4k review 2005 ford ranger xlt 4
Altair Club Cars 4K Review 2005 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD Extended Cab 4.0L V6 Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

4K Review 2005 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD Extended Cab 4.0L V6 Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

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Hello everyone my name is pat today i’m gonna be showing you the 2005 ford ranger xlt it starts up with no problems vehicle has 127 thousand miles on it still our windows check alright so the windows work it’s in great shape running nice and quiet bedliners in very good condition has a few scratches you can tell it was used for as a work truck pulling some things

But still in very good the door so we can open up the passenger side so has some space in the back see everything is nice and clean has the hideaway seats passenger seat is in good condition give you another quick view of the back seat or the back i should say and again here has the another hideaway seat and driver’s seat is in good condition show some light wear

Benjin bein nice and clean check out the lights real quick on the turn on the fog lights as well let’s here it is so we got headlights fog lights the right turn signal the right rear turn and the running lights left turn signal and the high beams and the rear left turn and the case you were wondering the license plate lights they are working right next let’s

Check out the ac we’ll also turn on the radio radios markings and there’s also a cd in it so let’s play that real quick so two cd players working in it i gotta say the sound quality sounds really good six disc cd changer acey blown out cold air feels great let’s try the heat real quick and it is blown out hot okay think now we’re ready for our excuse me we’re

Ready for our test drive actually you know we’re gonna start it off we’ll put it into started out with four-wheel hi ladies come on oh that’s gonna be the seat help let’s put that on so it’ll stop bothering us all right so you can feel i can feel the floor way 4×4 high engaged i want it when you turn the wheel you feel the tires i wanting to pull the truck good

Sir slow down put it in the four wheel load now and it switched the floor way low okay so the four-wheel low has no problems let’s go back put it into the regular two-wheel drive now let’s check out reverse no problems with reverse so has no problems getting up to speed if we go this will be rude shocks the a suspension feels good makes the cried a little more

Comfortable yeah and that the excuse me the cruise control on that was holding so the cruise control is working all right so last thing i want to mention today is that we have two keys for the vehicle and one fob and the the fob does work so that was the 2005 ford ranger xlt 4×4 i hope this video answered any questions you have about the vehicle don’t forget to

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4K Review 2005 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD Extended Cab 4.0L V6 Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around By Cars Trucks Buses

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