3 days later and audi a8 has mmi
Altair Club Cars 3 days later and Audi A8 has MMI issues (Solved)

3 days later and Audi A8 has MMI issues (Solved)

Purchased this A8L, and a few days later the radio completely stopped working. No nav, no sound, no settings.

All right you guys well it’s uh what three four days later and the audi is at the shop already with nick um so what happened was it was totally fine runs great more or less like no mechanical issues but it is an audi and i parked it at my house and then next day i went to start in notice that i have no audio so the mmi system is not working so that screen right

There should come out and then those speakers should come up too so nick is connecting his uh computer and we’ll do some diagnostics i tried to do the whole reset when you hold down the three buttons and whatnot and it doesn’t work so he just tried to plug in into the cigarette lighter does that work now or no no so that also doesn’t work um but i checked i

Mean like rear seats everything works it’s just the front yeah it’s a 4-2 and no music no navigation no back-up camera i mean sensors beep but nothing shows up so hopefully we could get this taken care of and hopefully won’t be expensive uh it could be a fuse it could be amp going out if it’s an amp those are not cheap um and then that would really suck just

Check fuses on this side you know nick is checking fuses on the other side but so far looks fine computer tells us that there’s no communication with the radio which is you know ding it in but no fault codes just no communication but what i did find in the glove box is uh paperwork for recent maintenance so the car has 98 000 miles and 95 000. um it got new

Water pump new spark plugs new ignition coils new coolant um a few cooling lines i mean pretty serious work i think it’s two thousand dollars worth of work and about a thousand miles ago it had a full synthetic oil change i think 5 w 40 if i’m not mistaken so in theory she’s ready to go but now we have this goofball which sucks these fuses also came back totally

Fine so we pulled the sub out all right go ahead see if it works now let’s see it does that it’ll open and then like 10-15 seconds later it’ll just close nope so it opened and see there it goes close back up sorry guys we’re kind of on a very busy road but nick said uh one of these cables was disconnected so maybe from the base it kind of came loose and undone

But nothing yeah looks like we still have nothing but there should be a whole fuse box right there too teamwork makes the dream work so that’s grounded nick is in there you guys probably won’t see chicken fuses nick says he found a bad one so far so we’re making good progress doesn’t mean i do i know we don’t know which one it is so well yeah of course but one

Bad one is better than checking all of them i do need this there you go uh checking all of them and all of them being good at least this gives us some kind of a lead i suppose hopefully this is it hopefully it’s that easy maybe this is used for the cigarette lighters how it works still doesn’t work or it does work oh i think it went on on its own yeah but these

Still don’t pop up and screen is dark so i don’t think that did it unfortunately yeah oh yeah so we just had it we pulled the fuse put it back in started it stayed on to where powered on we were able to go through radio stations and then it did that and it went back away audi’s going under the knife hardcore nick is suspecting uh what did you call fiber optics

Cable that might be going wonky like everything else works but that system well it just tried so you just like yeah see that little red light okay so now popped up on its own but the tweeters or whatever they’re called slid didn’t come up okay so plugged in medium or devices being loaded and off so no it’s not an issue that data bus diagnostic j533 okay

Okay media player position okay so the current update is i went through diagnostics and it looks like the all wires everything is fine fuses are okay but it seems like one of the modules is down or bringing down the whole system so a faulty module now the question is which module how much does it cost and yeah but something along those lines right there either

That main module or one of the modules inside of it this is the fault code we’re getting okay so nick uh went through his fancy computer test system all systems are working but it says radio control unit faulty so we are thinking and assuming that it’s this unit right here but we will verify it first but we will verify it first before we order parts we’re just

Trying to do a simple google search of what it looks like because the computer doesn’t you know give us a part number or something like that hey replace this one so you do have to do some leg work uh so we’re gonna check power and grounds and stuff going to that radio can bus communication pretty much everything that he’s saying uh so that will be done and if it

Looks bad then i guess that’s the part that will need to get replaced uh right now simple search if it is this unit that i just showed you guys it’s about 150 200 a used part so basically from a parts vehicle but it fixes the issue it fixes the issue um but man like everything was working fine and then that’s not the radio unit oh nick is saying that’s not the

Radio unit it’s probably in the trunk and if he points at this unit right here yeah that’s it okay so that leads us to another problem that the sub most likely caused this issue that’s why we start looking at you know because look here because if the sub but remember you first pulled out a wire and you said it looks a little janky yeah okay so that’s our next

Step i am back on my lot after a lot of poking a lot of uh digging um we are almost sure that it’s the one in the trunk but nick is going to order a test kit says he still needs one it probably won’t hurt to have one for him so he’s like i’ll order it uh once it gets in here we’ll take a look and troubleshoot it just to be you know 200 sure before we start

Dumping parts into it and once it’s confirmed then i will start looking for a new module but that’s probably you know a few days out i’m going to leave the car here for now take another vehicle home just let it sit guess is expensive right now and if i have no music or anything there’s no real point i’ll take something else to drive plus i’m not super picky

About what i drive but she is a beauty um but unfortunately gotta leave her here for now several days later did you look at that hey sunday got it figured out right he got it interesting what do you think noah nice okay let me show you guys what was done oh by the way yeah see and these things came up too so as we suspected it is this radio module right here

And see what he did uh he basically disconnected from that module this uh fiber uh optics cable and then plugged in something that will complete the circuit so it’s not connected to that as soon as he started the car the screen opened up on its own the tweeters came out and it hasn’t closed yet has it nope nope so yeah yeah everything works so it’s been on for

What 30 seconds now maybe a little bit more probably minute and a half so there we go now unplug it real quick unplug that wants me to unplug i don’t know if i’ll be able to do it with hand one hand there we go i did let’s see if that does anything are we expecting it to do anything so tweeters just went in but that’s still open yep it’s unplugged i got it

Right here and tweeters didn’t come out so now i’m assuming this works but we clearly won’t have radio or anything because this is not connected so essentially the problem is that uh computer shut off again okay so go ahead and plug it back in plug it back in i’m showing you guys more or less uncut let me actually put this down first plug back in yeah it’s back

In but you might have to restart the car you want me to go fast on this car we’ll see kiddo there we go tweeters are up everything is loading okay so now we know 100 the radio is bad okay but remember we were given that code for the gateway the open circuit yep so now we check with that whether it’s gone but by the looks of it guys nick has done it again okay

Moment of truth yeah battery oh well yeah battery okay but program new radio is in everything is connected uh the new radio actually got delivered in like two days dropping my keys okay so now we get to find out if we need to program it or not and nick is here for that look at that that opened up and those opened up wait do i hear sound i do hear sound so we

Might not need to program it or you just probably will probably well uh i mean it’ll work and function but it’ll just code saying configuration correct don’t forget your boot system never mind it will need a program because the sound comes on for a second and then goes away comes on for a second goes away i’m assuming because the computer doesn’t really know what

To do several days later just a very minor update for you guys uh so the radio got programmed yesterday um i didn’t have to wait for the audi dealer an independent company came out they were able to do it we specialize in stuff like this uh and now i am taking the car to my mechanic to get the lower ball joints replaced i believe that’s what they’re called uh

If i could get this opened to show you guys basically this one right here because it’s not super noticeable but the car ain’t cheap so um i do want it to be like as perfect as it can be like lower bumps you could feel a little bit higher speed highway and whatnot it’s totally smooth it’s totally fine but again i just want it done and i want it done properly so

Hopefully in about two days who knows maybe today he’ll get it replaced and and it’ll be done but hopefully after they are replaced hopefully that’s the only issue this car will be 100 ready to go and i’ve clearly been driving it absolutely love this thing it is so smooth it has enough power it’s like luxury luxury luxury fantastic car several days later the a8

Is back it’s behind me right here beautiful car but the clunking is still there so my mistake i basically told my mechanic hey replace this kind of told him the symptoms and he’s like to be honest i just did what you said i didn’t really look into it to find other potential issues but it’s still clunking a little bit uh so the next step for me is to see if it’s

The struts themselves because i know sometimes if the bolts are loose i’ve had few vehicles where the like upper strut bolts and nuts were loose and it would clunk like that after tightening them down it was totally fine but again aside from that this thing runs really really really well i’m gonna end the video here uh this is something kind of down the road for

Me to figure out until then i have it listed for sale you know if anything i’ll come down on price to accommodate for that or do like an iou where whoever purchases it they could leave it with me for you know a day or two and we’ll take care of it so it’s 100 ready to go but i have other vehicles right now they’re kind of higher priority than this one so thank

You for watching i really appreciate your support please consider subscribing i’ll see you guys in another video

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3 days later and Audi A8 has MMI issues (Solved) By Sergey Pip

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