5 insane features of the new ben
Altair Club Cars 5 INSANE Features Of The NEW Bentley Bentayga EWB

5 INSANE Features Of The NEW Bentley Bentayga EWB


Today we’re flying all the way to beautiful british columbia to drive the all-new bentega extended wheelbase well guys we finally made it to beautiful vancouver canada and check out what’s behind me is that not the coolest chevron you’ve ever seen in your entire life foreign we just got to the whistler ski resort and are getting to do some off-roading in the

Bentega extended wheelbase now the driving impressions are under embargo until next week so i can’t talk about how it drives but get a load of some of this scenery in today’s video we’ll be discussing five amazing features of the new bentega look at that 90 meter olympic ski jump the scenery out here is so breathtaking i don’t think there’s too many sports that get

Any scarier than that look how steep the ramp is that is the best sign ever well this has to be extremely high up on the list of things i never thought i’d do while reviewing a car we are at the top of the 90 meter olympic ski jump now look how scary that is behind me is the new bentley bentega extended wheelbase and today i’m going to show you five of its most

Amazing features some of which you’ve likely never seen before in any other vehicle hopping in the rear of the bentega extended wheelbase reveals the first amazing feature the optional airline seat configuration these seats offer 22 ways of adjustability and are controlled in this beautiful high quality tablet that i’ve never seen anything quite like it’s already

Spectacular in here but check out how the interior transforms tap on this tablet here click the eject button and you can actually take this like a little ipad but way higher quality than anything apple has ever made and control everything in the rear seat environment watch what happens when i click and hold on relaxed the front passenger seat folds away i’m gonna

Recline at up to 40 degrees and there is a little leg rest that’s going to pop out from the front seat so that my legs are as comfortable as possible how incredible is that oh yes and i’ve got little tray tables i can fold out as well as if that wasn’t amazing enough we’ve also got automatic rear closing doors i’m going to go ahead and open this door to demonstrate

This feature right now the door is in its open position but if we go ahead in the center console here and press and hold the door close button no need to close the door yourself the bentley will do it for you how incredible is that now most luxury cars have ambient lighting but bentley has taken things a step further with their diamond ambient lighting so not only

Can you control the mood lighting throughout the vehicle there’s also little perforations in the leather itself right here with 22 leds behind it and 30 different colors to choose from so we get a purple mood lighting but choose a different ambient color for the trim so that’s the ambient lighting go to trim color let’s go ahead and put it over to purple and there

Are purple lights in the leather itself how gorgeous is that you can see it a little bit better on this side the next incredible feature of the bentley bentega extended wheelbase is the level of customizability not only are there 64 different exterior colors you can choose from there are upwards of 24 billion with a b possible configurations of the bentega extended

Wheelbase yes that’s right every single person on planet earth could have three bespoke bentegas themselves and there would still be more possible configurations this spec is absolutely gorgeous and then check out the interior color combination as well it even has some green accents in the interior i love the deep dark green leather this beautiful wood trim one of

Many many options for the interior trim there’s carbon fiber open pour veneers then we we’ve got gorgeous quilted leather seats and then of course the incredible rear seat environment this is the first edition the highest trim level of bentega extended wheelbase which comes with some cool little badges as well the last amazing feature is something i’ve never seen

Before in any other vehicle first let me close that door using the door close button i love that that is awesome check this out now many high-end luxury cars have massage features some even have multiple settings well the bentega has six it has an additional mode that i’ve never seen if we click on the airline seats and then go over to massage and posture let’s click

Posture as well it has something called postural adjustment turn that on to all while most massaging seats turn off after about 15 minutes the postural adjustment works in a three hour cycle so if you’re going for a super long road trip individual components of the seat will move up and down to increase blood flow throughout your body apparently this movement and

Increased blood flow reduces fatigue on long journeys so you feel fresh as ever when you hop out the back of your bentley bentega extended wheelbase there are three seat layouts to choose from with the bentega ewb there is a five-seater which is a bench seat in the back there’s a four plus one which i’m in right now it’s got this massive center armrest but can also

Be folded up for a smaller middle seat and then there is a four seat layout with captain’s chair all seven inches of the extended wheelbase are for the rear seat occupants look how much legroom i have i can almost fully extend my legs and the passenger seat isn’t actually pushed all the way forward and look at how massive that rear window is this has to be the largest

Rear window of any car i have ever seen now in case going on the top of an olympic ski jump seeing a bear which unfortunately i missed on film also seeing a small forest fire wasn’t enough we’re about to ride on a seaplane i’ve never taken off on a plane on the water you can hear the propellers in the background this is going to be interesting the scenery today has

Been unbelievable look at this mountain i can’t believe we’re about to take off from this absolutely spectacular lake on that plane i think parking a car is difficult imagine parking this thing they’ve got to rotate it around and bring it over to the dock how’s that for an engine startup quilted leather interior see it’s actually the molinoff line specification

Thank you everybody foreign

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5 INSANE Features Of The NEW Bentley Bentayga EWB! By Vehicle Virgins

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