7 special limited edition dodge
Altair Club Cars 7 Special & Limited Edition Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Trucks – PART 2

7 Special & Limited Edition Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Trucks – PART 2

Today we are looking at another 7 Dodge/Ram pickup truck models that are special and rare! These trucks were all produced in limited quantities and had unique features that helps make customers feel that they really have something different than the other Ram trucks. Sit back as we go in-depth and explore what made these trucks standout!

Hey guys so today we have another rare and limited edition video part 2 for the ram pickup trucks for these types of videos i check out various rare and limited edition models that were put out over the years each of these models was given a limited production run usually available for only a year or two and they also each had their own cool features specific to the

Model if you missed part one make sure to check that out in the top right corner or in the description for today i’ve included another seven models the shelby ram indy 500 pace sst ray evernham edition and three rare 2017 colors sublime copper and ignition orange if there’s any rare rams that i missed between part 1 and part 2 or there’s something specific that you

Want to see let me know down in the comment section below and i can try to add it to part three so let’s get started we start today with one of the rarest trucks ever the 1983 dodge shelby ram of which there is just one in existence this truck was built as a styling exercise at the santa fe springs california shelby and chrysler development center and this was made

To resemble the prior year’s shelby charger prototype this wasn’t a ram 1500 like many of the other trucks in this video but rather was built on the full-size ram d 150 platform the truck was basically a dodge commission shelby experiment and it lived on in the personal collection of carroll shelby for 35 years it would end up getting listed for auction in 2018

With just 11,000 miles on it and it sold for thirty three thousand and forty dollars u.s. and it came with shelby vehicle authenticity certificates that proves the truck was owned by shelby himself as for the exterior the color scheme was a combination of santa fe blue and radiant silver with shelby striping added the paint continued on to the custom fiberglass

Tonneau cover roll bar with off-road lights side skirts and front spoiler the front really stands out with a chrome bumper brush guard and custom-made chrome mesh grille that has a big pentastar logo front and center riding on the hood you can find an awesome ram ornament logo finished in gold the interior was fixed up with chrysler bucket seats a cb radio custom

Switches for the off-road lights a call amount to tachometer and a direct connection steering wheel moving on to the performance shall be replaced a 318 cubic inch engine was a 360 v8 on this two wheel drive truck and that was paired as a three speed chrysler 27 automatic with a shift kit this 360 was heavily upgraded from stock with many improvements those included

New pistons a ten-point one to one compression ratio performance camshaft w2 cylinder heads 2.0 2 intake valves a holley street dominator intake manifold and a holley 600 cfm carburetor all four corners would get disc brakes and the suspension was slightly lowered the end result was 300 horsepower which was almost double the horsepower of a stock 360 that would

Have 175 at the time the numbers were also very impressive for the early 80s especially for a truck with a zero to 60 in the mid seven second range and a quarter-mile time in the low 16 second range next up is the 1996 dodge ram indy pace truck available for just one year in 1996 with two thousand eight hundred two of them produced there’s a bit of a story on how

This ram came about each year since 1911 the indianapolis 500 auto race has used the pace car and if you didn’t know basically the pace car is responsible for leading the cars around the track for the warm-up laps releasing the field to start the race and also enters the track to pick up the leader to reduce the speed of the field if there’s yellow flag caution

Periods usually the winner of the indy 500 also gets a pace car or a replica as well and the pace car manufacturer treats the event as a big marketing showcase for their vehicle while the past few decades from 1997 to 2019 have all been gm’s mostly corvettes and camaros the 1996 pace vehicle was actually a dodge viper gts there’s also an official vehicle of the

Week at the indy 500 so for that year was the dodge ram so dodge would take inspiration from their pace viper to create this limited-edition ram indy pace copying the style and paint job and continuing the sport truck movement his trucks began their life as a ram 1500 short bed standard cab equipped with the top-of-the-line slt laramie trim with the sport package

Added 4×2 was default but 4×4 was a paid alternative the indy package would then add another $900 to the purchase price to replicate that viper gts look the indy package had the same brilliant blue paint with white twin racing stripes across the hood roof front grille and tailgate the stripes are roughly 11 inches wide and they get wider front to back on the hood

While becoming narrower front back on the roof there was also a white dodge decal on the windshield that matched the stripes and both the decal and stripes were factory installed there were also smaller decals for the door and tailgate that red official truck of the 80th indianapolis 500 but these came in a box uninstalled most owners did have the dealer install

The decals after they purchased the truck but there are also a few that opted not to and they got rid of them instead so you might see some indy pace trucks without those decals the interior was loaded up due to the slt package adding features like gray cloth seats power windows locks and driver’s seat a leather wrap steering wheel cruise control sliding rear

Down windows ac and an am/fm cassette stereo there is no unique badging on the inside of the truck as for the performance the indy pace had the 5.9 liter magnum v8 with an output of 245 horsepower and 345 pound-feet of torque so this was 15 more horsepower than the other rams with the same engine and it wasn’t until 1998 that the 5.9 we get the bump to that 245

Horsepower stalk so this was more powerful than the other rams for about two years this engine was paired with a four-speed automatic transmission as well dodge made sure the truck sounded good by adding a sport-tuned magnaflow exhaust with a 3-inch chrome tip to help put that power down to the ground there were 17 by 9 inch american racing wheels with p 275 60 17

Inch goodyear eagle gt2 tires while the indie paste production ended after 1996 dodge kept that performance truck theme alive with the sst version which stands for super sport truck available in both 1997 and 1998 the demand for the indy pace had outweighed the supply for that truck so chrysler realized they’d found a little bit of a hit with these customers and

Continued to make these types of trucks these included all the same upgrades as the indy pace other than the paint color and the door and tailgate decals it was available in four color choices black emerald green and flame red all with dual silver stripes or bright white with blue stripes unlike the indy these trucks had the sst written on the stripe at the back

And the front overall between the two years dodge would produce six thousand two hundred seventy eight of these 3711 for 1997 and another two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven for 1998 so that makes that year actually rarer than the indy pace as you can see by the production chart i made the flame red was the hardest to find with just one thousand one hundred

Fifty three produced followed by white and green black was the most common with over two thousand made as i said this truck is very similar to the indy pace dodge would start out with the ram slt and then add the sst package which cost an extra one thousand three hundred eighty dollars that included extras like a color matching bumper grille lower fascia and rear

Valence panel tachometer dual note horn and fog lights all the ssds also include a specialty sticker on the inner door stating built with pride in the usa the 5.9 liter magnum v8 with the four-speed automatic was the only powertrain option available but the sticker sheet rated it at 250 horsepower and 345 pound-feet of torque so that’s five more horsepower than

The indy although there were no known changes made these trucks would also get the performance exhaust seventy by nine inch wheels and 275 millimeter wide goodyear tires the only difference between the two years what’s up for 1998 dodge changed the dashes in the ram lineup and the exterior mirrors went from chrome in 1997 to a black rounded plastic one in 1998 one

Third gen ram that didn’t make it into part one was the ray evernham edition it was very hard to find information on this truck and all the brochures and websites forever hammer long shutdown so hopefully i’ve got all the right info digging around on some of the dodge forums it seems like there are around 100 of these trucks for 2004 and then a select few built in

2005 if you don’t know about ray evernham he has been all over the nascar world first being a modified racer than an auto racing crew chief and consultant for several teams an espn nascar analyst and owner of his own team evernham motorsports from 2001 to 2010 he was also inducted to the nascar hall of fame for the class of 2018 to give you some extra details on

These trucks back in 2004 a three year contract was signed between elca automotive a car and truck conversion company in indiana and ray evernham motorsports two converts from factory dodge rams into a limited-edition version using everett hams name for popularity elk had hoped to retrofit 2000 rams a year which would have made the contract worth 24 million to that

Company since they would be adding about $12,000 of customizations to every truck elk ran the numbers and they figured that there were three thousand three hundred dodge dealers in the us and many of them sponsored every hand motorsports so even if a dealer order just one retrofit that would amount to thousands of trucks as we now know there were only roughly 100

Converted in the end for select dodge dealers mostly in the southern and eastern part of the us by the fall of 2004 alka automotive has closed their doors as the conversion business was doing very poorly these trucks were available in either crew cab or quad cab and in black or rent as for the added features as i’ve said each truck got around $12,000 of additions

As elca automotive claims the exterior got an evernham motorsports graphics package and full ground effects kit with molded running boards fender flares front and rear bumper covers and fog lights the grille was chrome in 2004 but it looks body-colored for 2005 there was also a durable and scratch resistant sprayed in bed and tailgate liner fiberglass tonneau

Cover with gas struts and a mopar chrome bug shield the interior was really nice with a racing red steering wheel – and door switch panel inlays the seats were upholstered in leather with racing red inserts and red piping and that racing red theme continued on to the accelerator brake pedals another feature was that there was a working style ignition and light

Indicators every time motor sports also had their branding embroidered on the headrests and the custom floor mats and each truck would have a commemorative dash plate serial numbered and autographed by ray himself performance wasn’t really adjusted much with this ram using the standard 5.7 liter hemi magnum with 345 horsepower 375 pound-feet of torque and a

Five-speed automatic elk did add some different 20-inch wheels four oh four oh five with the evernham motorsports logo they also lowered the rear suspension and they would add a dual exhaust with polished stainless steel tips i also wanted to include a few newer ram 1500 on the list and that’s going to be the trio of the ram special edition sport truck models

For 2017 including copper ignition orange and sublime so look at the green first sublime was originally one of chrysler’s high-impact paint colors that they would add to spice up their vehicles back from 1969 to 1973 and this sublime color also known as limelight back then was around for just 1970 it made its modern-day return on the dodge charger and challenger

For just a few years here and there and for whatever reason ram decided to bring it back to their trucks in 2017 ram would build 3000 limited edition trucks in sublime with an msrp of forty five thousand seven hundred and forty dollars only the ram 1500 crew cab with the 5.7 liter v8 hemi could be ordered with this sublime package the sublime is built off of the

Sport trim so it comes with a body color grille bumpers side mirror and the sport hood standard the sublime is beautifully complemented by some matte black stripes on the hood and matching black badges that are found on the door grille and tailgate including the block rams head two wheel drive a standard here which means for the first time ever you get 22 inch

Black aluminum wheels on a ram truck from the factory but if you choose four-wheel drive the wheels will go down to 20 inches on the inside the sublime comes with black cloth and leather seating with sport mesh seat inserts these seats have the rams head and the word sport embroidered in the headrests and they were also accented with some sublime stitching this

Stitching continues on to the dashboard steering wheel and door panels adding a very nice little touch the final piece of green is a sport badge that’s on the glovebox to continue that exterior black and green theme there’s also some anodized black aluminum accents found on the center console and around the 8.4 inch you connect system along with the sublime ram

Decided to put out an additional two limited edition colors for 2017 which would be copper and ignition orange sport both of these are also very similar to sublime and again both could be had with just a ram 1500 crew cab sport with the 5.7 liter v8 and four-wheel drive optional the msrp would be forty five thousand six hundred and thirty dollars for the copper and

Forty three thousand seven forty for the ignition orange mike manley who was the head of the ram brand at the time for fca spoke about these new trucks when they released saying quote our customers continue to enjoy the attention to detail and styling that our designers put into each trim level and this new i grabbing model will not disappoint end quote so let’s

Take a look at copper first this was the first time this color has ever appeared on a ram 1500 officially known as copper pearl and it was limited to just three thousand trucks again you can find the map like hood stripes and black badges on the grille fender door and tailgate that provide some accents to the copper colors on the two wheel drive versions there are

Chrome 22 inch wheels while the four-wheel drive trucks get 20 inch chrome wheels inside the truck also looks beautiful with deluxe bucket seats with the copper accent stitching the same ram head and sport embroidery on the headrests and sport mesh weave inserts for this truck ram also added some anodized aluminum copper spears and trim rings that are on the dash

Center console vents and door panels there’s also the 8.4 enjou connect system with nine alpine speakers and a subwoofer standard ram also reintroduced the ignition orange models after they debuted in 2015 these are the most limited of three colors with just 1500 being produced the exterior features are identical to the sublime and copper versions with the black

And orange themed look the interior looks to be very similar to the copper as ram used the copper accents stitching and seat pads however it does look like some of those ignition orange models didn’t get the same anodized aluminum coloring in various parts of the cabin all three of the sublime copper and ignition orange trucks were powered by the 5.7 hemi with 395

Horsepower and 410 pound feet of torque paired of the zf 8-speed automatic transmission these trucks are capable of zero to 60 in 6.7 seconds and the quarter mile in 15.2 seconds using the 4 by 4 numbers so that’s the end of the video hopefully you guys enjoyed it and i tried to give you as many details as possible on every model we covered let me know down in the

Comments below which one was your favorite also i should have enough rear rams left for one more episode so make sure to let me know if i missed any that i should include for part 3 thanks for watching make sure to like and subscribe and i’ll see you all in the next video you

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