2024 chevy equinox ev
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2024 Chevy Equinox EV

Check out this all new 2024 Chevy Equinox 3LT EV!

Hello everybody today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this all new 2024 chevy equinox 3lt absolutely beautiful looking two-tone color on this guy not a whole bunch of information has been released unfortunately i will not be able to go into the vehicle to show you anything i’ll try to get as best of a shot of the interior as i

Can but i will show you the little placard at the end when we do the final uh last walk around so starting off up front very reminiscent to the silverado ev we have this really thin minimalist style led light bar that goes across right below the front right where the grill would be is actually a front-facing camera underneath the chevy bow tie and then your led

Headlights are a couple inches underneath the led accent lights the front where the grille would be actually looks really cool it has that diamond looking pattern looks very very aggressive i’m actually going to go over to this side real quick i’m gonna try to get you some interior shots real quick i don’t wait in line for a second so it looks very reminiscent

Of the chevy blazer ev that i just did a video on previously a little bit different of a color scheme and interior layout the instrument cluster and the touch screen display look to be the exact same 17.7 inches very very pretty in there i’m gonna go to the back real quick very beautiful interior right here is your charging plug port go back around this way

While that side is a little bit busy right now absolutely beautiful color i love the the it’s like almost an electric blue with the white um from the a-pillar back you also have black and white mirror caps there’s your mirror mounted camera system for the 360 degree camera system sleek minimalist style door handles silver roof rack up top really nice black and

Machined wheels looks like we have 275 40 r21 cross contacts made by continental the tail lamps are absolutely insane as well these are very very pretty your equinox all-wheel drive badge is going to be on the driver’s side i would imagine you’re going to have parking sensors integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper back here but i believe again this is a

Pre-production model backup camera is going to be right there and they don’t even have a spot for a license plate so this is definitely a pre-production model as you can see real quick again absolutely massive touch screen display in there this is going to be available i think they said fall of 2023 as a 2024 model year same with the blazer something to note too

Just like the blazer this is significantly longer than the current equinox i would say it’s probably somewhere along the lines of a almost a traverse in length so very very long vehicle you need to have a big vehicle unfortunately to fit all those battery cells in there here’s a quick little hit of the window sticker starting at around thirty thousand dollars

300 miles of range on a full charge which is awesome 17.7 diagonal touchscreen which is awesome again so this is essentially the same thing as the blazer ev but looks like the rs is going to be the first available even though this is the 3lt that looks like it’s the rs get my shadow out of the way for you and then starting at around thirty thousand dollars so

I’m guessing the 1lt is going to be around that 29.9 um the lady product specialist lady said that this is a 2024 3lt so it’s going to have pretty much the maximum amount of features for an lt trim if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and if you want to keep up to date on more auto show content please consider subscribing to the

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