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Altair Club Cars 2024 Jeep Recon EV: Will The New Electric Jeep Be Worth It?

2024 Jeep Recon EV: Will The New Electric Jeep Be Worth It?

Today I go over the 2024 Jeep Recon EV and 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S EV!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today’s going to be talking about the all-new jeep recon and also the wagoneer s in the first part of the video we’re going to talk about the wagoneer s and then in the second part of the video we’re going to talk about the recon which is the main focus of today’s video before the video though as always if you save time and money

The next time you purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it so let’s talk about this wagoneer s which is exciting because it’s one of jeep’s first fully electric suvs but also not exciting for me because it’s not an off-roader like the recon so this is basically be about the size of a jeep grand cherokee or jeep grand

Cherokee l i know it has the wagon your name but it’s not wagging your size which is somewhat strange we don’t have a whole lot of information on this other than well the photo that you guys can see in this part of the video in terms of what it’s going to look like and also jeep is claiming it’s going to have about 600 horsepower and 400 miles of driving range

Which the 600 horsepower part isn’t super impressive for an ev but 400 miles of driving range is very impressive for navy most evs are in the 200 to 300 miles of range in today’s world right now and from a stylistic perspective it still looks like a jeep the cool thing is how you’ve got like that illuminated like light bar with the whole like front grille it’s it’s

Definitely interesting from a design perspective let me know if you guys like the design i think it looks way better than the wagoneer that we currently have i think that jeep definitely kind of botched that from a stylistic perspective but overall this is basically going to be a mid-sized crossover that’s fully electric from jeep that’ll be another crossover

To compete against the tesla model y and slowly chip away at tesla’s sales basically and it looks like this is going for the luxury side of things which again jeep has been pushing that luxury envelope for quite some time that’s why the new grand cherokee feels like basically a ripoff range rover right and so this is going to be i guess a ripoff range rover that’s

Fully electric i know it sounds bad but overall i’m pretty impressed with it but let’s get into the fun part the fun part now is talking about the recon which is apparently inspired by the wrangler but i think it’s more inspired by the jeep renegade i know that’s kind of an insult but it looks like a big beefed up jeep renegade which yeah it’s kind of interesting

So they’ve basically not gone for the wrangler styling and gone more for the like land rover defender type styling where they have you know slightly bulged fenders and itty bitty fender flares instead of what the wrangler has which is a crazy boxy design and then the world’s like biggest fender flares ever they’re not as big as the bronco raptors fender flares but

They’re still pretty dang large and so yeah it’s it’s definitely interesting let me know what you guys think about the styling overall i think it looks pretty good and i’m sure it’ll look even better once i’m able to see in person and not just see these renders that jeep has but yeah i don’t think it’s as good looking as the wrangler just based on what i’m seeing

Now again this is inspired by the wrangler but it’s fully electric and jeep says it’ll basically have wrangler stuff so it’ll have front lockers rear lockers it’ll also have i should say front rear lockers instead of phone sometimes i can’t talk anyways it’ll also have off-road rated tires and it’ll have under body protection aka skid plates or something the other

To protect the batteries and all that which better be thick because if you puncture something with a battery pack that is not a fun day off-road now we don’t know the range with this we don’t know the horsepower torque rating and we don’t know the motor setup so there’s a few different routes that jeep go jeep could go the simple route which is just doing two

Electric motors that’s what a lot of ev automakers will do to make it so a vehicle can have all-wheel drive and they could just have traditional lockers because if you guys don’t know the hummer ev for example has a traditional locker that has an electronic locker it’s kind of an interesting system with that so jeep could basically just do traditional lockers

With this with the dual electric motor setup and that would work perfectly fine for off-road conditions and frankly that would actually be a better setup for traction compared to what the wrangler offers right now because even with just a dual electric motor setup you can really like finely tune the amount of torque going to each wheel just a little bit better

Than what you can do with just a regular internal combustion engine car because again having instant torque and instant horsepower with the electric motor just gives you a little bit more precision and so it would help it from a traction perspective but the one thing that i do want to mention is it’s probably not going to have solid axles like the wrangler and

I think that’s why they’re making this look substantially different compared to a wrangler and more like a jeep renegade or land rover defenders because it’s going to be an independent front and rear suspension vehicle so that means that it might have air suspension to give it the necessary ground clearance to be you know capable as an off-roader again we don’t

Have any information on that just having to make guesses at this point but there is not a single electric vehicle that has solid axles at this point let me know if i’m wrong but like everything on the market including the new hummer ev which is an off-roader the rivien r1t the ford f-150 lightning isn’t necessarily an off-roader but it’s still like a pickup truck

All have independent front and rear suspension that’s just what automakers do with these electric vehicles and so that’s a huge departure from what the wrangler offers with solid front and rear axles now the other thing that jeep could do is the ribbing way of doing things and that could be a quad motor setup so you have a motor for each individual wheel which

Would obviously be the best possible thing to do in terms of traction because then you’d be able to perfectly calculate the amount of torque for each individual wheel and off-road situations give you the most amount of traction i mean it’s seriously impressive the stuff that the t and well the r1s that’s coming out as well is able to do offroad because that quad

Motor setup and we could have our own jeep version of the whole tank turn thing that riven has with the r1t and the r1s and then what this would also allow jeep to do is basically make a true like electronic uh locking differential in the sense that they just use the motors to mimic a locking differential rather than doing like a traditional locking differential

I know that that sounds confusing because the wrangler right now does have technically an electronic locking differential but that’s different than if you have electric motors in all four corners and you use those motors to mimic it differentially yeah i know it’s it’s crazy it’s complicated stuff and i only like 50 understand it but the point that i’m trying to

Make is that jeep is releasing this new electric off-roader and i think that it’s pretty cool i think it’s a pretty cool concept and i’m excited to see more fully electric off-roaders because right now i think that most electric cars are frankly boring because we don’t have like a lot of diversity in the electric car world we basically have luxury electric cars

That’s what tesla does at this point and also bmw mercedes audi so on and so forth and then we have a couple of electric off-roaders like the hummer ev like the rivian r1t and then the r1s we don’t really have any electric sports cars yet nobody’s really figured that out tesla said that they’re going to release the tesla roadster a while ago but yeah we’ll see

When that comes out maybe by 2050 or something but i think this is cool because again it’s adding just a little bit more in the electric car segment and i guess one thing i didn’t touch on is range so jeep didn’t talk about range with this now i think that it’s safe to assume it’s probably going to be somewhere in the 300 mile range that’s pretty typical for most

Of these electric crossovers obviously they’re saying 400 miles of range with the wagoneer but this is probably going to be a less expensive model compared to the wagner again the wagoner’s gonna be more towards that luxury market whereas this again the off-roader market which typically vehicles are priced a little bit lower but i think that would be a mistake if

It only has 300 miles of range because it’s been shown in so many off-road reviews that if you take a fully electric vehicle off-road you lose a massive amount of your range so i think that they should shoot for at least 400 miles if not more of range for this to make it so that it’s actually practical off-road because if they don’t then it’s not be practical for

Like off-road journeys again even the rivie and r1t which has pretty solid range there’s been so many videos of people showing that like ah it kind of uh kind of has no range off-road you can kind of go on like little day adventures but you can’t really do you know over landing or real off-road adventures with it but let me know what you guys think about both of

These new jeeps which one you’re more excited about and if you would consider purchasing a fully electric jeep and with that being said i’ll see all of you in that next video

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2024 Jeep Recon EV: Will The New Electric Jeep Be Worth It? By The Ben Hardy Show

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