2024 gmc sierra hd denali heavy
Altair Club Cars 2024 GMC Sierra HD Denali: Heavy Duty Pickup

2024 GMC Sierra HD Denali: Heavy Duty Pickup

The Sierra HD lineup reaches new heights with the 2024 model year. It has more technology, more comfort, and more luxury than ever before. It also has the most trailering assistance technology in its class1.

Model year the front end of the heavy duty  gmc sierra 2500 hd and 3500 hd will be changed   and the interior and transmission will also be  updated the addition of two trim levels one for   off-roading and the other for a more comfortable  work truck experience will give people who want   to buy an hd truck more options by

Making changes  to the sierra for 2024 gmc is adding to the arms   race that is the power of heavy duty trucks the  6.6 liter v8 engine’s power numbers don’t change   for 2024 though the thumping v8 still makes 401  horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque gmc got   rid of the old six-speed automatic transmission  and put

In a 10-speed automatic which is also used   in the diesel engine gmc says the new transmission  works better with the power curve of the engine   470 horsepower and 975 pound-feet of torque   which is very close to one thousand pound feet  the old model had 445 horsepower and 910 pound   feet of torque so these numbers are

Better gmc  says that the extra power and efficiency come   from a number of improvements to the engine such  as a more efficient turbocharger that helps make   25 percent more low end torque than the current  generation truck both the 2500 hd and the 3500 hd   can pull up to 36 000 pounds at most if you choose  the 2500 hd

With a crew cab you lose 600 pounds of   towing power bringing the maximum to 21 900 pounds  heavy duty work trucks are used for work first and   foremost but gmc is known for adding high-end  details to make things work better the sierra   has always been a more upscale alternative to the  chevy silverado whether you’re talking

About the   heavy duty or half ton versions the 20 inch is  machined aluminum wheels with gloss black accents   are unique to the new denali ultimate inside there  is full grain leather and open pore pal that wood   there are also niceties like massaging seats in  the power sunroof some of the exterior details   are a

Unique grille with gmc lettering invader  chrome and special fender lettering that shows   and headlights which play an animation when   the driver gets close to the car turns it on or  uses the turn signal are a bit more surprising   six new colors and new wheel designs are available  for the sle at4 and denali trims inside the

Heavy   digital instrument cluster and a bigger 13.4   inches center display all infotainment systems  except for the base pro level have google apps   there is also a new head up display with 15   inches and many colors the sierra hd already had  safety features like forward collision and lane   departure warning

Systems now you can add rear  cross traffic braking and trailer side blind   spot monitoring more importantly for a heavy duty  truck with this kind of towing ability there are a   number of new features that help with trailering  cameras help drivers line up a hitch or fifth   wheel and a camera can be added to the back of a 

Trailer so drivers can see what’s going on behind   them also new is adaptive cruise control while  pulling a trailer and a warning for drivers if   of their truck the at4x is something to look   off-roading won’t be available until the end   of 2024 the rest of the heavy duty sierra trucks  including the pro sle slt at4

Denali and denali   the first quarter of 2023. gmc doesn’t plan to   release prices until closer to the release dates  but current sierra 2500 hd models start around   forty thousand dollars and denali trims cost well  over seventy thousand dollars we think the denali   ultimate will do much better than that hope you 

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