4 millionen worth of g class mer
Altair Club Cars 4 Millionen worth of G-Class, Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet / The Supercar Diaries

4 Millionen worth of G-Class, Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet / The Supercar Diaries

The Supercar Diaries #61 / Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet

Foreign what’s up everybody and welcome to another episode of the supercar diaries and welcome again to one of the episodes on our germany tour today at holman international and we’ve got something very special in the lineup over here as you can see the mercedes benz g650 london so that guy looks like james bond he looks just like daniel craig for

Normal we got three lawn delays we uh i will take out one of these for a drive which you could do a little bit later but i thought why don’t we just put all three next to each other and you guys let me know down in the comments which color is your favorite i have to say this one has got the coolest interior super sexy it’s dark red and black leather landlord

Of course being a very special car because it kind of fits in between the six by six and your normal g wagon you have a closed cabin possibility over there and this section over here with the possibility of having it as a cabriolet the perfect car if you want to do sightseeing in some savannah plains in south africa as a matter of fact when mercedes launched

The laundry a couple of years ago i think i recall seeing in one of their product reviews that they actually had this as a safari car somewhere and had people chilling out in the back watching some lions the dimensions is the first thing that you have to behold upon this it’s just huge it’s not quite six by six territory we have a six by six on the inside they

Were standing right next to it and when you look at them from the front you almost don’t see too much of a difference but when you look at the side that’s where it comes the wheelbase of this car three and a half meters round about it’s just exceptionally long five and a half meters nearly long this car let’s talk about the width nearly 2.2 meters high the height

Nearly 2.3 meters high it is just a colossal device which is part of the reason why the performance is a little bit on the chilled side top speed 180 kilometers per hour with the nose like that we can understand that this is meant to be a cruiser it’s meant to be a very very luxury cruiser this is just phenomenal it is extremely large but it doesn’t feel that big

It feels way more nimble than you would expect um from driving such a huge cost cause no slug but it was never meant to be that powerful well not that powerful it’s never meant to be that quick zero to a hundred times i don’t even know what that is probably the speed of a brick but top speed 180 k’s now which comes from that twin turbocharged v12 engine 6 liters

Of it 630 horsepower and 1000 newton meters of torque which will give you all the way from 2000 rpms it’s meant to be a cruiser it’s meant to be something we drive miss and mr daisy around but when you do give it the beans there’s ample in there however she is a yearning for the off-road in my humble opinion of course being just it was a slightly biased growing

Up in the name of desert this would be the car that you’d like to have you don’t want your lady breaking the heels on the shoes there we go this drives out and you can climb in here all too nicely ah it is a majestic thing getting into a car that is so big and of course this being in my back the chance is that you probably rather you’ll be feared around than

This rather than driving it yourself however i would object to that because it is a lovely place to be familiar territory if you’re used to a g-class and here you have various switches to engage your four-wheel drive system this car is super capable it might be super luxury but it is still super capable and that’s actually the amalgamation of those two things

That makes it so special you talk about a maybach that can wade through water around about a meter deep you will not get stuck in this car take it out to the dunes and the number in order to be able to actually give you a review of what it is to drive let’s go we’d have to play johnson today looks very familiar as you would say in the g63 amg familiar territory

Except that my cabin is locked but luckily you can actually open up the window at the back and in that way speak to all the jo hey okay anyways cool features so you can um let’s see this is the camera myself you can see your guests so if you’re doing that safari in south africa in the kruger park and the lion doesn’t happen to get onto the back of your lawn

Delay and chew on your boss then there’s a chance to see that however i think you can only only they can actually do that how does it work that you can see through the glass like mother hey look at that look at me are you are you getting with it just a little bit thank you very much you may close oh yes really love this car really absolutely love it and you

Know what i would actually take it out on the german autobahn and who cares if you’re sitting 140 k’s an hour and there’s just enjoying the sheer power of a thousand newton meters of torque interior luxurious top of the shelf of what you can get in the luxury compartment of a mercedes-benz g-classes are nice either way this obviously be sort of a bit of a previous

Gen interior still you’ve got your three main buttons that’ll tell you i’ll go through a canyon i’ll go over a mountain and i can cross the moon landscape thank you very much and that is really what this car is about but cocooning you in luxury leather two-tone light dark love it carbon fiber touches and you’ve got some silver in here however it’s not metal i’d

Love to hear a bit of a ding-ding-ding when i do that and that is sadly not the case let’s hop into the back and see how luxurious that is flicks digger wow you can adjust the seat in just about any possible position that you want and just have the most relaxed ride your own individual screens over here this i suppose not just the structure for supporting the

Roof when it’s on which by the way you loosen those clips over there and the rest the rest of it goes back electronic of course a lovely blend of leather and carbon fiber while you’re enjoying your sightseeing of the nature it is a beautiful place this again you have your own lovely mayabar cushions with which you can enjoy a nice snooze really really comfortable

Places having this car in the right situation is like having just the right words in a very good conversation phenomenal okay we just decided to do something crazy uh i’m going to show you exactly how high this car is by lying underneath it and maurice is going to drive over me if anything happens to me i love my family wish me luck here we go i’m still alive

That’s what it feels like when you get driven over by alon delay behold what do you actually want to say about the rear of these it’s just humongous is with a backtrack end and how little of the car they actually is so your attack corner can be actually quite steep that is the case in the rear as is the case in the front you can really have a steep incline and

You won’t not bottom out but you won’t lose your front teeth on that lovely with the carbon fiber inserts this a cloth roof that closes as we said you get your spare wheel over there it’s just all in all an absolutely stunning thing this is what it looks like clothes i love the fact that that roof has a contrasting color it just gives it bit more of a shape in

My opinion this one kind of lose the idea that it is convertible but it’s so sexy what do you guys think about the rims i find them a little bit too glossy in my opinion they’re not going to stay that glossy once the disc brakes start working the job on this i think about 3.7 times three and a half tons weight to stop all of that i imagine this car to be a bit

Like robert downey do now he’s rich he’s wealthy successful but he’s probably just a really nice guy and that’s what this car is it in my opinion won’t have a single problem with it being taken off-road as a matter of fact we’d probably be thankful if you did that and the agility of this i’m not talking about the agility on the right foot pedal i’m talking about

The agility of drivability of how poised it feels how you can actually maneuver it i mean a super thin little road and our camera car in front being a v-class um mercedes i’m looking right over the roof we’re talking huge and yet it’s just so maneuverable the steering wheel feels fantastic the quality in here the ride it’s all lovely and i’m pretty i’m i’m

I’m bread what is the word that i’m looking for i’m prejudiced no no i’m not prejudiced i’m pretty i’m pr um project i’m predicating here we go i’m predicating all my praise of this car on a drive in rainey bremen yes i digress guys it’s been absolutely fantastic thank you so much for joining us thank you horman international for allowing us to take out this

Phenomenal piece of machinery and thank you so much for you guys watching if you haven’t yet subscribed feel free do it and you can also follow us on instagram at beyond the cook at novi take group or holmen international and see some of the really cool goodies that they’ve got over here until then thank you so much for joining ciao this is

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