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Altair Club Cars 6 things you can do to help prevent your Dodge Challenger or Charger from getting stolen Anti-Theft

6 things you can do to help prevent your Dodge Challenger or Charger from getting stolen Anti-Theft

This video goes over some ways we can help protect our beloved Mopars. Remember nothing is 100% but I figure if I have layers of protection maybe I’ll have a better chance of keeping my car from getting stolen.

Man i can’t wait to drive that skit oh my god please famous mopar driver richard penny give me the strength to survive i need your help right now oh my god dearest mo duke my mopar has been taken please only you can save me give me ideas on how to keep my mopar safe this is a nightmare nightmare oh oh wake up oh oh my god i just drink guys i had a dream my scat pack

Got stolen oh lord of mercy we gotta come up with six ways to keep it from getting stolen let’s go on your dodge challenger scat pack thank you hey guys welcome back to the channel mopar life today i’m going to go over about six ways that you can try and keep your mopar from getting stolen now if you’ve been watching the news if you’ve owned your mopar for a

While you know that these things are getting taken every single day challengers chargers rts scat packs hellcats they’re just being taken from motel hotel driveway restaurant wherever you park this thing you come back and it’s gone and uh i know just like me some of you guys are probably on the same uh facebook pages the same mopar forums challenger forums charger

Forums and every day somebody gets on there and says hey they got me and uh so we don’t want our cars stolen and so i’ve kind of put a little list together about six things that we can do as mopar owners to try and keep our cars to us and not the thieves nobody hates a thief more than somebody that gets their stuff stolen and uh if you’re like me my challenger is

My pride and joy and i definitely don’t want it stolen in the hands of somebody who is going to mistreat that’s my bait i worked hard for it and i want it here with me whenever i want to drive it so let’s go over about six things that you can do uh that may help now nothing is 100 percent we gotta make sure we reiterate that fact these things are just things that

May be helpful but nothing is a hundred percent because if somebody wants your car and has all the time in the world then they’re gonna take it but these are things that hopefully can prevent them just from the general idea of slowing them down you know if we can slow them down a little bit because be honest with you uh everywhere you look there is a mopar they’re

Everywhere everywhere you look there’s a scat pack there’s a hellcat and so there’s a bunch of them out there so if the thief tries to get yours and it takes too long then hopefully they’ll move on to the next one and that’s what we’re going to work on today is just a few things that can have them move on to the next car are and hopefully that next one is not yours

But let’s go over uh about six things let’s get started okay so number one the first thing you can do to save your baby at home is park it in a locked garage there are tons of videos out there of these challengers and chargers getting stolen right out of the driveway and i’ll go over in a minute some of the ways that they’re doing that but just the fact that they’ve

Got immediate access to it in the driveway of your house it’s dark if you don’t have uh cameras then that sucker is just gone and even if you do it may still just be gone so if you have the ability to put it in a locked garage and i know some of you guys may have garages and you may they may be stacked up with uh christmas decorations halloween decorations all of

Grandma’s furniture or who knows what but that’s the number one line of defense is park it where they can’t even get it they can’t even see it they don’t know it exists someone driving down the street they don’t know that there is a sick challenger or sick charger behind that closed garage door and they can’t get into it that’s number one now let’s move on to number

Two all right number two is gonna be get you a faraday bag something like this right here what a lot of these thieves are doing is when you get out of your car let’s say you’re over at walmart and uh god forbid you you’d have to take it to walmart’s or or sam’s club or costco or some big place and park way out in the parking lot and you get out when you have this

Key it’s sending a signal to the car right now if i’m just holding it in my hand it’s sending a signal already that way it knows that i’m close to the car and as a convenience it’ll allow me to hit the button and lock it and unlock it and stuff like that and get in and when your key fob when it’s just in your pocket and you’re walking around uh these guys could be

Driving by with their fancy computers or little thief computers and they can pick up on that signal and when they pick up on that signal then now they can program their own fob and so then they’ve got a key fob to your car and it’s as simple as walking over and getting in it and detecting their new fob and then they drive off in it and it’s gone um so if you get

One of these little bags right here you can put your key in it and it won’t be sending that signal out all the time so uh if they are driving by looking for a key signal they won’t get yours they may get somebody else’s but they won’t get your key let me show you how it works it’s actually pretty cool you saw it just now where i got the key fob here and i can lock

And unlock the door and whatever else i need to do because it knows i’m here now let’s put the key in the bag so we’re going to open up the bag and you make sure you put it it’s got this little lining right here just put the key in there where the line part is and close it and then now your signal’s safe it can’t get out to get picked up by the thieves driving by

When they saw you pull in in this beautiful scat pack so you’re going to press this button nothing happens it can’t do anything you pull it out and then let’s press our lock unlock it works perfectly foreign but we put it back in the bag we can’t do anything doesn’t work these bags are super cheap on amazon about six dollars a bag i think it’s a little bulkier

Than a key but uh you know if you have cargo pockets or something it’s no big deal but it’ll keep your key safe uh your signal safe from the uh thieves that are driving around especially if you live in a big city man i would not want to go i live in east texas i would not want to go to dallas or houston and uh park my scat pack without having one of these bags

Just to keep that signal protected all right number three is get some kind of gps unit for your car now the dealership that i bought my car at they already actually had a hellcat stolen from their lot so on all their high horsepower cars they come uh they install the uh the mopar electronic vehicle tracking system that’s this thing right here with the blink and

Blue light and of course i had no control over that they install it it’s one of those dealer add-ons where they they try and get you but uh in the end i can look up my vehicle’s location if i need to you know god forbid if i have to put it in the shop somewhere and leave it overnight or or whatever the case may be at least i’ve got that now since i’m over paranoid

I ended up getting my own additional gps unit right here and this thing um is my little my backup and you can get these on amazon they’re not very expensive you do have to pay a monthly subscription but it’s not terrible but the good thing about that one is i can hide it in the car wherever i want if someone steals my car they can see obviously that it has the

Tracking system these thieves are going to know how to quickly disable that uh and unless they’re checking for additional trackers hopefully my backup system will help and the good thing about the backup one that i’ve got the little achieve amazon one is that uh it will give you updates the second the car moves so if i park it outside of walmart and i go inside uh

And someone tries to get in it and drive off with it it’ll alert me immediately tell me the car is on the move and i can see where it’s going where it’s been uh everything uh with you know 30 second interval updates or whatever whatever it is but it’s cheap enough to where i can hide it now i have one that’s not hard hardwired into the car so it runs on a battery

Man that battery lasts about two weeks and then i recharge it and then stick it back in there and go for another time so you know you charge it twice a month uh and it’s not to me that’s not an inconvenience i appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that i can know where my car is at at any given point and even better know if it leaves the area where i last left

It it’ll give me an update and it also alerts me when the battery is low so i don’t just sit around driving around thinking i’ve got a good battery so that’s an extra thing you can put on there so in my case i’ve got two gps’s on there just in case they get past uh the other two things that i’m about to show you i’ve got the gps that’ll help me out so all right

That was number three okay so for number four we’re gonna go inside the car another way these thieves are taking your car once they get into them is they’re just slipping it into neutral and then just roll pushing it out pushing it up on a trailer or whatever the case may be so how they’re doing that is if you pop this little piece right here you see in there

It’s got a little pull tab even with a nice little uh red cloth puller on it you yank that up it puts the car in neutral and it rolls away so i’ve got this thing here from destroyer 1320 and basically it’s a cover it is a metal cover that goes over that you have to take this entire thing out to bolt this on so when you lift it up all you see is metal so when the

Thief comes in here and pulls this out and tries to access that it’s blocked now can they lift this entire thing and get out absolutely this is not 100 but what we’re talking about with stealing your car is time is a thief generally speaking isn’t going to want to be in your car for a long period of time because that attracts a lot of attention it makes noise and

People get alerted to stuff like that and the owner may show up so the idea behind this is to just uh stall for time if a thief is trying to get into your car and finds too many roadblocks hopefully they’ll go on to the next one because you know if they can go through all of this effort to try and get in your car uh and steal it then at that point it’s just theirs

I mean like i said if somebody wants it bad enough they’re gonna take it these are just things that will help to make that clock last a little longer well they may just go well forget it i’ll go get the next one that doesn’t have something like this because when you go uh from just popping this uh hold her out and pulling it into neutral and dry and then pushing it

Away to now i can’t get to it and i got to take this entire thing apart now that’s a problem and so hopefully that’s a problem that uh will have your car still sitting there uh when you get back from wherever it was you left it okay number five now i’m going old school on this one guys anybody remember this the club now yeah mine is probably one of the originals

Because i bet you i’ve had this thing 25 years um and i still use it occasionally especially if i just absolutely have to park somewhere you know questionable for whatever reason then i keep this in the trunk and i’ll bring it out and put it on the car and of course the whole idea behind this was you know they can’t turn it but once again everybody’s gonna go well

They can just coat the steering wheel they can cut the club off people can break into that yeah they absolutely can um but we’re the idea is hopefully to slow people down because if you have the club if you have the uh neutral blocker if you have uh anything else in the car that’s gonna try and add time for them to steal it hopefully they’ll move on to the next

One because to be honest with you even though these cars are our pride and joy there’s still other ones out there like you walk through a parking lot you’re not going to be the only one so you know if you can keep yours then that’s great and that’s the whole idea behind it so even something old school like this could be just uh enough to keep somebody from wanting

To take your car and just move on to the next one okay number six the very last and final way that you can try and slow down a thief from stealing your car is to add some kind of kill switch and you can do something as simple as just one of these little switches right here that will interrupt some aspect of the car a lot of people and what i’m going to do on mine

Is i’m going to interrupt this button right here and what it’ll do is it will allow me to hide this somewhere in the car where only i know where it’s at and i have to press this button to make this button work because if someone clones your key fob because you don’t have the faraday case and then they get their own copy then they can get in here they can unlock

The car and they can get in the car but and they can remote start the car because it’ll still work however you can’t go anywhere without pushing the start button so if i put an interrupter on the start button where i can turn it off and it doesn’t work then they can just press it all day and it’s not going to start the car and that’s a good way to keep them slowed

Down because then they have to go okay where is this kill switch let me search this entire car for it or let me just rip the entire dash apart to be able to you know hot wire these wires back together so you know you’re talking about taking the dash apart um it you know it’s not going to take a thief too long to take it apart find the wires and then plug them back

In but that’s time even if that takes 20 seconds or less that’s still 20 seconds on top on top of the time it takes them to do everything else to be able to get in the car so it’s another one of those things that can help give you the peace of mind just because if they get in real quick they hit the button it doesn’t work then hopefully they’ll just say you know

What forget it and move on to the next one that’s the whole idea behind all of this these things are not 100 percent but they are a way to at least help either deter it or make it where uh the thief realizes hey this is too much effort let me go on to the next one because uh chances are the other car is not going to have any of these you know fail safes in there

To prevent theft and then they can just do their business in that car and be gone with it so but hopefully not yours because uh you’ll have some of these things that i’ve talked about today and these things are pretty cheap um the new the neutral cover you can get this off of uh uh his website uh destroyer 1320 and then these little switches i just got on amazon

And uh you put them in yourself and it’s a fun uh a few you know some fun time working on your car good garage time and uh then plus it gives you a little bit of peace of mind so thanks for watching

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6 things you can do to help prevent your Dodge Challenger or Charger from getting stolen! Anti-Theft By Mopar Life

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