274495 2012 gmc sierra 1500 sle
Altair Club Cars 274495 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Crew Cab 2WD EPIC AUTO SALES TOMBALL TX

274495 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Crew Cab 2WD EPIC AUTO SALES TOMBALL TX

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Okay here we have another great vehicle a 2012 gmc sierra 1500 it’s going to do a quick walk around this vehicle point out all the imperfections but also point out all the perks fog lights chrome trim beautiful beautiful body wheels and tires are in great shape it is a texas addition you do also have pretty heavy tent and you notice a couple little scuffs right here

On the bumper guard on both sides a rod tip here complete tow package see you have the bedliner very nice all right here we have a couple little more scuffs up there in there and just use the auto start by the way guys i see no other issues all right you have a beautiful door panel here solid black you have this dark nickel trim running along the interior here

Power locks power windows power mirrors cubby space with two cupholders so you have cloth seats half howard half manual you have powered front and back up and down and of course your lumbar and lumbar support it’s going to be all manual very nice we have all your light settings here including your fog lights on board computer settings for right on top of that jump

On in here okay all right this beauty only has 50 1720 miles beautiful cluster there here on the steering wheel you have all your cruise control settings on the left all your media control settings on the right including volume control it’s right behind that okay you got two little cup compartments right here next to the radio nac beautiful stereo system here you

Have dual climate control you also have until reporters compartment with two power sources right next to it here we have one compartment that’s divided into two two parts you have the other compartment right in front of that and you have two cup holders that are easily adjustable in either one of these two slots okay let’s go ahead pick this part up here you have a

Nice cubby space but you have a usb and a power source right there very nice lots of room here excellent peanut this is a gm product you do have onstar it’s right there sorry it has a hard time focusing folks okay all right guys let’s go ahead oh and i do want to point out with these new trucks you do have manual mode you have this adjustment here but you can see it

Right in your dash that you have manual mode at the very end there okay and that allows you to course shift your own gears let’s go ahead and jump to the back gonna see what else we got going on you have a nice door panel here saw the black power windows with nickel trim the heavy space for storage netting for storage here nice little armrest two cupholders rear

Little compartment here you have a little storage compartment power source and two cup holders as well alright let’s go ahead and jump over to the other side and get a little closer view same door panel design call it black cubby space power windows nickel trim neddy for storage give you guys a nice little close up here very nice same door panel design saw the

Black do have two cupholders at the bottom with the puppy space power windows and power locks also a 50-50 it’s a manual and powered seat you have manual adjustments here in here and this is powered okay bottom glove compartment you have complete owner’s manual your type glove compartment is just for storage alright i’m go ahead and turn this puppy off alright

Guys if you are interested in this beautiful 2012 gmc sierra 1500 please contact one of my cells consult a two-way 1955 6555 or you could view 50 additional pictures and carfax report at wwf pic auto sales tx com thank you

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274495 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Crew Cab 2WD EPIC AUTO SALES TOMBALL TX By EpicAutoSalesTx

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