5 maserati grecale suv prototype
Altair Club Cars 5 Maserati Grecale SUV Prototypes Testing With Afla Romeo Engineers

5 Maserati Grecale SUV Prototypes Testing With Afla Romeo Engineers

The new Maserati D-SUV spotted on video for the third time but with a lot more company and some help from Alfa Romeo!

What’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rise welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video now the maserati gricalli is the new suv that will be built in a casino plant on a modified version of the alpha male georgio platform alongside the alpha male stelvio and the new entry level range of the car manufacturer of the trident should increase

The registrations of the luxury brand of celantis quite sharply starting from next year and especially through europe and in this video we get not one not two but five maserati grocery prototypes driven by alpha male engineers as you can see the alpha male engineer jumpsuit with the red on top and the white on the bottom now obviously with this being in

The casino plant built next to the alpha male stelvio and julia alpha male engineers are going to be working heavily on this maserati great color and the majority suv is expected to debut with the combustion engine version by the end of the year although at the moment there’s still no official presentation date while next year it should be the turn of the

All-electric variant now you can see the different styling cues as we’ve seen in the two previous videos that we’ve seen a grecoli prototype testing quad exhaust pipes the new boomerang tail lights but these have the new mc20 style headlights with the two led bars one at the bottom and one at the top now if you guys didn’t notice at the beginning of the

Video i let the natural sound play because i wanted you to hear that there wasn’t much noise coming from the grecoli suv now this is nothing to rant and rave about just to let you know that you know there was no noise in the video so you guys wouldn’t ask um this could be a multiple of things obviously they weren’t pushing the cars to the limit the engineers

May be testing in ice mode or normal mode where there was no sport mode or active exhaust available at the time a lot of different things i wouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it but i just wanted to play it for you guys just to say that i did but seeing all five of these prototypes seeing the same design cues that we’ve seen in the past couple of videos

Is really refreshing because we may feel that a lot of these stylistic cues that we’re already seeing on the prototypes will be exactly as is on the production versions with the blue and black camouflage with the grakali lettering in the maserati trident we saw that a lot on the mc20 where maserati showed us plenty of pictures of the mc20 but in that special

Camouflage and what was underneath was just something that blew us away so i still expect a lot of surprises even though we’re seeing a lot of views of the groucalia prototype i think it’s going to surprise us when all the raps are off speaking of further news is expected in the coming weeks in fact as the development of the d segment suv progresses more

Details are likely to be revealed so make sure you guys stay tuned but again are you guys getting more and more excited about the mazda riding ricardo suv do you think that it will look quite different from what the levante suv looks like now let me know down in the comments below and if you guys did enjoy the video today make sure you give it a big thumbs

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5 Maserati Grecale SUV Prototypes Testing With Afla Romeo Engineers! By Rons Rides

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