5 things i love about my jaguar
Altair Club Cars 5 Things I love about my Jaguar XF

5 Things I love about my Jaguar XF

Five things I love about my Jaguar XF

Hey guys i thought i’d do a quick video on five things that i like about my day well starting at five i would have to say that um the ride in handling is one of my favorite things about this car it really handles beautifully at speed and even low speeds you know driving about town it’s just a comfortable ride it’s a hard ride but not harsh so you don’t really

Feel the bumps um you know as as harshly as you do in some sports sedans and i think that’s you know thanks to the relatively high profile of the tyres but the steering is extremely direct at low speeds and even at high speeds and i love the adaptive steering power steering so the faster you go the less the power steering interferes and you have this almost

Really sporty feel to the car my fourth favorite thing is uh the interior of the car um you know i love the the beige upholstery i know some cars have the black upholstery but i love the beige of upholstery uh it does tend to get a little bit dirty but i’m prepared to live with it because the looks are just absolutely aesthetic and really pleasing to the eye

I like the beige with the contrast of the wood and then the aluminium along the dash and all this wood here in the center console coming through to the back it really really gives the car a premium feel um you know but i’d say on the whole the interior is really really nice it smells good even now it still smells like a brand new car inside and i love that

Leather smell a lot of new cars do not have the smell anymore because of regulations and so on but uh thank god this car still smells like leather my third favorite thing is the luggage space in this car it has a phenomenally huge luggage compartment the audi um b5 that i’ve got has it also has quite a big trunk inside but the jag is just so much bigger inside

As you can see and my second favorite thing is um it’s the the whole orchestra that um you know unfolds when you when the car comes to life and jaguar call it the handshake and um i just call it exciting if i press the start button all the vents rise to greet you and the car is not happy that i’ve got the door open with the ignition on and but this is one of

My favorite things the fact that the car actually comes alive inside not just outside but inside and lets you know hello i’m here where would you like to go it’s kind of almost like a chauffeur and i really love starting this car up every single time and it greets me like that and when you switch it off it’s almost like the car saying goodbye and i’m gonna turn

It off now and you’ll see the rotary dial will retreat back to its resting position and there we go and the car is quiet again all silent but my number one favorite thing about this car is its looks i just love the classic looks i mean it looks sporty it actually looks like it’s flying down a highway even when it’s standing still the way the nose is so sleek

And it just you know it’s got that coupe effect almost kind of it’s kind of like a if you if you look at an aston martin um it kind of reminds me of that a little bit especially with the muscular launchers at the back um it really is a stunning card to look at and appreciate thanks for watching and i would love to hear from from all of you about your favorite

Things about your car and what car you have and what your five favorite things are about your car thanks for watching you

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5 Things I love about my Jaguar XF By CarFan Hilton

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