3 reasons not to buy the ram hd
Altair Club Cars 3 Reasons NOT To Buy The RAM HD With The HO Cummins // Update On My First Aisin Service

3 Reasons NOT To Buy The RAM HD With The HO Cummins // Update On My First Aisin Service

I got my Aisin service done about 8 months ago and this is an update on the cost and what was completed! || Like || Subscribe || Share || #JBReviews #whowork

Welcome back to the channel i’m in an undisclosed area as you guys can see there’s some mountains behind me i can’t tell you anymore where i’m at because i need to get on board with doing my travel vlogs i’ve not been doing them and we have been traveling a lot so and if you haven’t noticed i haven’t done a lot of car reviews lately because i just don’t go to

Dealerships anymore and there’s no cars out there but that’s not what this video is about this video is about three reasons why you should not buy my setup if you don’t know this is a ram 3500 to 2019 has a high up it comes in eisen and if you’re new to my channel be sure to subscribe because i think this video is going to be pretty good if you are in a market for

A ram or if you just like to hear truck stuff because this is gonna have a lot of good benefit of show information so let’s get into it now i used to hate this transmission and i did a video on why i hated it so if you want i’ll put it at the end of this one so you guys can check it out but i’ve changed my tune because i was ignorant at the time i didn’t understand

What i bought now because i’ve mentioned as i said we are traveling full-time we do pull a 40 foot fifth wheel i love this transmission however a lot of people will not love this transmission so my first point the reason why you should not buy this truck with the high output cummins and the eisen is because this transmission is a medium duty transmission i got

Crickets just now huh so why does that matter right why does it matter that it’s a medium duty transmission well here’s why this truck and it’s transmission shifts really hard and it’s very very very slow shifting it’s not smooth it’s not refined it’s none of those things it is a medium duty transmission and at the time the only reason why i bought this truck was

Because i want the bragging right to say i had a thousand pound feet of torque doesn’t mean that that power that 400 horsepower that thousand pound of torque is going to translate to really good performance all that means is when you’re under load you will have the best towing truck on the market and i mean that i’ve driven the forge with the 10 speed i’ve driven

The gms with the 10 speeds absolutely amazing trucks i will not say anything bad about any of them because they are doing a great job when it comes down to towing however when it comes down to this truck this icing is amazing bram states that this is 64 stronger than the 68r fee but that’s again only useful to you if you tow i was supposed to do a video probably

About a year or two ago with one of my friends but we just could never get our schedules to line up and he sent sold his truck but we’re going to do a drag race with the eisen and a 68r fee and i want to show you guys because i think this is true i wanted to show you that my eisen will get spanked by a truck with less power and less torque and the reason why is

Because of the transmission now if you were to hook up a trailer to both of those two trucks you could even put a little bit more weight on the eisen i think the eisen will take out the 68r fee without even trying because where this truck comes to life is when it has that deeper first year and second gear over that 68 part feet and that’s my first point so let’s

Move on to number two so i have in my hand a repair order right so my second point before i started let’s go through this real quickly so back in january of this year i got my eyes and transmission serviced and all they had to do was change the filter the gasket and fluid now we’ll note do not have to change the filter at 30 000 miles that filter is a hundred and

Thirteen dollars is that right hold on here i lied i lied it’s a hundred and seven dollars so you don’t have to change that until 60 000 miles but you have to change the fluid every thirty thousand but the way i see it why not just change the filter while you’re already there i think that it’s just counterproductive to change fluid not change the filter i don’t

Care how good the filter is however with that being said this service was 565 dollars so obviously my second point that i have written down here is it costs more to maintain than a 68 hour fee i have my truck in four-wheel drive right now i don’t know if you guys can see the dust but it’s so dusty out here but um let’s talk about that for a second the eisen

Has a 30 000 it’s two year thirty thousand fluid change and then every 60 000 miles you have to do the filter now if you are looking at a 68 rv you don’t have to change that fluid until 60 000 miles and i believe that’s for severe duty might be able to change it at 120 000 miles if you’re just one of those guys you just like to have a hd truck you’re going to

Lift it and you don’t ever plan on towing or if you do tow you only tow once a year twice a year and it’s just not under load that much so no matter what you do if you get the high output and eisen you have to do a 30 000 mile service and on top of that every 60 000 miles you have to do the filter is 600 now i’ve heard of people paying 800 but whenever i go someplace

I acted as if i’m poor i gotta say hey man like i really need some help on this service like how what’s the best deal you can give me i mean obviously i’m gonna buy more parts you know i i’m just a poor man unfortunately i i try to get the deal on anything i buy so they did cut me a deal now i probably could have still got 50 dollars cheaper at my personal dealer

But i went on ahead and got it done because we were traveling and like i said i think i might say that earlier this video i just wanted it done i just my my conscience was like telling me to do it so i said let’s just knock this out so i did it and that is my second point you know you’re gonna pay more money no exceptions with this transmission i know a lot of

Guys probably don’t do that fluid change they’ll probably just skip it and go to 60 000 or maybe they just don’t ever change it i don’t know but i will tell you if you want your car to be reliable you got to do that fluid change you just have to do it so getting the six eight hour fees a better option if you don’t plan on towing my first point was this is a medium

Duty transmission if you’re under load this transmission is absolutely amazing the torque you know the torque handling just the overall just feel of it like i mean you can really feel the engine and transmission like connect it better under load however when it’s unloaded the 68r fee is the way to go especially if you are on the budget and you don’t want to have

To do a service interval every 30 000 miles that’s almost 600 bucks alrighty so have i talked you out of buying a high output cummins i hope not i hope that you take my points that i’ve made so far and go do your own research obviously but my third and final point and this is what my channel is about i mean most of my channel is about towing and most importantly

Payload now if you are looking at a single railroad truck this is going to really benefit you now if you don’t know this maybe some people don’t know this cannot get a high output cummins in the three-quarter ton most guys know that but if you’re new to this brand you cannot get the high upper cummins and eyes in in a ram 2500 and i think the reason why is because

The eisen weighs about 150 to 200 pounds or more than the 68 rfe which robs you a payload if you don’t know this too the three-quarter ton rams are still stuck at that ten thousand pound gbwr so right out of the gate once you start adding in options and a few things here and there or even like a little bit higher trim package you’re just at 2 000 pounds on payload

So there’s no room you know for you to have this gigantuous transmission that i have if you’re already so limited on payload so that’s my third and final point the eyes and transmission is so much more heavier and if you’re looking at a one-ton ram 3500 you’re going to lose about 150 to 200 pounds of capacity by selecting this option and that’s really important to

Even me i i will say if i knew we weren’t going to go full-time rving because i kind of had it in my head that we would like to do it and we did make plans to do it before i lost my job and that’s why i really wanted to have the best towing truck i really wanted this truck for bragging rights personally but i really did want the best setup and this transmission

Is made in japan it’s owned by uh toyota another company i think it’s seco ck i don’t know how to say those words but i strongly think that this is probably the most reliable transformation even above the allison for the most part especially the 10 speed allison the six-speed is probably on the same level as the eisen personally but if i were to buy any truck

And put my money on reliability i think that this is the way to go because based off of what i’ve heard from other people whenever i go to truck stops whenever i go to campgrounds whenever i ask guys who have four or five hundred thousand miles in their trucks nine times out of ten they say that the eisen is pretty pretty reliable and most of them had either very

Minor problems or none at all and the same thing goes for the 68 rp a lot of people you know remember the 48 re transmission which sucked that transmission did suck and there’s a lot of information i’m sorry i’m going off-road here i’m about to go up a little bit of an incline you’re going to probably see it out back i’m just having fun today i’m sorry this is

What unemployed people do who have nothing else better to do here we go i am so nice i love that but um yeah like i was saying the 68 dollar fee is a lot better transmission do not let people who’ve never owned any brands even if it’s ford chevy even guys that come on my channel i always ask them if they own a chevy or ford they say that they’ve had an issue with

The 10 speed or did you just hear that from a friend of a friend or whatever the case is as i’ve said in my videos i don’t know of anyone personally who has had problems with the ford and the gm transmissions however online there’s a lot of videos of it on youtube of people saying they’ve had issues with it or had to replace it uh toe piglet was the one guy who

Does hot shot who you know has used fords in the past he uses rams and he has said that that 10 speed transmission is trash and i’m just that’s what he said in his video and i’m just basing it off of what he said but i’ve never owned a ford long enough for me to give you any kind of recommendation or whether they’re good or not but what i can tell you is they have

Like a 150 mile 150k mile service i would not go 150k miles on that transmission now i can only imagine how expensive that transmission service is because whatever fluid they’re using is probably really really really expensive and that’s probably why they have it so far into the you know 150k range so people don’t like throw up in their mouth and swallow it because

Of how expensive it is to replace that fluid again i’m speculating but i don’t trust any fluid to go 150k miles and i would recommend anyone who has a ford not to go that far i would definitely change that fluid a little bit sooner than that but on that note i hope this video was helpful thank you for watching be sure to subscribe to the channel and i will do some

More updates on this truck as they come i am out of factory warranty i mentioned that in another video and i will do an update on all these two for you guys so thanks again for watching and i will see you really soon foreign

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3 Reasons NOT To Buy The RAM HD With The HO Cummins // Update On My First Aisin Service! By JB Reviews

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