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Altair Club Cars 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee – Redline: First Look – 2022 NAIAS

2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee – Redline: First Look – 2022 NAIAS

#Dodge is getting ready to go completely electric and the #ChargerDaytonaSRTBanshee. Technically, still a concept vehicle this #ElectricMuscle is built on a new 800 volt Banshee architecture and Dodge is promising acceleration that will surpass even the most powerful and quickest #Hellcat models. It goes on sale in early 2024.

It’s the start of an all-new era over a dodge because the company is finally ready to retire the old charger and challenger that dates back to the 2000 era i’m at the 2022 detroit international auto show and this right here is the all-new 2024 dodge charger daytona srt banshee concept let’s take a first look so we’ve been waiting for dodge to introduce their

Version of an electric muscle car for years and i have to say this charger daytona srt banshee which is a ridiculously long name is still a concept so i expect dodge to eventually rename this vehicle but you can see the front end looks a lot like a challenger which a lot of you may be confused because this is actually a charger name on a two-door vehicle but

Remember the charger used to offer a two-door for a lot of the earlier generations this kind of harkens back to the 1970s era more specifically the 1969 charge you can see the front end has their new logo that’s actually a logo that we haven’t seen since the 50s and 60s i believe it’s called fratzog that logo it also lights up uh it makes the vehicle look a lot

More distinctive i also love the led light bar a lot of these evs are going with the full led light bar you’ve got this kind of flow through style for the aerodynamics going through the grille over there going over the hood the dodge says that while aerodynamics are important for an ev they were willing to sacrifice range in order to give this vehicle that classic

Muscle car design but they are claiming it is the most aerodynamic muscle car that you could buy which i guess for dodge that’s very typical for them to do something like that now looking at the side profile of this vehicle i want to mention that this is a big vehicle dodge muscle cars have typically always been very large vehicles and i don’t have figures yet

For how long the vehicle is in the overall length but i do want to mention the wheels those are a 21 inch wheel riding on 305 30s in the front while you also have a fatter 325s at the back of the vehicle which the body itself of this vehicle kind of makes the wheels look a little bit small so the fact that it’s very low and wide it’s kind of caught that typical

Uh design silhouette that we expect from muscle cars the door handles you can see are completely flush mounted which again gives this a much more modern appearance to it now moving along the rear of the vehicle i want to show you guys the back because that light bar that was carried over from the front is also evident on the back of the vehicle and this is where

Again it looks very distinctive even though it’s a concept car it looks almost very basically production ready you have that same fratzog badge of the there and then the interesting part about the charger daytona banshee is the fact that it actually has an exhaust system dodge actually was able to rev up this vehicle rev up being in relative terms using their

Frat sonic exhaust chambers now it basically means that dodge is claiming it’ll do around 120 decibels of a noise that’s why they call it a banshee this runs on the 800 volt architecture and when they actually started this vehicle up and were revving it it actually sounded like a screaming cat so again gone are the days of the screaming hellcat v8 instead we have

This really interesting electric sound which uh they’re called they’re claiming is because of their fratsonic exhaust chamber which is going to give it a really interesting characteristics basically very befitting of a dodge vehicle foreign so let me know in the comments below what you guys think of the sound the interior as you can see sadly i can’t actually

Get in and show you guys that um looks very modern it has this really cool ambient red led lighting that kind of goes around the entire dash of the vehicle you have modern lcd screens a curved display along with a flat bottom steering wheel with the lit up srt logo this is still remember a concept car so i’m not entirely sure what is going to make it to production

You can see it’s got it kind of like a two plus two seating removation where you have two buckets in the front and two buck buckets in the back and along with this racing style seat it’s a very nice looking interior that i suspect a lot of people are going to really appreciate i also love the fact that dodge seems to have improved the quality of the materials and

They also made the design just a lot more modern and distinctive now you can see along the side over there there’s uh what appears to be a hellcat badge now even though this isn’t a hellcat badged vehicle dodge claims is going to be faster than all the fastest versions of the hellcat challenger or the charger because of the 800 volt architecture that this runs on

Remember banshee is what the air terrible architecture means which means this has the same quick charging architecture as something like the porsche ticon or the hyundai ionic 5 and kia ev6 we don’t have any figures on the battery capacity nor the range nor the power dodge says that they’re going to offer multiple different power levels obviously i can’t open up

The hood this is technically a hatchback the rear was able to lift up earlier where you could see that it actually has the practicality of something like a lift back so we don’t know if this vehicle has a frunk but they are claiming like i said it will be quicker in terms of acceleration versus a hellcat and they also are claiming a multi-speed transmission now

Multi-speeds is pretty vague i’m going to suspect this has a two-speed transmission like the porsche ticon or the audi e-tron gt but in terms of range i would hope that dodge would target something around 400 miles and being that this is an all new ev architecture we should be seeing something like this eventually show up in early 2024 because i mentioned earlier

This is a 2024 model year type vehicle now in terms of pricing sadly i don’t have any information on pricing just yet the current challenger is one of the most affordable ways you can get speed but obviously with something like this dodge needs to keep it affordable because that’s always been their formula offer tons of horsepower for not much money which they’re

Going to be able to do by offering multiple versions of this vehicle just know that as we get closer to the target on sale date sometime in early 2024 we should be able to give you guys more information as dodge releases it as we go further on into the model year 2023 and then eventually 2024 but hope you guys have enjoyed my very brief first look overview on this

Really long named concept vehicle uh for redline reviews here at the 2022 detroit international auto show i’m sophie on bay thank you

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2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee ā€“ Redline: First Look ā€“ 2022 NAIAS By Redline Reviews

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