2024 hummer ev suv exterior walk
Altair Club Cars 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Walkthrough

2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Walkthrough

What is going on guys this is muhammad with express car reviews and today i have behind me the brand new hummer ev but this time it’s an suv guys this truck is incredible you could see right off the bat that this one has a shorter wheelbase so it’s definitely going to feel a little bit more nimble on the road this is going to be actually more capable off-road than

The hummer ev truck guys and another thing this color is just striking i absolutely love this moon color it just looks really really good in this car goodyear wrangler come standard in this truck pricing is about 105 000 and they’re already taking reservation for this truck another thing that is uh really interesting about this truck is going to be um actually the

Battery technology this this one runs on the ultim battery technology which chevy um believes that it’s going to be the future of electric cars guys so this ultim uh battery it’s allows it to be you know gives it a lot of the fast charging and also uh long range that is necessary and required for trucks and suvs and cars in general so whenever i review electric

Cars the first thing comes to my mind guys what is the range and what’s the price and what’s the capability and this one definitely definitely checks the range and the capability um categories and as far as the price is actually a pretty good considering this is like um almost in the luxury if not it is in the luxury suv segment this one does not come with third

Row seats guys but um there’s a possibility you could definitely see this is a big enough full-size suv for a third row seat so it’s definitely a possibility in the future check this out guys the wheel hanging on the tailgate this is not just um a regular suv this is letting you know that it’s about off-roading guys this thing is an absolute beast it’s wide

It’s high and it’s got that matching spare tire hanging on the tailgate letting you know that it’s about business guys i absolutely love this um just bringing back that hummer heritage but this time packed with a lot of the technology that it needs so i absolutely love the design of the back looks really good it doesn’t look um too long in any way but it just

Looks perfect from all angles it has a better approach angle than the hummer ev and uh yeah overall let me know what you guys think about it in the comments below and if you haven’t already please hit the subscribe and the build button is going to help me out looking at the truck from the side again um you could definitely see that it’s a little bit shorter than

The hummer ev but at the same time it’s just very very proportional and it looks really good from the side it just looks bulky and nimble and agile guys i really like this this one is definitely a higher trim again this front end just looks so good guys in person i love the lighting on it the hummer spilling on the headlights and it just looks very very high-tech

And modern which it definitely is it’s very rugged at the same time moving over to the front you have these massive and they’re absolutely massive tow hooks guys this thing can we can be used as a recovery vehicle anytime any day guys it’s absolutely massive and of course you got that skid plate skid plate underneath all right guys if you haven’t already please

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2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Walkthrough By Express Car Reviews

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