4k review 2001 jeep grand cherok
Altair Club Cars 4K Review 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD 4.0L Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

4K Review 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD 4.0L Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

Hello everyone my name is pat today i’m gonna be showing you the 2001 jeep grand cherokee laredo starts up with no problems the vehicle has 130 thousand miles on it let’s do windows check window or driver’s window one touchdown all right so let’s start showing the outside back here you can see there’s a few chips on the paint some of them have been touched up late

Scratch here another scratch here back here on the lift gate here you can see a few scratches that have been touched up bumper has a few scratches in it another scratch here in the bumper over here a few light scratches small ding right there another chip in the paint with the touch-up see war here another stretch here the pier in the fender see a spot where

It’s been touched up another down here with a debt and a big scratch that have been touched up they’re smaller one underneath it from the hood you see there’s some bubbling right here you can hear some scratching all right so that was everything up close let’s take a step back taking the whole vehicle nice clean interior have your factory floor mats headliner

Very good conditions clean excuse me backseats very good condition as the child safety lock another quick view of the backseat in the child safety life passenger seat good condition all right passenger seat works in the driver’s seat is in good condition you see it is showing somewhere but there’s no tear in it still intact okay so for the up and down the

Back part of the seat is the only part that moves the front part does not go up and down recline works all right engine bays nice and clean motors running smoothly there’s no roughness okay so next we’re going to show you the lights and the tires to show you the tires i have this tool right here which is going to measure the tread in 30 seconds of an inch so

Our first tire here 11 30 seconds of tread headlights foglights the right turn signal second tire here 5/32 of tread next time here 9/32 right turn signal and the running lights and last hour here five thirty seconds of tread left turn signal the high beams and the rear left turn so next we’ll check out the ac the radios all right so the radio works the ac is

Blown out very cold let’s try the heat for a moment and it is blowing out hot okay next let’s check our mirrors all right so the mirrors work all right so we’re ready to for our test drive first thing we’ll do is we’ll check out the four-wheel low do that we have to make sure we’re in neutral first you’ll see the part-time ladies come on no issues with the fault

With the four-way alone so back into neutral it says that the floor for time fool excuse me four-wheel full-time no problem with the four-wheel full-time we’re gonna go back into two-wheel drive let’s go check out burst verse is good since they shifted out of part and into the rivers and in the drive into the four-wheel 11 the four-wheel high the transmission

Shifted smoothly there was no roughness or hesitation who has good acceleration there’s no problems getting up to speed cruise control is working holding the speed study oh i almost forgot to show you here on the door and you see the few little slits in the vine on here also we have two sets of keys for the vehicle so the fobs here is none of them are responding

Most likely the needs new batteries so that was the 2001 jeep grand cherokee laredo i hope this video answered any questions you have about the vehicle don’t forget you can like and subscribe to our youtube channel and click that bell to receive notifications also check the description below for a link to our website you can do the rest of our inventory thank you

For your time and i hope you enjoy the rest of your day

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4K Review 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD 4.0L Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around By Cars Trucks Buses

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