600 hp bmw m2 and happy owner on
Altair Club Cars 600 HP BMW M2 and Happy Owner on the N

600 HP BMW M2 and Happy Owner on the N

Big thank you to Olivier ( who is the first person this year to trust me with his car! And quite a special one: 600 horsepower BMW M2 built by Pure Turbos!

Oh good morning comrades welcome back to the channel welcome back to the liver cream and welcome to probably video about the car in the category of uh a bit too fast for the track but it’s still nevertheless very much fun right oliver yeah it’s a fun toy yeah so it’s a bmw m2 as you all can see and probably also read by the title of this video and the

Thumbnail but it’s a bit special so it has a bit more horsepower than stock right yep it’s pushing right now 600 horsepower yeah it has a pure turbo done and it was prepared by pure turbos and it has a custom map as well but yeah everything from boost pipe charge pipe inlet pipe dv plus uh n20 tmap sensors it’s uh all the way to spark plugs have been changed um on

The exterior that brakes are tyrox floating discs and uh we’re also running uh endless brake pads all on all four okay uh so yeah i mean these are the yeah the classic um cs wheels uh also has a cool little um a wing a wing yeah so that should be beneficial for the arrow and the exhaust sounds uh also not stopping performance so it’s an m performance but the car is

Has been uh straight piped as well that should be fun and also has different springs you said right so it has the kw uh hass spring without the coilovers so just uh just the springs themselves um and yeah that’s uh pretty much it’s about it well excited um i have quite a fun experience with lapping overpowered cars where the suspension or handling components are

Stocked here in this case luckily the brakes at least are not stock the suspension is not fully stuck so it’s going to be interesting going to be the also the first car of the year in such trim i would say that will be lapping so we’ll need to get uh get into it so let’s hop in do a lap talk about it afterwards it’s uh it’s an honor it’s a pleasure to well thank

You so it’s been also very fun to experience different various types of cars and yellow flag oh well at least the brakes work they do well uh it’s unfortunate it’s shit happens we’ll be back in action soon again it’s too bad because i really love this section with the new tarmac knot here so so suspension a bit stiff so traffic oh did he just really turn

Us let’s see here so speed limit it’s nice it’s actually it’s really a lot better than i expected because i was afraid that the handling components would be really like struggling of course i’m not driving with full traction off but still the car is doing well it’s a bit dusty here so so so so so so so holy shit oh my god yeah it’s nice wow really

Really i’m speechless no i’m also very positively surprised that was somewhat insane driving well i mean to be expected but uh yeah i really don’t have much to say right now just needs to sink in yeah no it’s it’s awesome like i said i had my doubts like thinking that was going uncontrollable but as mentioned also everyone in the comments gonna be like now

Oh traction control light was fully flashing probably because i was driving support plus um but it does that but it doesn’t it does exactly but it’s not killing too much of a power but it’s unknown car i’m not going to go full out immediately plus it’s tires are super sports it’s not cup twos so it’s it’s good but it’s far from like perfect and creepy so it made

No sense to try and do skits and everything no but it was it was really enjoyable yeah we could could manage i could notice that the front tires were like very hot because now they’re three bar yeah yeah yeah that’s because of the braking because yeah yeah but uh with a good brake brake pads and brake discs you generate lots of friction and it’s uh you can feel

That so so yeah we could lower the pressures and go again but we have other things to do i’ll uh maybe when i when i get like the semi-sticks on for summer i’ll come back and like yeah we should definitely go go out again then that’s going to be nice but it’s a it’s really well balanced car i really like it it’s um it feels safe no yeah that’s very good so it’s uh

Because like you said your main thing was you you just picked it up and you don’t know what and how and i mean if you even leave it in normal or just sport modes you should have absolutely like no worries of uh car trying to kill you yeah so uh that’s actually like a big surprise for me because rear wheel drive 600 horsepower yeah like 500 how much on the wheels

You said uh yeah around like 410 for for 20 or more yeah yeah so it’s um quite quite some and then usually those cars become undrivable either because they just like have too much power yeah or because traction control just doesn’t know what’s happening in this case it was pretty linear yeah with with the with the weather we’ve had all week it i mean i’m sure

I’ve tested the car and like i i really never lost traction i mean it just it just goes um so i was really surprised and um yeah overall i mean i’m really i’m glad also to to have like that the car is perfectly safe um and like you know to drive it on track like you did it’s yeah it was very impressive it’s it’s nice no thanks again of course and see you next time

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600 HP BMW M2 and Happy Owner on the Nürburgring By Misha Charoudin

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