5 reasons you should own a 2023
Altair Club Cars 5 Reasons You Should Own A 2023 Kia Sportage LX Hybrid

5 Reasons You Should Own A 2023 Kia Sportage LX Hybrid

Reasons why you should own a 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid!

Hello guys welcome back to the channel and in today’s video i’m going to be giving you guys five reasons why you should consider buying the well five reasons why you should own the 2023 kia sportage lx hybrid um i am going to get into the video before i get into the video i want you guys to uh check the comment log down below i do have a pov drive of the lx hybrid

Itself then i also have a pov drive of the lx hybrid ex so just so you guys don’t miss out but i’m gonna make i’m not gonna make this video go too long for you guys so let’s get right into the video okay so number one reason on why you should own a 2023 kia sportage lx hybrid is take a look at the new redesign i love how kia redesigned these portages they don’t look

Nothing compared to the 2022 previous model uh year sportage they have a more aerodynamic sportier look and i think that’s why it gives it the name it’s just the sportier sport version of the sportage so it gives it more of a sportier look and this look is something that is perfect you know kia has came a long way with uh the looks and i give them a 10 out of a

10 on the new look of the sportage as you guys can see that is a beautiful look so that’s your first reason why you should own this vehicle the second reason why she owns this vehicle is take a look at this so on this 2023 kia sportage hybrid lx it has a miles per gallon of 38 miles per gallon city and 30 miles per gallon highway which is a combined 30 altogether

There are many many vehicles on the road that doesn’t even have or get near to that many miles per gallon and that is with your all-wheel drive which is something that you guys know all-wheel drive train makes the vehicle a lot more heavier and that is with uh 235 65 17 inch wheels on the vehicle itself but to get 38 miles per gallon in this particular suv is

Perfect you know because think about it if you have a if you have a 30 mile commute back and forth to work each day you have eight miles per gallon left over which is three miles per gallon um another thing that i want to tell you guys is the third reason on why showing this vehicle and it’s something that i really love because on the previous year versus this year

They did change it up a lot um it’s the backspace back cargo area i think you have probably like uh i’d say like a hand width of more space so on the previous year models i think the space stopped about right there and now it gives you a lot more trunk space in it like i can literally just sit in the back with my head up now then i go to spare tire and jack but

As you guys can see i’m literally sitting in the back i can literally put my arm forward with the seat you know obviously set up a little bit i literally put my arm links i literally have about right here and as you guys see if i was in the previous year i think it’s about like right there be a little bit tight so you can literally fit two people in the back here

I don’t say to do it but that’s something that you guys should consider as well that extra room especially if you plan on taking any long trips we’re playing on uh traveling very far and you got a lot of luggages and everything you might want to consider that we’re looking at the 2022 versus the 2023 model um is that you have a lot more cargo room in the vehicle

Itself so there goes that let me get you the other slide so check that out that is a if you guys have any big animals as like uh any dogs as a german shepherd bull mastiff um doberman pinscher uh saint bernard or napoleon master any large dogs if you get a full map you can actually lay it completely flat and they can literally just sit right in especially if you

Guys are planning on going to any like uh the vet office or if you want to take the puppies out there’s a lot room for a big dog and i think yep climb right in close the trunk lay a cover down and they’ll be perfect so that’s your third reason why is the cargo area your fourth one reason why it’s the thing that i care about the most when i purchase a vehicle is

The warranty you have a 10 year 100 000 mile powertrain warranty so that covers all of your engine transmission all your components that help drive the vehicle which is pretty insane to think about that i have a warranty on my vehicle for the next 10 years like that’s a long time and uh let’s get this up up and open for you guys so there goes your engine and

There goes your battery which looks fantastic to have orange cable under the hood of a car let’s give it a crank because it’s really quiet as well and the car is already on that’s the only noise you would hear besides the regenerative break-in when the car is recycling or breaking and whatnot uh this is about the max moist that you would hear other than driving

It and listening that is really quiet that’s really quiet all right guys so i know i didn’t give you guys four reasons why showing this car number one is the looks number two is the size which is has a lot of room actually let’s go back to size i can show you guys how it fit in the vehicle as well so we’re back here in size and as you guys can see i have

Enough of leg room that i can swing my legs do have cup holders in the middle yeah it’s right there my seat can recline a little bit further back so if i wanted to sit back all the way then i’m fully back and i oh a lot of room you know i’m pretty comfortable um could be another passenger this vehicle is ready for five passengers i wouldn’t say three of me

Could fit back here but not comfortably comfortably but i could still fit back here um they still have a lot of legroom which is pretty good let’s go see how it’ll be if i sit in the front so now that matters as well so i’m going to leave the seat how i am comfortable in the back versus me in the front and boom i do have enough space which is that’s probably

Like a hand and with more space so if you’re tall you have more room um so there goes your four reasons looks size warranty and miles per gallon your fourth reason is this so if you guys don’t feel like paying an additional couple grand just to upgrade um for navigation you have this this vehicle is equipped with wireless apple carplay so i’m going to do

Is i’m going to click my bluetooth and then a phone projection where’s that device connection projection add new and then i’m gonna kick the clia here i’m not gonna let my eye contact sink in but you can that’s if you want to have the uh the contact synced into the vehicle so boom so this vehicle let’s turn that down so this vehicle is cool equipped with

Wireless carplay so what that means is you don’t have to buy navigation in this vehicle as long as you have an updated uh cellular device you can literally scan through let’s search and you can talk mcdonald’s mcdonald’s i don’t know where you are you can fix that in settings once you’re not driving go to privacy settings select location services scroll to syrian

Dictation so let’s let’s search gas stations at least so let’s say i want to go to sheets literally click sheets boom so you get that feature and you get to use your phone so now when calls come through i don’t have to answer it from my phone i can literally come on the radio and answer it and another cool thing is you have heated seats with the lx model for the

2023 hybrid so that is five reasons why you guys should own this vehicle you get wireless car play you have a lot more space i’m driving all-wheel drive vehicle and getting 38 miles per gallon and the good thing about it is i have warranty on it for the next 10 years so i don’t have to worry about anything on the vehicle and last but not least is the looks of

This new 2023 redesigned sportage so guys again check the comment down below you can uh go see the pov drive of this vehicle and i will catch you guys in the next vehicle video please take care and talk to you guys soon

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5 Reasons You Should Own A 2023 Kia Sportage LX Hybrid By Codeforspeed

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