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Altair Club Cars 4WD Action Editor, Brennos Toyota 4Runner – Lexus V8 conversion

4WD Action Editor, Brennos Toyota 4Runner – Lexus V8 conversion

Meet Brenno, the Editor at Australian 4WD Action and his highly modified 4Runner. This animal sounds like a beast thanks to the Lexus 1UZ-FTE V8 conversion. But he hasn’t just built it to sound the part, it works just as well off road too. See this weapon in action!

G’day i’m brett oh and this is my mildly modified toyota 4runner i bought the old girl about twelve months ago i had a v6 4runner before then and my goal was always to put a lexus v8 into it but at the time i was looking to convert it this style girl came up it was already converted was all engineered and done and dusted for less than the price was going to cost me

To convert that one so it was a bit of a no-brainer although the conversion was done really well there were a few little things that were left a little bit unfinished and that’s basically where i’ve been over the last 12 months is just finishing those things off and then i guess building it up to them to my specifications most of the work was handled by my good

Mate chris out at superior offroad four-wheel drive especially all the tricky stuff had a ratty old bar and i want to first bought it and this bar here is a bit of an amalgamation of a couple that have come through the other reckon yard there the sevens off one bar the adders off another it’s all been welded together and it’s just as strong as buggery the side

Bars and sliders were all custom made that was done by chris knees made anthony and they just sort of set the vehicle off nicely as well the lights are a cracking set up on the front of this i’ve got some patriotic bodies and the led bar the led bars actually been recessed into the uprights of the bull bar now that took a fair bit of work to do and i tell you what

It looks factory it just looks like it belongs there now like with any engine conversion cooling spend a bit of an issue i put a cheapy aftermarket temperature gauge knit when i first bought it and for about six months after i was chasing these overheating issues thinking why’s this scene getting so hot so quickly turns out after throwing every part we could at it

That the temperature gauge was actually faulty in it was a heavy reading by about 20 degrees now any red-blooded full driver knows that it’s all about the exhaust note in this thing it howls under loads got a 3-inch exhaust from the catback and it just sounds sensational what i actually found was on big steep hills when the nose was right in the air or whoever fuel

Was running all the way into the back tank if it wasn’t actually getting any fuel to the pickup so easy fix for that was just a simple shutoff valve between the two tanks in terms of capability i reckon you cannot be fitting a front locker to these ifs vehicles it loves to lift wheels everywhere it’s got a decent lsd and a fair bit of travel in the rear end and

All you’ve got to do is put that rocker in the front end it just overcomes any of those those shortcomings and ifs has in terms of suspension it’s got a two inch tough dog suspension lift plus a two-inch body lift it’s the best of both worlds it’s got good clearance and beautifully out on the touring bits and pieces and it flexes really well i’ve got this thing

Up with one thing in mind and that’s cape york now i put the rooftop ten on it the awning the cage all that’s going on that just so that me and the missus can get out there comfortably and capably go into and see some of the best bits of australia it’s always been my dream now before and ever since i saw that red one that was on the cover of order of action issue

79 would have been close to ten years ago that thing i can still picture that photo right now up on stockton sand dunes it just inspired something in me and i finally got my dream truck

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4WD Action Editor, Brenno's Toyota 4Runner – Lexus V8 conversion By 4WD 24-7

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