2024 honda prologue debuts as th
Altair Club Cars 2024 Honda Prologue Debuts As The Brands First Electric SUV In America

2024 Honda Prologue Debuts As The Brands First Electric SUV In America

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Honda has released its 1st official images of the fully-electric 2024 Prologue prior to its full unveiling in the coming months. The crossover will ride on top of GM’s scalable BEV3 architecture!

Foreign guys welcome back to ron’s rise news welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where this is our first look at the 2024 honda prologue a new electric suv that aims to kick-start the company’s ev future with a little help courtesy of general motors that provided the bones which appear to be shared with the new chevrolet blazer ev now

Having experimented with hybris and hydrogen and even a short-lived battery electric car the 1997 through 1999 ev plus of which 300 were offered exclusively through leasing the prologue is the first widely available dedicated battery electric honda to be offered in north america and it will be joined by at least 30 new evs globally before the end of the decade with

The year 2040 set as the company’s cut off for sales of combustion engines now the prologue is a key part of the company’s year of honda suv having already yanked the wraps off of the 2023 crv 2023 hrv and with the unveiling of the 2023 pilot not so far off now honda’s new entry will slot alongside the passport in the lineup as a mid-sized suv but the brand actually

Helps customers will begin to switch from the crv hybrid in 2024 now in an effort to make this happen the japanese automaker will offer the new crv with a shorter term lease plan in zev sales allowing customers to transition to the prologue without much hassle now the prolog ev measures 192 inches 4877 millimeters long 78.3 inches 1989 millimeters wide and a height

Of 64.7 inches 1 643 millimeters that makes the electric suv around 8 inches 203 millimeters longer and 5 inches 127 millimeters wider than the 2023 honda crv while the wheelbase at 121.8 inches 3094 millimeters is almost the same as the full size bmw x7 suv obviously it’s not coincidental that the chevrolet blazer ev has the exact same wheelbase length now the

Prologue was co-developed with gm and is based on a ladder’s flexible bev3 platform architecture using the all team drive and battery management system and the first impressions indicate that the honda likely will ride on the same bones as a chevrolet blazer ev now the long wheelbase is at the same length as the blazer ev which is a strong indication that there

Will be more similarities between the two and while the technical details have not yet been revealed you can see what honda has done to differentiate the prologue from any gm cousin the front has a chiseled and slightly anonymous appearance with honda’s family light array present the beltline and lower side profile are restrained in a way that is typically honda

Although the roof appears to slope towards the rear bringing the mind of the ev blazer and there’s a charge port on the driver’s side of the front fender while the lowermost segment features plastic cladding now when you move to the back the spoiler slim rear window and omission of the traditional h logo in favor of the honda tags come together to mimic the range

Rover evoke now the honda lettering has been stylized in a way to capture the modern and clean design of the prologue while the car will also adopt the e-series badging now other takeaways from this look include the exclusive north shore pearl shade which was inspired by lake tahoe in california also on display are 21-inch wheels that come standard and inside the

Driver is treated by a deeply dished steering wheel in front of a tablet style 11-inch driver display panel now on the center console you’ll find a raised but similar size 11.3 inch screen for the infotainment while the prologues controls are visually similar to what’s found on the crv and civic although traditional vents are found in place of the unbroken grille

That those two sport for the hvac vents now as yet details surrounding the battery and motor options of the prologue have not been revealed but honda’s upcoming electric suv will have the option of a all-wheel drive whether rear or front wheel variants will appear as the blazer ev remains to be seen but the prologue will go on sale in 2024 while pricing and specific

Details will be released closer to that date but with that said what are your first impressions of the new 2024 honda prologue let me know down in the comments below and if you guys did enjoy the video today make sure you give it a big thumbs up giving the video a like we’ll help get it up at the rankings more people can see it and we have a bigger discussion on

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2024 Honda Prologue Debuts As The Brands First Electric SUV In America By RonsRides News

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