2024 ford mustang first look deb
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2024 Ford Mustang: First Look Debut

The 2024 Ford Mustang wears evolved sheet metal and carries an advanced technology suite and features aimed squarely at enthusiasts. But some things, well (hopefully), some things never change. There’s still an available 5.0-liter V8, a six-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and all the attitude that’s made the Mustang an icon.

Since its debut seven years ago the current ford mustang has appealed to pony car enthusiasts muscle car fans and consumers that value track bread capability but now it’s time for something new and that’s where this the 2024 ford mustang comes in it takes all of its predecessors strengths and addresses some of its weaknesses to make ford’s iconic coupe better

Than ever before we dive into the 2024 mustang be sure to like follow share subscribe do all the things at the handlemotoronecom on all of your favorite social media for much much more car content and be sure to go to motorone.com to read more on the 2024 ford mustang now i’m going to let you all make up your own mind about how the new mustang looks but i’ll

Tell you this the mustang has much more presence in person especially here at the back where you see the strongest evolution from the previous car but beyond that ford is placing an increased emphasis on customizability yes there are a bunch of different exciting paint options but there are also 12 new wheel designs multiple caliper colors and different badges

You have this gt performance badge here but there’s also bronze and just straight black the idea is to make the mustang your own and more than ever the 2024 does that now i know there aren’t crazy changes to the exterior but ford reserved some of them for the cabin and yes i’m talking about the slab style display fort has gotten on the slab train this is a 12.4

Inch digital instrument cluster and a 13.2 inch touchscreen running sync 4 and powered by the unreal gaming engine it is bea beautiful to use a bad movie reference beyond that there are a lot of other changes ford has taken a close look at materials there’s different grains on the plastics and the leathers and there’s this awesome flat bottom steering wheel

That has these nice sizeable grips the shifter is mostly the same which no problem there but what you might notice is that the traditional double bubble dash is gone and that’s because of this display now that’s definitely disappointing but there are nice other little touches like this mustang badge right here and the overall shape of this piano black piece kind

Of harkens back to the double bubble but overall this is a much nicer cabin than before the interior quality is is way way up even on this prototype car and the tech story is something that is going to make a lot of conversation ford will continue to offer a turbocharged 2.3 liter 4-cylinder as a base engine and a 5 liter v8 as an option but these aren’t merely

Carryovers the 5.0 is a member of the fourth generation coyote family and now has dual intake boxes and throttle bodies while the blue level claims the 2.3 liter is all new considering the on sale date is over nine months away ford isn’t releasing stats so we don’t know how much horsepower torque or what kind of fuel economy these engines have but reps have

Told me that this will be the most powerful mustang gt yet now here’s the bad news the manual transmission is going away for the ecoboost model according to ford around 90 of the turbocharged cars that leave the factory carry the 10-speed automatic and that number is trending up a six-speed stick will remain available on the gt though where it already appears

On over 40 of v8 models it will also offer the 10-speed automatic as an option beyond the powertrain ford is adding new equipment to appeal to enthusiasts a remote rev function allows owners to let their engines roar with the press of a key fob well known mustang van and driftmaster von gitten jr contributed his expertise to develop the electronic drift brake a

Handbrake that helps you well drift and of course the popular performance pack lives on regardless of powertrain it includes a strut tower brace a torso limited slip differential larger brembo brakes on both axles and wider tires pony up more cash and you can add the optional mag right dampers recaro seats and an active exhaust system the 2024 mustang’s familiar

Powertrains and lightly revised styling blind much broader philosophical changes an emphasis on technology customization and even drifting show that ford is ready to evolve its pony car in what will likely be the last hurrah as a purely gas powered vehicle we’ll have much much more on this vehicle in the next nine months because as i mentioned it’s not going to

Be on our roads until june of 2023 so for much more check out motorone.com you

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