520nm 2013 mk7 volkswagen golf g
Altair Club Cars 520Nm | 2013 MK7 Volkswagen Golf GTI | Malaysia #POV [Test Drive] [CC Subtitle]

520Nm | 2013 MK7 Volkswagen Golf GTI | Malaysia #POV [Test Drive] [CC Subtitle]

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Hello everyone, it’s aderen again, the one who shoots pov test drive i finally have a chance to take a spin of golf for everyone to see although this is not golf r, golf gti is also quite good thank you very much k cars auto sdn.bhd on this kajang street thank them for lending the car so that i can shoot pov for example, the front lights of his car will be a little different

Then the bumper but in terms of mk7, his appearance is not at all unsightly in addition to golf r, there is another called golf gti club sport that car recon will sell for around rm200k, i mean around it actually, i personally think that the most beautiful place of mk7 gti is at night the lines that turn on the lights are actually pretty the appearance is very original

And has not been changed you can see from the side of this car that there is a silver color here, right? pretty good, good bite, but the disadvantage is that it is noisy brembo f50 calipers, where will you see this in tesla original brake pad, original calipers but brake discs are oem so it has a disadvantage that it is not heat resistant then he changed something and you

Will see that there is revo, revo, and revo inside. just now the owner of the car shared with me the original ea888 he was authorised to some other branded manufacturers this set is a set, for example, this style is advanced, revo, and intercooler the horsepower is not so high because he did not change the exhaust the original paper says 220 horses, 350nm, this is on paper

The most important problem with vw is not to overheat so you have to pay attention to there is a cooler here, be careful not to leak water or oil so remember to take care not to give him the engine&gearbox overheated change the oil regularly, and change the transmission oil regularly. the front has been adjusted to the seat of our daily life i am 173cm and there is a

Fist in the remaining position this cup holder is very smart, you can adjust the position you want let me tell you that i haven’t seen other car factories have made such a thing there’s a hanger here. you can hang anything for grocery shopping. it’s a pity that this car doesn’t have a keyless start vw is still the same. after stepping on it, there is a kickdown button.

Then this car won’t start without applying the brakes let me step on a little gas for you to listen to, because this is the original exhaust i remember that this car was changed to the down pipe have you noticed that vw likes to put the carpet here? the switch of the headlight is like this, i personally think it is very such then people who drive a german car don’t

Know that when you pull it out, you turn on the fog lights, and when you pull it out, you turn on the rear fog lights. i don’t know why they turned on the rear fog lights a small storage space can hold smart tags like this wet dual-clutch, not dry dual-clutch, gti are all wet when you press it, you will see comfort, normal, sport, eco, individual this screen is a bit

Small, after all, it is a 2013 car here is a small storage space, you can adjust the angle you want the steering wheel can be adjusted up and down, telescopic there are many things in the center console that can be displayed this is average fuel consumption because the owner is heavy, so you can see oil temp 87 degrees, i personally think it’s very important if you have

A turbo car, you should look at the oil temp this is for adjusting your mirror, you can close it all the interior is basically black, so it looks pretty 520nm, he hasn’t changed the exhaust so it’s 280 horsepower this is called brake, listen, there is a sound hahahaha but it looks good when you see the real, three-dimensional it’s on the tesla, i only now know that

Tesla uses f50 don’t know how to jump? (not at all, very comfortable) (it’s really comfortable if you use comfort to open it in normal times) comfort for driving this kind of car is to take your wife (i believe dsg’s fart sound is because it has not been changed later) (so ​​his anger is not so smooth that he has a sound) (whoever wants to buy a sticker-backed car,

This car should be it) i’ve heard of people changing tesla’s brakes before people who drive and those who sit have different feelings if there is exhaust sound, it will be more refreshing it’s because of this gearbox that makes his car fast (this car can be driven on a daily basis, and it can also run on mountain roads) i’m willing, let go of my camry and change to

This one in the photo, the gauges are not good-looking, but the real car is really good-looking subscribe for more pov test drive, remember to like, subscribe, share, and turn on the bell

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520Nm | 2013 MK7 Volkswagen Golf GTI | Malaysia #POV [Test Drive] [CC Subtitle] By Aderen Lim 爱的人

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