23863 2013 mazda cx 5 gs
Altair Club Cars 23863 – 2013 MAZDA CX-5 GS

23863 – 2013 MAZDA CX-5 GS

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen brandon from island owl mazda here in campbell river today we’re taking a walk around to 2013 mazda cx-5 now you guys may be asking yourselves why would i ever want to see my exit five well guess what this one you want to see 24 hours seven days a week this is unbelievable crossover utility in its finest the 2013 cx-5 was actually

The first uh of the cx-5s to ever hit the market which is phenomenal they are compact utility vehicles so they are crossovers between the suv life but still giving you that great fuel economy of a smaller car with the 2.5 liter skyactiv engine you guys get around 8 liters per hundred kilometers it’s got all-wheel drive i active intelligent all-wheel drive so that’s

Great make sure that you guys get all the traction in all four wheels when you need it without sacrificing the huge fuel consumption you also can see you get great visibility because the headlights wrap around the front corner panel and you also have low-lying fog lights built in there too so visibility out of the front of the vehicle impeccable also airflow on

The front you can see it’s got two stages of uh grilles here so up top and down below allowing for twice the airflow under the hood making sure everything that’s moving and running hot stays cooler for longer keeping your maintenance to an absolute minimum awesome right speaking of maintenance and repair costs let’s keep you guys safe and protected with breakaway

Mounted mirrors those fold inwards and outwards saving you from having to replace this whole unit when someone in the ferry parking lot or costco decides to park a little too close there you go they fold inwards and outwards great they’ve got turn signal indicators on the outside as well here on the tires we’ve got michelin all terrains these are great for anything

You guys are going to be doing here on vancouver island whether it’s rain snow mud all that stuff you got total confidence with the all-wheel drive system and these great gripping tires they’re alloy rims on there and locking lug nuts too so you guys have tons of peace of mind no one’s going to steal your nice rims they’ve got disc brakes in the front and back too

For impeccable braking power when it comes to cargo take a look up top this thing is outfitted with the roof racks and the crossbars ready to go put your thule box on there put your kayaks you guys are off to the races here you have automatic windows automatic locks power mirrors all that great stuff you even have power more seating for yourselves as well so that’s

Great the seats are nice and bolstered it’s all cloth material so soft plush surfaces you’re sitting on even your armrests are nice plush here when we get inside you’ll see features like automatic headlights boom automatic rain sensing wipers and then from the steering wheel things like your bluetooth hands-free calling and volume controls your cruise control

That’s fantastic this bad boy’s only got 124 000 kilometers on it if you want to see what kind of information your vehicle displays press this little button here boom your range your average fuel consumption current averages all that great stuff can even reset that here you have an information screen where you can get your uh radio situation so am fmcd or usb

You can even connect it through a bluetooth there you guys connect the phone make it super easy for your phone calls your information will come up right here on the screen you even have a cd player there as well down below that hvac is super cool you’ve got heated seats for the driver and passenger temperature dial fan speed direction of airflow never easier to be

Comfortable in your ride loads of cargo there your six-speed automatic shifter with the manual mode you can see a little plus minus there choose what gear you’re in driving in the snow great driving up and down hills save your brakes on the wear and tear cup holders center console with extra storage and usbs in there here’s your little e-brake lift that bad boy up

You’re stuck in position above us interior lighting sunglass holder phenomenal it’s all felt lined in there too so you’re not going to scratch your shades rear view mirror a glove box with your owner’s manuals that’s all good boom back here check this out look at all this spacing phenomenal all weather mats back here too just like in the front you’ve got a drop

Down center console here for armrests and cup holders convenience out the wazoo here over the shoulder press these little buttons and you can drop your seats down when the seat’s forward like in a normal driving position not like that low rider status these seats do fold fully flattened so if you guys need a spot to sleep check that out it’s great road trips all

Day long wrap around tail lights giving great visibility super lightweight hatch holy i could do that with one finger and then you’ve got these great convenient little latches here so drop down the other seats for you now in the event of an emergency say you don’t have a tire you’ve got your deep and storage pocket here for a spare tire all the goodies you’ll need

In those worst case scenarios boom dual exhaust nice reflective markers on the back this thing’s got that cladding all the way around the portion it’s beautiful and it’s available for you guys down here at island owl mazda in campbell river give us a call at 250-914-6095 or stop on by 2280 island highway in campbell river and let’s get you into your new cx-5 have a great day guys

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23863 – 2013 MAZDA CX-5 GS By Island Owl Mazda #owlfam

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