ceramics this car doesn’t have carbon ceramics uh my car does and you can’t put anything smaller than a 22 on there it won’t clear the brakes wow the brakes are bigger than the wheels yeah i know that brake caliper is bigger than your engine block yeah i know that’s a k24 right there i’m only i’m only b20 that’s nice though more stopping power than your car

Has accelerating power yeah exactly so believe it or not i got the carbon ceramics to fade willow springs a lot of weight and you know if you’re really pushing it you’re you know putting a lot of heat in them there’s only so much they can do i know this is plastic covers but can we pop the hood anyway of course this is got laser uh headlights laser yeah that’s

Why it’s got the little warning says warning do not look inside it’s just such a crazy package it’s got a small hybrid motor believe it or not it’s got an electric uh setup and it’s not really for the intensive purpose of it getting extra power it’s really just there to help when the auto start stop when the engine works it allows the air conditioning compressor

And such oh it should still be running so you get the ac going so it doesn’t stop i love the hot v setup because you have the downpipes coming from the top of the motor back and you have that heat shielding i love like the difference between german and american cars because there’s this thing here that if you understand means hot if this was a gm car it would

Be like caution don’t touch this it’s hot the germans are like yeah careful what is it also about audi that does like wheel stance fitment and just from the factory put like a wheel spacer on a standard it looks amazing too the fender bulge everything about audi’s like they do they so well the rs has always been ours is such a good the thing about audi’s in my

Opinion they didn’t want to build a car that looked too crazy it’s like if you know you know it’s the official if you know it’s like it’s just a little bit wider like most people might not recognize muscle’s underneath an armani suit i was going to say probably hugo boss but i know my errors never mind we’re going to keep going we’re racing rex get in here come on

Man let’s figure this out so normally what we do is we set you up heads up just to see where you guys are at and then you can negotiate afterwards whoever loses the race we got 500 a thousand and 1500 feet so i say we start with the thousand thousand from a dig even even start no let’s do that okay you need to call elon and ask him if it’s okay to do this before

Just just checking just checking make sure we’re okay make sure he doesn’t know him oh yeah he’s like you know what he’s like himself as a new york jets fan i’ve been raised to vote for a team that’s most likely going to lose we’re a little stacked hard on this one so audi i got to support my boy ben shafer from bulletproof performance i’m going tesla model s

All day you can’t fight the future super hard to head up against technology right so with tesla i’m not a big fan of golf carts and i like gasoline so go audi on this one i don’t know anything about them but stick with elon mustard all right so as a daily driver i would pick the rs6 all day but i have to go with the tesla i think he’s going to take him off the

Line and it’s up to the audi to reel him in but in a thousand feet i don’t think that’s going to happen would it vote for the audi i’m going to tesla liquid carbon front rotor you know why it’s carbon front rotors right why because you got to stop all those batteries oh yeah i get it no i need it after last night i was not expecting the big end on the test he

Jumped it but just enough you can’t complain what noise does it make when it launches dude this thing moves how many runs do you think you can get with uh still being fast get two solid runs even if it doesn’t you have a really good baked in excuse so you lost by half a car yeah which was pretty good considering what that thing’s got you jumped them a little bit

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just make the race fair we’re gonna give you the hit so you leave and then he’ll leave on you the good thing is on the third race he’ll probably be down on power so okay so wow that was a shape and a half by now the performance on the tesla might be just down enough to make a heads-up race even i don’t think that’s

Running heads up and hopefully just trying to sound all right man so i mean that’s your win straight up because uh tesla homies he slept at the lineup he was yeah i mean it’s neck and neck and then up top he starts pulling on me reeling the ends yeah so we were thinking instead of giving you the hit actually just giving a one car or do you want to go to 1500.

You want 1500 all right he wants to go straight up but all the way to the 1500. he just looked at like the fuel gauge the way you do on the way to vegas when it says no more services for 79 miles he’s like power’s going down but i mean that’s just part of the game that’s what you get when you bring what you brought yeah all right last race heads up to 1500 whoever

Takes this one takes the win hey i’m impressed with the top end on the tesla i haven’t seen what happened on that last run new firmware yeah yeah elon upgraded a bit elon was watching from the drone sky boots by all right there it is took the w you did the exact opposite of what any of us thought it would do we thought you would just completely work him

Off the launch and then he would top end you and it was actually the opposite guess we don’t know anything about cars best cheapest supercar you can buy what type of power does this make 320th wheel no one could tell us what to do

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700hp Audi RS6 Avant vs. Tesla Model S Apex: Ultimate Daily Driver Showdown // This vs. That By Hoonigan

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