3 free mods to make your cayman
Altair Club Cars 3 Free Mods to Make Your Cayman GT4 Faster

3 Free Mods to Make Your Cayman GT4 Faster

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In this video I”m going to show you built in adjustments that you can make to your GT4 that will actually produce faster lap times. How much faster? Well probably not much for most of us, but every bit counts right?

Foreign enthusiast being faster doesn’t necessarily mean more horsepower and it doesn’t necessarily mean a better zero to 60 time and it most definitely doesn’t necessarily mean a better quarter mile time for the porsche enthusiast the faster porsche is one with better lap times porsche designed the gt4 to be a formidable track weapon as well as a great

Street car aerodynamics braking suspension all set up for that and some of it is adjustable but did you know when you get your gt4 out of the factory it is not set up for the maximum performance they’ve tested it at today i’m going to show you three things that you can do to make your car better set up for the track so you can get the maximum performance plus

Be sure to stick around for one small tip from me something i used to not think is that important but now i think it is important so keep watching foreign porsche’s owner manual supplement called driving on the race circuit there’s a lot of tips in there on how to set up your car and they’re not very detailed so in this video i hope to give you plenty of

Details so you feel comfortable doing it yourself porsche executed many aerodynamic elements on the car to improve its handling and of course one of them is the big rear wing but when you get out of the factory it’s actually set at the lower angle attack for less downforce you can actually change the angle of the wing to its second position which gives you four

Degrees of angle of attack and more downforce in the rear i’m going to show you how to do that today but more downforce in the rear means you’re going to need more downforce in the front and i’m going to show you how to change that as well next i’m going to show you how to properly adjust the front and rear sway bars or anti-roll bars to dial in or out understeer

And oversteer for your driving style or the type of driving that you’re doing because even sway bar settings may not be set up just right for you and your car out of the factory after this you should feel comfortable doing all this on your own car so let’s get started the wing of the gt4 is mounted to the wing uprights with t30 torx screws and nuts screws come

In from the outside and on the inside of the uprights are the nuts once you’ve removed them you can see that the wing has two adjustable positions by the two holes in the mounting point so what we’ll do is simply loosen the forward t30 screws and nuts and remove completely the rearward t30 screws and nuts foreign with the rearward screws and nuts removed

And the front one’s loose now the wing is free to tilt into the new position you’ll also notice there is a plastic spacer or washer in between the upright and the wing mount so make sure that gets aligned before putting your screws and nuts back in once the holes are lined up replace your screws and nuts can simply hand tighten these if you don’t have a proper

Torque wrench they are in their snug but you definitely don’t want to muscle them on if you do have a proper torque wrench the driving on race circus manual specifies that they should be set to six foot pounds which is about 72 inch pounds most torque wrenches don’t do so well on the low end of their scale so that’s why i’m using this inch pounds one and it’s

Perfect for the job foreign force in the front you’ll need to lift at least to the front of the car i’m going to use the quick jacks because it makes things really easy under the front of the car just ahead of each of the front wheels you’ll find these small deflectors foreign downforce when you have the wing in the flat position so if we want more

Lift under there we need to remove the spoilers and they just come off with two t25 torx screws once those are removed the air flows more smoothly creating more negative lift or downforce next i’m going to be showing you how to adjust the front and rear sway bars the sway bars are anti-roll bars attempt to keep the car flat in turns and having one soft versus

Another one may affect your under and over steer of the car the sway bar has three settings soft medium and hard the hard setting is the hole closest to the bar the soft setting farthest from the bar let’s say you’ve got some understeer in the car well you can improve the understeer by either tightening up the rear sway bar to the harder setting or putting the

Front sway bar to a softer setting or both both these things will contribute to fixing that understeer or maybe start making it oversteer the opposite is true if your rear ends a little loose you’d want to tighten up the front and loosen up the rear or both porsche delivers the sway bars in the middle setting but the hive mind of the porsche community says that

On the 2016s the 981 gt4 it’s generally better to set the rear to the hard position and the front to the medium position for the 718s it’s generally accepted that the middle position is the best to start with and of course you want to make changes as necessary for your driving style and how your car performs if you make any modifications these things may have

To be changed as well now the nuts on the sway bar end links those are meant to be changed out every time they’re installed however i use mine multiple times i will swap them out as they start to round out you do put a lot of torque on them and they can round out they’ve also got built-in sort of loctite on them and it’s a good idea to use blue thread locker of

Some type every time you install them to ensure they don’t back off don’t use the red stuff though you don’t want to permanently lock them on although sway bars can often be adjusted while the car is on the ground the gt4 is pretty low so i do recommend lifting the car and if you only want to lift one end make sure you lift both the left and right wheel it’ll

Equalize the sway bar load on each side making it much easier to deal with at the rear wheels there are these brake ducts you could do this with those on but they do get in the way so remove the two t25 torx screws to take the brake ducts off they just sort of clam shell on there they’re a little harder to put back on but they’re very easy to remove what you

See here is the actual sway bar but this narrow piece of rod is the sway bar end link and it attaches here at the sway bar end we need to detach the end link this nut is a 16 millimeter nut now you can break it loose but it’s not going to turn much farther than this because the whole assembly starts to spin you’ll need to hold the center of the nut the screw

Inside with a t30 torx bit and a wrench foreign recommend using the 16 millimeter wrench to loosen the nut and not use a ratchet like i am here to tighten the center screw because a torx is likely to get stripped out and you’ll have to replace the whole end link which is about 90 bucks while if you ruin a nut it’s only three dollars once you’ve removed the

Unlinked nut you can pull the end link out from the sway bar and reposition it to a new hole in this case i’m moving it to the tighter position put the nut back on and again i suggest cranking down with the wrench and then we need to do a final torque of 30 foot-pounds and then 30 degrees beyond that point now you’re done with that end you can put the brake

Ducts back on you’ll know they’re in properly when they don’t jiggle around but i did have to mess with them for a while oh for the front sway bar it’s basically the same thing make sure both wheels are off the ground remove the nut reposition the end link and put the nut back on 30 foot pounds of torque plus 30 degrees of rotation now this is all for just

Demonstration purposes only i’ve been auto crossing and tracking the car a lot and honestly i found the middle position does work fine for my driving style all right now like i said one small tip for you not only a safety tip but also a little bit of a financial tip and that is center caps the center caps should be removed for track days and the scca says they

Should be removed for autocross now most people don’t even do that in many tracked event organizers don’t really enforce it but i’ve learned the hard way it’s a good idea to remove them first of all if you lose one on the track it could be a safety issue some other car might hit it it might damage another car and you might think well why is it even going to come

Off it’s in there pretty tight well if you catch a berm the right way or you go off track or in my case if it was really hot out and your brakes are heating up your hubs quite a bit you can actually melt some center caps you know i haven’t seen that with porsche but i did see it with some aftermarket wheels and center caps and you see these things are kind of

Expensive and i really don’t feel like replacing them especially when you generally buy them in a set of four so removing them is easy you don’t have to remove your wheels you might think you do suncoast sells this little tool here it’s kind of overpriced and it removes your center caps you don’t need to buy this folks just get a pick set from harbor freight

Just a 90 degree pick like this one and uh you just stick it into one of the holes that are already built into the center cap and pull there you go it’s as easy as that don’t waste your money on special center cap tools it’s just not necessary but when you put your center caps back on the proper way is to always have the bottom of the crest pointing towards the

Valve stem just like that now these are just some of the initial steps to take you should always take your car to get inspected by a competent mechanic before track days and if you’re competent enough you’ll know what to look for but the driving on race circuits manual supplement from porsche does outline a lot of the things you should be looking for there’s

Even a checklist all the consumables that you normally have while doing normal driving go much faster on the track so you really want to check every time your brake pads your rotors your brake fluid your oil your coolant and your tires and your tire pressures for example porsche says change your brake fluid out every two years under normal driving but when it

Comes to track driving they say every year and probably a little more often depending on how much you track your car now if you’re interested by the way and learning how to bleed the brakes on your gt4 including the abs system be sure to check out this other video i did on the channel now remember i’m no expert i’m probably more of an amateur like you but i have

Plenty of experience with cars and thanks to all of you who contribute your information to the forums and the facebook book groups as well as those official sources like from porsche in that driving on race circuit supplement we can gather all that information and i can deliver it here on this channel to you in a more succinct fashion and i hope i did a good job

If you think i did hit that like button consider hitting the super thanks button and i would love your subscription hit the bell to be notified of future porsche content thanks so much for watching the jeff fiona channel we’ll see you next time foreign

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3 Free Mods to Make Your Cayman GT4 Faster By Jet Fuel Only

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