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Altair Club Cars 619 HP POLESTAR 1: The BEST GT Car On the Road // Kyle Shoots Cars

619 HP POLESTAR 1: The BEST GT Car On the Road // Kyle Shoots Cars

What happened to the GT car? When did it become so overly sporty and track-focused? The Polestar 1 brings us back to what a Grand Tourer was always meant to be.

Just the sickest who would have thought when we left oslo we’d find this this is ridiculous okay really quick before we get on with the rest of the video spoiler alert this is how it ends it gets dirty and it’s a blast but before you go on with the video make sure to like drop a comment let me know what you’re expecting how you like the channel subscribe now

Let’s go morning you catch me in the polestar one at 6 30 in the morning about to embark on one of the grandest of tours with one of the grandest of tours ladies and gentlemen the muscle car that is the swedish slash chinese produced all star one and you find us not at the gas station but of the superchargers because it is a plug-in hybrid but it is a different

Sort of overkill kind of hybrid in that it has a 34 kilowatt hour battery and a 50 50 liter it feels like 50 later i’m just guessing something like 50 later gas tank driving three electric motors one four-cylinder two-liter ice internal combustion engine if you will together they make 600 horsepower 1000 newton meters and tons of smiles but first we need to charge

It up so see if we can figure that out look at this it’s so pretty it’s all carbon fiber so everything weighs like nothing it has one of those two chargy things so you know it’s fast so let’s see if it is oh it’s not going to reach uh-oh okay let’s try it oh no no we might have to get uh creative well how the am i supposed to charge it i can’t back it up anyway

Oh yeah see you wouldn’t have this problem at a gas station dog he just parked next to it all right we’re in okay here we go so i need to text some dude who’s hanging out and needs to turn it on for me dear dude please turn on charger this may cost me i sure hope so it’s charging and just like that we have power i’ve been here for like hours good enough right 56

Good enough all right stop i have to use my phone i have to text the dude and tell him to stop charging so many steps dear sir stop charging my car hey it worked and that’s that fully charged battery about 34 kilowatt hours that is about 130 kilometers range full tank of gas the car is telling us we have about 720 kilometers of range we’re going to use all of it

To take the grandest of tours on the grandest of tours in beautiful summer warm dry norway where should we go just pick a direction and drive as far as we can what direction what do you think that way all right let’s go that way i’m excited 720 kilometers in that direction here we come that way look out because we’re hitting the road and as i pull away there is

No noise because that is what grown-up cars do these days yay bye-bye after yesterday’s spirited driving the car is just too stiff so in my infinite mechanical knowledge i am going to soften up the front suspension and lift the ultra light carbon fiber hood and these little twisty boys control the stiffness of the front suspension so i’m going to loosen them

All the way up for maximum comfort twist this other one and suddenly we’re driving on a cloud they call polestar the rolls-royce of sweden when it’s in this setting okay maybe nobody does so we’re loosened up ready to get back on the road keep moving yes and thus begins distraction number one on our road trip how could you say no to a photo spot like this we’re

Driving past and the goals to get there but we also need photos so a few hours on the road it’s time to open the trunk by the way there’s no latch on the back of the trunk to open it you have to press this button and hold it for one two that’s too long i should have to just press it once there’s no use in skipping this step so the idea is the car has found this

Little road a little distraction very scandinavian road suits the theme right a lot of cool straight lines on the car so i kind of want a long swooping road that sort of draws the eyes through the photo and then these straight lines going vertical in the trees i think help complement the whole thing so very soft light coming from straight above kind of a lot of

Reflections we’re gonna use the polarizer and uh sort of bounce around until we find the shot let’s try it this time a little bit wider let me go high and shoot down nice should we move the car further in and just explore see we can find we’ve come out here to this field tested the four-wheel drive function on the car and managed to find a little spot so we’ll

Just bounce around shoot it see what we come up with soft close nice gonna get more of an angle on the car come at it from 45. it’s gonna shoot some of the littler things like the the light here uh the logo i don’t know if anybody’s here tried knocking once hi do you speak english a little bit i have a weird question to ask you i’m taking photos of this this

Car and you have a beautiful spot for photos just down here by your mercedes i was wondering if i could put the car there and take a photo with a view in the background is that okay that’d be fantastic thank you very much victory dude this is i mean even with just like the farm this is it dude thing is a murderer look at it go pirelli p zero winter tires fast

On the track and fast off road how nice is that dude to let us use this barn oh dude sold i’ll take three this is wild what a spot so i’m gonna shoot with the snow framing the photo at a very wide aperture f2 probably get down low and close to the snow so it just creates like a white haze in the corner of the photo and then i’m going to go manual focus to make

Sure i don’t miss it and there it is dude the sickest who would have thought when we left oslo we’d find this this is ridiculous all right let’s uh put the car in the white room we can start straight on just so we have it because i know that’s pretty so let’s just back it all the way up to the edge all right now i gotta make sure i put as few footprints

Down as possible there it is where are we this is heaven okay so tighten up the aperture again slower shutter speed so i get a brighter photo and we’re going for sharp so i’ll keep the iso at 320 get the focus perfect there it is i’m just gonna go 45 degrees and try to get that one if anything i would like to turn the car and do it sideways can you tell me i

Is the logo up like the right way let’s see there we go yeah we good it’s called there put it uh pack it up and let this man have his backyard back i thank you very much i just wanted to say thank you it’s beautiful you have a beautiful place here it’s fantastic nice people you join me now in the interior of the pole star one it’s tough to put into words my

Relationship with this car but i think i can sum it up in these three stages there’s the first stage when you first get introduced to the car the first impressions are phenomenal the lines are stunning the shoulders are strong the car is just this wide powerful aggressive stance on the road that really commands respect and when you drive the car you really feel

That it transfers through the wheel and you become a little bit more big chested a little more barrel voice it’s just good it makes you feel strong but the car has this like insane amount of comfort you sit down and the seat it just fits right the seat is in a crazy super light bucket seat yes the car is a 600 horsepower super saloon but it doesn’t have the

Raw aggression that you expect from like a like a bmw m5 or something there’s something more refined about it something cleaner like the interior has this extra like leather and stitching all over everything that really adds to what volvo has already put into the interior and speaking of which the fact that the interior comes from volvo i think is easy to be

Misconstrued as a negative thing it seems a bit lazy when you think of it at first but it’s just a testament to how good this volvo interior is that when you sit in this car the interior feels like it suits the car and the car mind you is 1.7 1.6 million noise and kroner that’s a lot of money but when you sit in it like there’s carbon fiber the lines are clean

The screen is nice there’s a digital dash it just feels refined and nice and solid and i think the fact that you can get that in a top spec xc40 is just mind-blowing mind-blowing for a fraction of the price that you would pay for this it’s a fantastic car but the second stage of the relationship is when you start to notice some of the littler things about the

Car some of the things like the trunk has no handle to open there’s it takes about 10 minutes to open it with this button that you have to press down here putting the seat down if you want to get into the back if you find anybody who fits in the back it takes another 10 minutes it’s just a little bit too modern in some places there are some things that maybe a

Simple mechanical solution would have helped and it would have helped save weight as well because the car is heavy it is heavy with the battery pack it’s about 2.3 tons it’s 2 300 kilograms and that you can feel that when you drive but then comes the third stage when you really do get to drive it you do to get to experience this grand tour nature of the car where

It’s fun when you want to play with it but when you just want to go on long trips it’s muted it’s comfortable but when you press this button and you push it down to power mode you can get a lot out of the car there’s no one that stands a chance you can just pass anybody with ease i mean 600 horsepower four-wheel drive like that guy didn’t stand a chance not even

Close you get up to speed so fast it’s just a monster you can also open the hood twist the front suspension little knobby things and you just get a crazy crazy competitive aggressive driving experience it’s just like you have these elements of a track of this race heritage from polestar that just oozed through the car and then when you’re done with it and you

Get back on the straights you spin this little knobby dew you put it back in the hybrid or you put it in pure if you’re in a city and you just drive on the electricity and it’s suddenly a comfortable cruiser again the car does everything i think the car defines the grand tour genre of automobiles i think grand tour has gone so far in the wrong direction it’s so

Defined by racy and sporty aspects and bucket seats like the gt3 or the mclaren gts i think they forgot that the car is supposed to be comfortable they forgot the tour part of it i think this brings it back i think this brings back a lot of what made luxurious grand touring cars so appealing now i know there’s no way i could accurately explain this to you without

You being in the car next to me but you’re gonna have to take my word for it these speakers the stereo system in this car is phenomenal there is nothing like it it is so so good the one thing i do have a gripe with though is that and a lot of cars are at fault for this the flappy paddles are fantastic it’s fun to downshift it’s fun to hear the noise but there’s

Absolutely zero point to having enough shift paddle when the car is going to shift for you at redline by the time i get to six and a half thousand revs the car has already decided to go up into third gear and i mean why have this paddle then just give me this one just the left paddle that’s all i need but it’s um it’s a grand tour you can’t complain it it’s not

Meant for the track it’s not meant for the craziest driving the moment you put it on a track or get a little bit competitive some gt3 is gonna fly right past you pretend you don’t even exist so there’s no point in trying to be a sporty but it just is just not these battles there it is the pole star one it’s a grand tour and heart and soul i think it harkens back

To when the grand tour wasn’t about speed it wasn’t about discomfort it wasn’t about track times it was about cruising this is a cruiser it’s a 600 horsepower highway eater it’s a monster and in the turns tighten it up put it in power mode you’re off it does everything and it does everything well and i had a blast shooting it thank you ladies and gentlemen if

You want to see how these photos were created tune into the live stream tomorrow at seven o’clock right here i will see you then it’s gonna be dope you know i’m gonna take the shot take the shot take the shot you know i’m gonna take the shot take the strap take the shot pull up and take a shot take the shot take the shot my feelings not feelings you

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619 HP POLESTAR 1: The BEST GT Car On the Road // Kyle Shoots Cars By Kyle Meyr

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