4k review 1995 jeep grand cherok
Altair Club Cars 4K Review 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

4K Review 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

Hello everyone my name is pat and today i’m going to be showing you the 1995 jeep grand cherokee laredo starts up with no problems there are no warning lights on vehicle has 81 thousand miles let’s check our windows so on the outside you see right here there’s a small dent paint chip small dent right here pink chip here back here on the bumper you can see there’s

A crack in here another crack down here in the bumper scratch here on the quarter see a few more scratches and chips couple small scratches here up here small dead here as well front bumper you see there’s some scratching here when this part as well you would hear there’s a few chips in the paint now that we showed you everything up close let’s take a step

Back so we can see the whole picture hach holds itself up spare tire nice clean interior we have three floor mats headliners in okay condition the backseats very good condition super-clean another picture you passenger seat very good condition driver’s seat also in very good condition you see it’s a little more warning and right here but the material is still

Good nice clean engine be running very smoothly yeah we’ll check lights and tires so this first hire here is going to be at ten thirty seconds of tread headlights left turn signal let’s beat lincoln okay so no worries we’ll have that we’ll take a look at that and fix it let’s check our second tire here second tire is going to be at eleven thirty seconds of tread

Great turn signal this tire 11 30 seconds and our last tire here spilling to be 11 30 seconds right turn three right turn okay so since the car has been running i’ve had the ac running on low and it feels really good in here right now it’s blowing out very cold feels great that’s such over to heat let’s try that real quick and that is blown out very hot radio

Works this radio is an aftermarket it’s bluetooth compatible sirius xm ready it has an auxilary court also a usb port and as you can see it’s changes colors and i’m sure you can make it stop it so he can stay one color but i don’t come out so now let’s check the mirrors all right so the mirrors work nothing left to do now but to oh i’m sorry one thing i did

Miss here there is a microphone up here which i believe might be hooked into the radio for your bluetooth feature alright now let’s do the 4×4 switch into the 4×4 lo we need to be in neutral so the 4×4 love definitely works okay sorry about that it is a little hard to move feels like it probably hasn’t been moved in a while they’re now in part-time hard time

Feels good you go back down into regular two-wheel-drive let’s test our verse no drive is feeling good so as i shifted out of park into reverse and into drive transmission shifted nice and smoothly there was no hesitation on noises as you’ve seen in the as you seen a little bit ago it was a little they’d have to give it a little extra muscle to get it into

The four-wheel low with that engaged without a problem and as you saw worked you can see you feel the the rpm difference in it phil has no problems getting up to speed although it’s like we go over the bumps in the road suspension makes a very comfortable ride okay so that was the 1995 jeep grand cherokee laredo i hope this video has answered any questions you

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4K Review 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around By Cars Trucks Buses

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