4k review 1998 chevrolet astro v
Altair Club Cars 4K Review 1998 Chevrolet Astro Van AWD Passenger Virtual Test-Drive and Walk-around

4K Review 1998 Chevrolet Astro Van AWD Passenger Virtual Test-Drive and Walk-around

So today we have the ninth chevy astro van starts right up no engine lights viggo has a hundred and forty two thousand miles let’s test the window so it does go down however it does need a the motor kind of overheats real quick so you have to give it some time to cool down and then it goes all the way down now we’ll let that rest a few seconds we’ll take you over

Here so the passenger window so the passenger window works with no problems so we’ll test the radio while we bet that cool again so the radio works c test the heat now so it does only appear to be blowing out of it the defroster vents but it is blowing out hot test the ac now it is blowing out cool does feel like it’s getting a bit colder and again it’s only

Coming out of the top bed let’s come back here they goes all the way back up so you just have to give it some time in between a few seconds it needs between each one let’s take a look at the engine nicely done tonight no scratch here it looks like you guys subscribe down here looks like some juice this area poor scratches in this area that have been touched

Up on the back door here there’s a few scratches in this area and down here as well looks like there was a chip in the paint that’s been touched up nathan’s been touched up we’re scratches right here right here you can see the places bet you some more scratches in this area more scratches was the outside let’s start showing you the inside we’ll start in the

Back here so the hydraulics on this do not work you can see you open this up plenty of nice amount of cargo space this seat in the second row seat they both do fold down or they come out completely no problems with the sliding door passenger seat very good condition second row seat very good condition passenger seat is in very good condition here you can see

Some of the material here hizmet as a cracked also the reflector is missing driver’s seat very good condition as you see as the two armrests that come down there’s missing there’s this material here is all cracked and some is missing also the reflector here the door panel is missing all right so we showed the outside of the tires let’s show you the tires we

Never engage here this tire and this tire is thirty seconds of the threads that this one has six thirty seconds of tread left for 30 seconds this one this one has ten thirty seconds test drive one thing i did forget to show there is a crack in the dash here no problems with reverse no problems with drive as i shift it out of park into reverse and into drive

Transmissions shifted very smoothly there is no no noises brakes feel really good vehicle has very good acceleration there’s no problems getting up to speed also the suspension feels good makes her very comfortable ride as you go over the bumps hey so one last thing i forgot to show you was this mirror the mirror cover there’s a little loose and there is a crack

In the mirror okay so that was the 1999 chevy astro bed also don’t forget to like it subscribe to our youtube channel and click the bell for notifications so you know every time that we post the car in the future and also check the description below for a link to our website rica view the rest of our inventory thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your day

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4K Review 1998 Chevrolet Astro Van AWD Passenger Virtual Test-Drive and Walk-around By Cars Trucks Buses

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