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Altair Club Cars 37s and No Lift Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon | Inside Line

37s and No Lift Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon | Inside Line

Coming with 35’s from the factory, the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 392 Xtreme Recon edition is the most powerful and capable Jeep ever produced. Given how large the wheelwell openings are, we had to see if we could manage to squeeze on a larger set of tires. For this, we went with a true-to-size 37×12.50R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers mounted on 17-inch AEV Borah Dual Sport wheels. The results were quite surprising.

On this inside line i’m testing out if 37s will work with no lift on my 2021 jeep wrangler rubicon 392 equipped with the extreme recon package all right let’s get to it so now for tires and wheels i am using a 37 by 1250 r17 nitto trail grappler and it is mounted on a 17 by eight and a half aev borah dual sport wheel now this is mounted in the true bead lock

Configuration and it has plus 25 millimeters of offset and 5.72 inches of backspacing all of that’s important because i really like the fact that it has a high back spacing figure it’s going to keep it underneath the fender well a little bit better than something let’s say with four and a half inches of back spacing and it’s going to keep the scrub radius down

Which is really going to kind of help with the steering and overall drive and handling quality of this 392. now another thing that’s important to note is this 37 is a very true to size 37 meaning compared to let’s say some of the other ones on the market uh this is going to be one of the taller 37s that you can get and i think that’s going to be really important

For cycling this tire and seeing what basically is going to hit and what doesn’t so if you’re looking at running a real true to size 37 this is going to tell you if it’s going to rub or not other than that i really like the trail grappler i’ve got them on some of my other vehicles had really good luck with them in the past this set was actually pulled off of my

Gator gladiator because i wanted to make sure that i wanted to run with a 37 before i made that big leap of purchasing this set i already had this wheel set that had the right backspacing had the right lug pattern so i can give this a go and see if 37s is right for this 392. so let’s get to testing now for the spare tire i didn’t have to make any modifications all

I did is unbolted these two bolts and just moved it up where i’m only using the one bolt and that gives you enough room to easily clear the 37 and still have your brake light up there so it’s worth noting if you’re not familiar the xtreme recon package does come with the uh mopar reinforcement for the tailgate and it has the bracket that raises the spare tire

So as i showed you all i had to do is raise that up to clear the tire there and down here you actually have plenty of room for the tire uh to clear it does not hit the rear bumper doesn’t rest on it and it’s not an issue to open or close uh the bushings right here these are the factory ones that come with the kit they’re pressed against the tire no big deal and

It’s still really easy to open and close with one hand so that’s how that setup is okay so rather than flexing this thing out in a ditch i wanted to see an easy way if it would rub so i took out my solid axle s10 that is a 40 inch tall tire and yeah we’re using that as an rti ramp and check this out the cool thing that i’m pretty excited about here so it’s it’s

Pulled up all the way to where we have bump collapse which is a little hard to see i apologize for that but uh the bump is completely collapsed up here you know that’s not going to go anywhere and the tire is actually clearing you can put look at that whole hand right there i’m not touching any part of this lip and i’ll walk around just a second and show you uh

How much clearance you have there so my experience has been one inch of lift with a one inch bump stop has worked for the 37 with this like a rubicon jl platform and in the gladiator so i’m not super surprised there a little disappointed that it doesn’t have more articulation i’m kind of surprised with that i feel like the shocks are a limiting factor here now out

Back not surprisingly we are rubbing and it’s not a ton of pressure i mean you can move this fender pretty easily but you can’t put your finger really too much in here and so what you’re hitting mostly here is this plastic on the inside now like i say this is a wheel with a ton of backspacing so it’s tucked in a lot more if i had let’s say four and a half inches

Backspacing i’d be all into this and this would be a lot worse it’s pretty clear here down at the bottom again right into this part here you’re definitely going to be pushing this on the trail this would be a problem i don’t think it would be enough to rip the fender off but it might uh and here it looks a lot worse than it is you can actually put your hand on

The top side of the tire and you’re just barely touching the plastic really aside from the front the other problem area rests back here there’s a little plastic that you could take off i’ve had to do that in the past on jails with 37 with a two-inch bump and they tend to rub uh at the bottom right here this little piece of plastic um i’ve had to actually trim

That up so it doesn’t rub so this is the factory you know one inch bump stop that they give you um and this is kind of where we’re rubbing it’s going to be hard to see but i’ll try to show you that it’s on bump in the back that’s going to be tricky you can see that bump is completely collapsed so this is as much as this is going to go in at least this way obviously

This is articulated this isn’t very scientific you know i’m flexing it out on a solid axle s10 after all so please take this for what it is just trying to show how much room or at least what my experience is with 37’s okay so remember up front it was all bumped out look at that you can put your whole hand all the way around that thing now it looks like it’s

Touching here it’s not it’s it’s close but you still have room so that’s pretty awesome you can definitely run you know obviously driving this thing around 37’s hasn’t been a problem just you know your normal street driving but you know off-road you can cycle this 37 up front without an issue but obviously in the back it’s going to be a big deal um i’m not

Touching my control arms uh and i haven’t found that it’s touched the front bumper so that’s been good uh even with this you know uh high back spacing um that’s that’s a really good thing so like i say don’t take this necessarily for science i’m sure that if you were articulated in a more aggressive way off-road you might find that it will rub uh you know in a

Different way but at least for right here um it’s just rubbing in the rear which is really good so that’s uh i mean something that still needs to be addressed i bet you a two inch bump stop um would really help in the back and then this is a better shot of that plastic panel so this piece right here is just a little flimsy you know kind of cover you take that off

That’ll clear out some room and then right here what you end up having to do is trim this up right up to about there and that gets rid of any rubbing you’re not going to be able to do anything about it pushing up against this unfortunately so that’s really where that extra bump stop is going to come into play so the first thing you might wonder did this affect the

Power no it did not it still has plenty of get up and go and i really can’t tell a huge difference between having 35s and 37s they they feel very similar in terms of power i do have the taser so i can put this thing into two wheel drive and i can still smoke the 37s if i want to so yeah i don’t think you’re going to notice a huge difference there this being the

Extreme recon package means i do have 456 gears which is fantastic for these 37s i actually think the 37 and the 456 gear seems to be the perfect combo for this setup i do think this tire and wheel package is probably a little bit heavier than what i moved from but not enough that it seems to make a big difference these jeeps don’t get great fuel economy period

Uh you know my best tank has been like 15.5 uh my worst tank has been 11. it tends to average right around like 13 and a half to 14 that’s sort of the average in terms of overall handling you really don’t really notice a difference between the 35s you know this thing having this for auto configuration uh can be a little weird to get used to but i really like it

For no other reason than when you punch it it just goes versus if you had the whereas in two wheel drive you do have more of a chance of tire slippage it’s not as pronounced with the 37s but it’ll still do it so i like this i think the 37s in terms of overall drivability have been i think an improvement over the 35s now the 35s i was running were a it’s a ridge

Grappler which is like a hybrid terrain tire this is obviously a mud terrain so it’s a little bit louder which honestly now that it’s half door season i put the factory half doors on it kind of negates the tower noise because you get so much wind noise from the doors it doesn’t really matter but you know if you’re thinking about a 37 and you don’t want something

As aggressive as you know this i like the ridge grappler it was pretty quiet so i still like the trail grappler if you’re really going to be wheeling i think it’s a great tire and it’s a tire that you can honestly daily drive it’s not that big of a deal it’s not like it’s some extreme tire that is you know makes the jeep can’t drive terrible you know these things

Aren’t balanced they’ve never been balanced i put them together in my garage you know a long time ago and they’ve been great i’m running about 32 psi in them right now and that’s perfectly fine for cruising down the road so overall drivability moving up to 37 i actually think it’s an improvement with this gear ratio overall power has not been affected that much

It’s hard to say with fuel economy uh these things just don’t get that great it doesn’t seem to actually hurt it or make that big of a difference so that’s good i live in the coastal plains of north carolina so 456 gears 37’s for me so far has been great if you live in the mountains maybe that’s a little different but it does seem that this is working out just

Fine okay so the good news is this setup kind of works well if you’re going to go off-road yet you’re definitely going to rub in the back and it’s going to need to be addressed because the last thing you want is to be on the trail and rip off your full fender in the back which it wouldn’t take that much to do so at the very least it needs a bump stop modification

In the back these things come with a one inch bump stop it could definitely do well with a two inch pump stop and a little bit of plastic trimming the real issue i found uh over the past i guess five or six months of ownership with this thing is the front suspension seems to top out very quickly and that’s super annoying couple that with the fact that it seems to

Be a little undervalved in the front it really makes me think that a aftermarket suspension might be the right way to go at the very least just to get that front end more under control the problem is i really like how low this is with the 37 so i’d like to preserve that as much as i can so i really kind of want to wait to see what suspension manufacturer is going

To have something that’s going to be in that two inch two and a half inch mark uh and give me a little bit more travel and be specific for the 392. so that’s uh that’s something i’m just gonna have to wait and see for now i’m gonna probably keep rocking the 37s i feel like it works very well i’m happy with how it stops happy with how it steers i just like how it

Looks visually and for the little bit of wheeling that i’m doing with it i can tolerate the rub i know as soon as i take this thing up to the mountains i’m gonna have a problem so i’m gonna have to eventually address all of this anyhow but for right now this is pretty good i really am enjoying this jeep it’s a lot of fun now that i got the half doors uh on my

Kids are just loving it uh the sky touch top has been fantastic this is just i’m so glad that jeep made these and i know that the three the v8 in general with the the jeep organization is dying and going away but i’m stoked this thing even exists so uh if you guys have any questions for me directly you can always find me on instagram at alimensore editor if you

Have anything uh specific to this jeep or any of the other builds feel free to drop them in the comments i try to stay as active as i can to get you guys updated on everything got a lot of cool stuff coming to the channel so please consider uh subscribing because we definitely i’ve got some neat things that especially if you’re into jeeps that hopefully you’ll

Enjoy and yeah i’ll be doing an s10 feature coming up soon i know people keep asking me about my s10 and i promise i promise i’m going to do something on it i just don’t want to do a driveway feature so i just want to go take it to the mountains and have fun with it and do a little trip and then i can get back into that that truck was built quite a few years ago

With low range 4×4 here in wilmington it’s such a super fun truck and uh yeah i look forward to kind of giving you the whole history of why i built that truck and everything else so that’s it hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and i’ll be seeing you guys on the trail soon take care bye you

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