7 9 22 2023 kia sportage
Altair Club Cars 7 9 22 2023 KIA Sportage

7 9 22 2023 KIA Sportage

If you thought the KIA Sportage was great in 2022 wait until you see the 2023!!! #kiasportagehybrid

Well if you’re in the market for a new suv, we’ve got you covered with details on the 2023. key is sporting kc and kus is auto expert dave stall live on the patio with more casey. hey yeah. okay so dave was just saying the car was on right now, and i said, really, and you said, yeah, because it’s a hybrid. i can’t even hear it so very quiet car. cool cars. what do you think

Of the color of the color of the color? is it matted? it’s called shadow matt gray, and this is a 2023. so this is the first time it’s been on tv. and would, you know be k u s. e. just a phenomenal little car. little 1.6 liter turbocharged, and it’s a hybrid, so it regenerates electricity and it it doesn’t plug in. so you know, and you can get 38 mpg whether you’re going on

The freeway or in town. extremely nice and cheerier, nice red leather and children in this is a cool car. love interior. is this like a red or burnt orange burnt orangey color? it’s i think i might even have a name for it to keep the door open because the screen on here is really cool, so i’m not sure if you guys can see it. but when i turned the blinker on there’s a camera

Right here. explain that, dave. it’s a safety feature. it’s mounted in the outside rear view mirrors. and so if a bicycle list or somebody’s passing you on the right you know, you have a much better way of seeing where they’re coming from, you know, without having to turn your head and you know, these guys did great j. d power’s number one in vehicle dependability number one

In combat suv. best in class passenger room 168 ft cargo room . 39 5 2nd row leg. kia really goes over the top and when you can get number one out of j d powers you’ve done really well. it’s got a 12 inch 12.3 inch screen when you put the nav on where you’re playing around, it is look at that big that is now , the other thing i want you to try to that is really unique. is

To go ahead and i’ll make sure that i can’t figure out how to get to the radio. well, i’ve gotta turned off. that’s why okay, so put your foot on the brake. and then watch it. now look at this. look at this camera. do you have backup? you can tell that the doors are open and it gives you a 3 60. then if we decide to go forward, it gives you a front camera view. so if you’re

Awesome if you’re in a tight parking space, you know, and you’re trying to get in and out with a front camera. it’s awesome. you don’t have to worry about banging into things. you’ve got a massive double sunroof. you know for the passengers in the back. second row seats recline the ones you’re in heat. you got a heated steering wheel, cooling seeds and cool. oh, yes, we

Must have cooling seats, and it’s very comfortable. you can tell when you first get in and how comfortable it is. you know, that’s that’s where your phone charger goes. no they’ve done an all wheel drive on this one. you can get front wheel drive or all wheel drive. cargo space in the rear is you know, that’s all electronic. you don’t have to fool around. and look at this.

Look how big this is, and that’s just, you know, and then you can put those 2nd 2nd row seats down. they split 60 40. tons of cargo space. so if you’re if you’re golfing, you know, basketball soccer. what have you this little guy will take care of the whole thing. clubs in there is this go for and what’s the gas mileage mileage is 38 city, 38 highway and 38 combined. because

Of the hybrid and it’s going to run you 36 1 90 alright bag looking car love the color. she knew you’d like to thank you so much pleasur

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7 9 22 2023 KIA Sportage By Dave Stall

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