5 sleeper builds that sunder cha
Altair Club Cars 5 SLEEPER BUILDS That Sunder Charms Have Created Patch 2.5 Diablo 2 Resurrected

5 SLEEPER BUILDS That Sunder Charms Have Created Patch 2.5 Diablo 2 Resurrected


Foreign ski here in today’s video i want to break down what i think are the top 5 sleeper builds that have been introduced into patch 2.5 because of the introduction of center charms so this video again will not cover builds like the fifth heavens paladin blizzard sorceress lightning sorceress nova sorceress hammerden etc common metabodes that you guys are aware of

I’m not going to be discussing i want to focus on some of the new sleeper builds that i think will change some of the end game content and sort of shift some of the meta but i just want to make some of the builds that i can discuss in today’s video maybe a little bit more popular sort of bring them to some new eyes for you guys to check out today’s video again they’re

Not necessarily the strongest in every scenario that’ll be breaking down but they’re either relatively cheap to build have fantastic crowd control where great on players want difficulty or are very sort of afk like fun to play they’re not like piano string type builds so i think this video is going to kind of encompass a pretty good build list so again let me know

In the comment section below if you guys agree or disagree or if you think i maybe missed any quote unquote sleeper builds but anyways guys hopefully you enjoy the video let’s jump in so kicking off this list i first want to talk about the holy fire dragon palette this build was originally sort of classified as being too op when patch 2.4 was first introduced and

Was initially scaled back but then they ended up reverting the changes i personally always felt that this build was fine because it does require three surroons relo runes and a cham room to really excel so you’re gonna be investing a lot of wealth but i found that in patch 2.4 it was really good at like cow farming or other areas where there wasn’t firemen monsters

But it would really hit a hard wall in areas like chaos sanctuary with venom lords but sunder charms has changed that now that you can self-wield a very high level conviction or and then have the center charm to sunder monsters to remove the fire immunity this build absolutely rips you can farm everywhere you can charge everywhere it has great mobility it can farm

Every single terror location and it’s not too expensive if you compare it relatively to like a high-end javasan or lighting sorceress infinity comparison to dual dragon addresses really isn’t too bad now in terms of the gear there’s a lot of possibilities outside of there’s three fundamental rumors that you need to use on this build and the first is the hand of

Justice weapon dragon armor and dragon shield as that you can pretty much use almost any other gear combination you want for your inventory you could go max damage attack rating plus life charms to sort of boost your zealing damage you could go all seven mf charms because you’re basically almost one-shotting stuff when you’re charging around you could run really

Any mercenary setup as well you could go insight mercenary a barbarian even use a casteract three mercenary it really doesn’t matter because you are just charging around everywhere mercenary can’t even really keep up which is pretty hilarious now in terms of how to invest your skill points for this build it’s relatively straightforward you just want to make sure

That you invest 20 yard points into resist fire then 20 yard points into salvation that’s because these two skills will passively boost the holy fire synergy from the room words hand of justice and the dual dragons on your armor and shield and then you want to make sure that you have 24 points into conviction exactly because 25 5 will be granted to you from battle

Orders buff that will give you the maximum negative conviction resistance that you can get anything past that is just a waste of extra skill points and really beyond that you can kind of tell the build any way that you want to it completely melts everywhere every monster in the game so definitely highly recommend you guys check out the holy fire dragon paladin so

We’ll build number two on my list is the fire claw werewolf yes you heard that correctly i prefer the werewolf over the wear bear variant now this build with the introduction of fire stunner charms in very good gear absolutely decimates you have very high level fire damage as well as very high level physical damage but the biggest drawback to this build prior to

The induction of center charms was it would basically one shot anything that wasn’t farming but then when you ran into a fire me monster you were entirely relying on your physical portion of your damage now you could kind of work around this and have decent clear speed but now again with the introduction of center charms you can apply full physical and fire damage to

Every hit and then on top of that this build has great movement speed from feral rage as well as depending on how you spec the tree fantastic aoe from a much improved armageddon so this build actually does everything good elemental damage good physical damage has aoe and movement speed it doesn’t require enigma so it’s actually a pretty fantastic build in my opinion

Now as far as the gear goes it is a little bit expensive we’re talking if you want to really achieve the best possible result with this build the three pieces of gear that i recommend is ravenor for helmet phoenix for shield and then grief for your main weapon the complement of physical damage and negative fire res from phoenix with the raw hard-hitting damage from

Grief and as well as the negative fires from raven lore it just makes for a fantastic build combination as far as your mercenary goes typically i would recommend an infinity mercenary although with that being said you could use a act 5 plague mercenary variant for a little bit more of a somewhat budget approach it won’t work quite as effectively because you’ll

Be waiting on that low rise brock but it will go off pretty frequently and be a pretty solid build now in terms of the skill tree there’s definitely sort of two main approaches to this build and i actually prefer the second but i will cover both but as far as summoning those i only recommend putting 100 point into oak sage and one hardpointed heart wolverine

You can use either one so depending on if you want more plus life obviously go with oak sage if you want more damage go with hard wolverine now as far as shape shifting goes i recommend just putting one hardpoint into all the prerequisites for fire claw and then completely max fire claw and then move to your elemental tree max out firestorm molten bowler because

There’s synergies to fire claw and then i personally recommend to sync the rest of your points into fisher and armageddon to boost armageddon’s damage and overall duration of length you could go the route of ignoring armageddon altogether and just putting more points into werewolf and possibly a fury combination that’s a very good approach but i genuinely find

That it’s better to because you’ve already invested 40 points in the elemental tree to then continue to invest into armageddon at least this is my personal experience again let me know in the comment section below if you guys agree or disagree but the fireclaw werewolf is now going to be a huge sleeper build in my opinion fantastic physical damage fantastic fire

Damage as well as aoe and movement speed so it’s definitely a great build and a honda recommend you guys check it out next up i want to talk about the frost nova sorceress now for those that are tired of blizzard if you’re completely bored of that skill you don’t like frozen orb you don’t like the cooldown frost nova might be the new skill for you and out of all

The build that i’ve gone through so far and we’ll go through in this video this is probably the best budget oriented build it doesn’t require infinity it doesn’t require enigma cold mastery is very powerful you just need a stunner charm now there is a couple drawbacks with this build in general it’s definitely not a players they build so you can’t go rip through

Chaos and fail runs players a difficulty similar to hammerton but at players one up to players three difficulty frost nova completely wrecks it will obliterate everything you get crowd control so it’s basically a nova variant but you get cc or crowd control you’re just gonna completely freeze everything do very good damage and you’re not tied to again enigma for

Teleport or infinium mercenary for conviction now as far as the gear goes if you want to completely maximize your damage obviously nightwings and death fathom will be the two best options but this build will work completely fine with a spirit crystal sword spirit shield even a hodo variant is completely fine the only thing that i would definitely recommend is

Look into investing extra points in energy as well as using the boots silk waves that man after kill is going to really help you sustain your mana you can also obviously support that with an insight mercenary although once you have a very high level mana pool you could use other variants like in act 5 high damage mercenary could go reaper’s troll etc there’s a lot

Of possibilities when it comes to specking out your mercenary for the setup so when it comes to the skill tree the fire tree is relatively straightforward i just put 20 yard points into warmth you can go the optional road of adding points into enchant if you want to buff the mercenaries attack rating although i wouldn’t recommend it when it comes to the lighting

Scale tray your 1.1 or so static telekinesis and teleport there is also the option of using energy shield as a supplement because frostinova and its prerequisites there is definitely leftover skills so if you want to take advantage of energy shield to counteract the negative cold res from a center charm that is definitely a good option when it comes to the cold

Skill tree just put one our point in all your prerequisites and then 20 yard points into frostinova 20 points in a blue then 28 points in a frozen orb and typically i would recommend now that it’s changed with sunder charms having 36 points in a cold mastery if you can get there that will ensure that every single sundered monster will have a perfect negative 100

Gold rise which is going to maximize your damage anything above that is going to be a waste of skill points so if you can get it i would recommend 36 points but overall guys i highly recommend this build there’s definitely different ways you can optimize the skill tree different mercenary setups and it is definitely the cheapest build variant that i’ve covered so

Far in today’s video again no reliance on enigma no reliance on infinity good crowd control and it’s a very fun players one difficulty farming build if you are tired of blizzard and frozen orb so the second last build that i want to cover in today’s video is the freezing arrow boson now this build in my opinion has the very best crowd control in the game we’re not

Talking about holy freeze slowing down monsters we’re not talking about decrep slowing down monsters we’re talking about using freezing arrow and everything that’s not a champion or boss pack literally freezing the monsters in place for multiple sec at a time it is very powerful and then on top of that if you’re using the rumored ice you’re granted a holy freeze

Aura so anything that’s a champion or boss back will significantly slowed down it’s a very powerful setup it is definitely a high-end expensive build but i think with the introduction of center charms that the freezing elbows on might actually be ahead of the physical boson variant multi-shot and strafe again i’ll have to do some testing to like really crunch those

Numbers out but i think that this is definitely a build that you don’t want to sleep on if you’re tired of multi-shot you’re tired of strafe why not give the freezing arrow boson a shot now in terms of gear definitely high-end variants like rumored ice in a bow and nightwings for helmet is definitely going to be your top tier setup as well as an infinity mercenary

But there’s definitely cheaper bows you can use early on to make this build shine with a center charm so you could rock an insight mercenary you could rock inside in a bow you could rock harmony in a bow you could rock melody in a bow there’s a multitude of budget options and again there’s high-end expensive options like ice or mist but you can play everything in

Between you’re still gonna get that insane crowd control it’s just your damage will be a little bit less now there’s definitely in my opinion two important pieces of gear that you need to have on this build the first is razor tail it’s going to help you get 100 pierce that is very important for chaining together freezing explosions and the second is silky boots i

Really feel like even though freezing arrow has been reduced in terms of mana cost from patch 2.3 to patch 2.4 it’s still a very man intensive build so it’s not a bad idea to have some extra man after kill now when it comes to the skill tree i definitely think center charms has changed to i would typically expect if freezing arrow bow is on so starting off with

Javelin spear skills i did not invest a single point this isn’t a weird boson javasan hybrid so i don’t feel like makes sense to invest a single point when it comes to the bow skill tree i put 20 yard points into cold arrow ice arrow and freezing arrow typically you wouldn’t invest 20 points into frost arrow because you don’t really need the extra freeze length for

Stunner charms but now that center charms have been introduced and you can freeze every single monster i thought well why not take advantage of some extra duration of freezing you can alternatively invest points into the fire tree if you want to but it’s definitely an option that i necessarily wouldn’t recommend when it comes to the passive and magic skill tree i

Put 100 point into critical strike 100 point into penetrate one or pointed to pierce and then i split my remaining points between dodge avoid and evade now you could definitely invest extra points into valkyrie that’s totally up to you but i personally didn’t really see the point now i definitely highly recommend you guys try out this build it is just so satisfying

To completely freeze monsters in its tracks and just see them shattering ice cubes this is a very fun build center charms has made it stronger and you definitely need to try it out so the final build that i want to cover on today’s video is of course none other than the fire druid this build you guys need to give it a shot center charms have made it so much stronger

The addition of removing the global cooldown from patch 2.3 to patch 2.4 made the fire dude a lot better you can now cast volcano fisher armageddon all independently of each other and you’re not tied down to this huge cooldown which made the build a lot more fun to play and of course they did add a lot more physical damage so you could cover the entire screen with

Damage but unfortunately there was a lot of fire me monsters so you’re kind of relegated to farming specific locations of obviously center charms has removed that and with very powerful rumors like flickering flame phoenix and then expensive uniques like raven lore you can now bring the majority of sundered fire monsters down to almost a negative 100 fire res with

Of course an infinity mercenary so you can turn your like 6k fisher your 12k armageddon plus the 10k physical damage it just absolutely destroys monsters when i was farming bell waves i would just make sure that i had an active fisher and volcano loaded for the waves to spawn on top of and they would just die instantly i could not believe how powerful this character

Was and this is actually the build that i plan on playing for the launch of badge 2.5 now in terms of gear there is a multitude of different options but some of the more common expensive met options is phoenix in a shield raven lore for a helmet flickering flame is also a great helmet to use as well if you can roll a very desirable base but don’t sleep on fire

Faceted crystal swords and a plague sword as well different combinations of cleansing aura lower res procs and just negative fire res or plus fire damage will make your build very powerful now in terms of the skill tree it’s relatively straightforward we’re summoning i just put 1r pointed at oak sage and then one our point into summon grizzly those are the only

Two summons that i use i don’t really recommend investing points into the wolves you just don’t have enough skill points with a fire setup to really make them survive now in terms of the elemental skill tree you basically max armageddon volcano fisher firestorm and molted boulder and then in terms of cyclone armor i don’t recommend using it it’s different with the

Wind druid when you have a lot of different synergies you can have a very powerful cyclone armor with a fire druid it’s not synergized so it just evaporates instantly it’s up to you but i don’t really think it’s worth using and then of course for the shape shading skill tray you don’t invest a single point but this build guys very fun you can play it aggressively

Cast a molten boulder fissure or you can just kind of afk teleport around having armageddon rain down and just plop a fisher here or there it’s a very fun build to play very afk it’s very powerful definitely recommend taking up for a rip and sanctuary or bale runs once you get a fired center charm it is an tire just a blast to play other than that guys i hope you

Enjoyed this video i know it was a long one but i wanted to give some love to some of the sleeper builds that i think i’ve been introduced into patch 2.5 again please let me know in the comment section below if you guys agree disagree you think i missed a build you would tweak anything gear wise or skill wise any feedback is always welcome other than that guys hope

You enjoyed the video and i’ll catch you guys on my next one peace out

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5 SLEEPER BUILDS That Sunder Charms Have Created !!! Patch 2.5 Diablo 2 Resurrected By Dbrunski125

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