300hp gr yaris v supra 3 0 litre
Altair Club Cars 300hp GR Yaris v Supra 3.0-litre – DRAG RACE

300hp GR Yaris v Supra 3.0-litre – DRAG RACE

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What will win in a drag race between a three-liter toyota gr supra and a gi yaris that’s been tuned by litchfield well we’re gonna have a race over a stunning quarter mile to find out let me tell you about the supra so it’s got a three liter straight six engine from bmw the bmw b58 engine puts out 340 horsepower apparently i think it actually does more in reality

In this car and 500 newton meters of torque it’s quite a heavy car this though comes in at just under 1500 kilos and price-wise you’re talking 53 000 pounds it’s got an 8-speed automatic gearbox rear-wheel drive launch control the launch control is pretty poor in this it’s very hard to launch it properly it spins up its wheels and struggles so we’ll see how we

Get on with that but nice car that yaris is a lot cheaper 33 and a half thousand pounds for that one with the circuit pack where you get a front and rear differential and you get four shallow wheels and some tuned suspension and some better tires for improved grip it weighs in at 1280 kilos so quite a bit lighter than this even though it’s got all-wheel drive

Power-wise normally the yaris puts out 261 horsepower from its 1.6 litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine but that’s got the literal tune on it so for 600 pounds i’ll increase the horsepower to 302 horsepower and instead of 360 newton meters of torque you have 385 newton meters of torque as well as that tune they’ve also put a performance air filter on it

That’s 40 quid so it doesn’t cost too much to increase the power ever so slightly what effect will it have though in this race well we are going to find out in a second before we do make sure you subscribe to this channel hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload also why don’t you follow me on instagram matt watson

Cars i’ll probably put a link below the video somewhere in my pink comment go check that out i’d appreciate it well let’s go with it oh look there’s a helicopter that’s what happens when you’re filming drag races on a live runway aircraft come and go you have to work around them that’s actually just my ride home i travel about by helicopter just fly in film fly

Out again only joking had to slum it here in an audi rs6 buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one stop car buying comparison site right now before we raise we go to the obligatory car sound check so i’m going to start off with my three little straight six oh that’s what i’m talking about

Go on fellow toyota well sort of rev up no contest no contest there will be more of a contest in this drag race though so let’s go on and do it let’s race come on launch control work launch can sometimes be iffy in these but i’m gonna just hope for the best come on launch control three two one honestly didn’t engage then gage before didn’t this time right so

This is the thing if you engage launch control and it doesn’t work sometimes you have to go for a drive and let the system calm down oh it’s because it’s a bmw underneath the skin and the bmw launch control system should be put in the bin got launch control now see you have to drive and then it does it and it manages it away from the line nicely come on come

On that yaris is ahead but can i pull it back come on super it’s going to be tight it’s going to be tight see ya how do you do that was that all right yeah i’m really happy with my story it was really good if it was a quarter mile i think i beat you didn’t i no you lost i went past the comb first that’s how it works i have to admit i didn’t see the cone but i

Don’t know it feels moral victory to me what that doesn’t even make any sense at all you lost you lost you just lost three all right here we go give him another go it got way better that time this got away not so good i’m still gonna have him actually i did better there is no two ways about it this one that was so close what was your start like was it good

Start good gear changes were you happy with how you performed yeah that’s one of the best starts i’ve done in this it launched beautifully off the line just before the limiter on every change it was perfect really happy with it and he totally nailed me off the launch but then three liters not 1.6 six cylinders not three and there you go it’s all about the car

And the end of the day because i don’t think i’d normally beat your light for light but there we are so then what exactly happened well the supra one completing the standing quarter mile in seconds meanwhile the literal garage took 12.6 seconds let’s do a rolling race actually let’s do them in comfort mode so just put your kind to normal mode and we’re going to

Like cruise along and you’re going to be in sixth gear i’m just going to be cruising in drive and when i call it you’ve got to change down from sixth into third okay and then i’ve just got to worry about my car kicking down i just want to see how quick you can change gear in that you’re a racing driver you’re going to be able to change down as quick as anyone else

Should be fine now if you press the little button called imt that does the rev matching for you so you don’t have to heel and toe you might want to hear a toe no you wouldn’t hit them toe anyway would you i don’t know what i’m talking about pressing buttons and drive as best as you can because then you’d be braking if you’re healing and towing one not bit rip

Match just rev match let’s do it shifting from sixth to third that’s what you want me to do if that’s the correct term then do that yes perfect okay i’ve only been doing this for 20 odd years okay so let’s get to 50 mile an hour you just get level with me three two one go he did have his work cut out right that wasn’t fair is that because you heal and toad and

You did what i said and you break it’s really tight between first and fifth and the third so that could have either been fifth or first but i didn’t want to find out if it was first wait a minute fifth why are you doing it going into fifth it should be from sixth to third right but the gate in this the gearbox is tiny so between first and fifth obviously is third

And when you have to shoot up you can very very easily find first it’s a good way to get fired yeah oh my god yeah that would have been a money shift let’s make it fairer okay let’s do the same thing again 50 miles an hour this time we’ll be in third gear now i know your car is quite short geared so you’ll probably be having a few more revs on than me which which

Will help you because you’ve got less torque but here we go three two one go all picked up very evenly oh wow look at this this is interesting and now i’m starting to show the superior performance that extra torque and more horses hey that was interesting like early on it was very even wasn’t it and i even think i i reckon i shifted 200 rpm earlier i think that

Could have been even closer when i went from um into fourth i think it was about 200 rpm too soon yeah i probably up shifted a few hundred rpm too soon as well i’m sure it all came out in the wash really this was quicker but for the first part not much in it final challenge okay let’s do a break test from 70 miles an hour when we hit the line full emergency stop

Which car will stop in the shortest distance this is quite a bit heavier this is like almost 1500 kilos that weighs 1280. you just shot past me i’m looking in my mirror i’m opening my racing driver excuses and i am on a wet patch we don’t know which way we’ll take there is that because he got a little bit frightened and some leaked out i think that was rory from

The previous shoot anyway do you know what i really enjoyed that i did think that this super would win maybe not in the drag race i was surprised it won the drag race because sometimes this can be a pain to hook up but it did it won the drag race rolling race won all the challenges really but it is 20 grand more if i had a choice out of these two cars i go with

The yaris it is my favorite car right now i love it so much but i found an amazing deal on a supra through car wire which does make the decision a bit harder do you click on the pop-up banner up there you can see how much the saving is on a new supra click on that link alternatively there’s a link in the description and if you just want to see how much you can

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Please give it a like also if you click on those windows there you can watch some more drag races with some toyotas and if you click there you can check out the car wow drag race leaderboard to see how these cars times measure up compared to other cars

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300hp GR Yaris v Supra 3.0-litre – DRAG RACE By carwow

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