23680 2023 mazda cx 50 gs l
Altair Club Cars 23680 – 2023 MAZDA CX-50 GS-L

23680 – 2023 MAZDA CX-50 GS-L

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen brandon from island owl mazda here in campbell river and oh boy oh boy am i excited to show you guys this beauty this is the all-new 2023 mazda cx-50 this is in the zircon sand color it’s got the gs luxury trim package to it and it’s got the 2.5 liter skyactiv g engine the all-wheel drive i-active system plus i-axis safety to

Keep you and the family safe all year round this one is phenomenal it’s the outdoor adventures version of the cx-5 and you can tell by that beautiful cladding that it has revamped up from the front bumper over the wheel wells all the way to the back there and they restructured these top pillars so you can have a little more load bearing weight up top you guys can

Put cargo trays up there and it’s also the first time mass has ever introduced a panoramic moon roof in their vehicles so you guys are gonna love the extra air and uh sunlight that comes into the cabin with that here they’ve got the mazda led headlights that are wrapped around the front corner panel with the wraparound design they give you way better visibility

Actually up to 28 degrees more eyesight lines for you guys while driving early in the morning or late at night extra peace of mind too you guys have these low-lying turn signals added a fog light fixtures and just with that lower portion of cladding you’re never worried about bashing it into the low-lying curbs or anything as well here right in the front emblem

You’ve got your safety system which is great keeps you guys protected 10 off your insurance as well down there they’ve got the goodyear assurance tires those are for mud and snow so no matter where you’re headed this year you guys got great traction confidence and control of your vehicle and stunning black alloys if i might add that too they’ve got locking disc

Brakes in the or locking lug nuts and the disc brakes in there so you got lots of protection blacked out mirror caps with the led turn signal on the outside and blind spot monitoring indicators on the inside these are also defrosting mirrors so if you guys are driving in the winter time you’ve got great visibility it’s fantastic the cx50 has got those florida

Wide uh fenders so gives it that aggressive stance on the road and just makes it feel more planted giving you a little bit more control of your drives beautiful interior in this thing it’s got the leatherette wrap and then suede accents inserts here in the back and butt portion all power for you as well soft touch on the doors there you got power windows power

Locks mirrors all that great stuff too this is a really cool ergonomic handle your hand slips through and there’s actual finger placements for you soft touch on the dash there great you got your safety systems traction control and a power lifting hatch all available for you if i turn the vehicle on you’ll see mazda’s fantastic digital display that comes flushes

To light for you you can see it’s only got 39 kilometers on it automatic headlights automatic rain sensing wipers the bluetooth commands from your steering wheel and cruise control with that lane keepers or that adaptive mode there which is awesome one commands here you’ve got your entertainment system here where you will allow yourself to play around with this

Little bezel and the volume dial here for passengers it is an automatic shifter uh six-speed auto with a manual mode and you also have my drive which gives you sport and off-road mode so you can see that here off-road goes brown normal is black and sport gives you red pretty cool soft touch dual zone climate control so driver passenger heated seats for both you

Guys and the heated steering wheel for extra comfort on those daily commutes you’ve got your cup holders and little storage there i love this portion the center console is dual access so one porsche portion can open someone can get in and the other can still use their arm rest and vice versa usbs extra cargo space in there it’s fantastic here you’ve got interior

Lighting sunglass holders with the felt liner and above is that panoramic roof with the structure bar there and if you guys don’t like the light you can close that up like so loads of space back here tons of room for the car seats and kiddos they’ve even got the anchoring points there which is great drop down armrest with cup holders in the center too and then

You guys have vents for cooling heating and usb charger ports back there so no one’s sacrificing power these seats fold down to a fully flattened position giving you loads of cargo room wrap around tail lights mimicking the front lights watch that power hatch lift up with ease so when you’re grocery shopping no more troubles and you guys can drop the seats down

Very much like the cx-5 if you know anything about those they’ve got these great little handles that make it super easy to access deep in storage pockets on the side and underneath with your full-size spare tire so you guys have everything you’ll need in the event of an emergency beautiful little flares on the x exterior here dual zone exhaust or dual exhaust so

It’s got great sound too let’s get you guys into the all-new mazda cx50 give us a call at 250-914-1695 or stop on by 2280 island highway and campbell river we’ll talk to you soon guys

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23680 – 2023 MAZDA CX-50 GS-L By Island Owl Mazda #owlfam

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