2024 chevy blazer ev amazing ele
Altair Club Cars 2024 Chevy Blazer EV – Amazing Electric SUV | Review Interior & Exterior

2024 Chevy Blazer EV – Amazing Electric SUV | Review Interior & Exterior

2024 Chevy Blazer EV – Amazing Electric SUV | Review Interior & Exterior .

The chevrolet blazer has been a shapeshifter since the nameplate first emerged in 1969. originally a full-size truck-based two-door called the k5 the blazer migrated to a smaller suv body style based on the s10 pickup in the mid-1980s then came the mid-sized trailblazer of the early 2000s which spawned an ls v8 powered ss model before the blazer title returned

On a sharply styled crossover in 2019 now chevy is repurposing the name for an all-new electric suv which arrives for the 2024 model year with up to miles of range and the resurrection of the ss badge on a 557 horsepower performance model the blazer ev debuts with four trims one lt 2lt rs and ss and a dizzying array of powertrain choices the 1lt 2lt and rs

Are front-wheel drive models as standard with the 1lt able to go an estimated 247 miles on a charge all-wheel drive is optional on the 2lt nrs and the 2lt max is out at 293 miles of range depending on battery size the rs will also be available in a rear wheel drive configuration and with the right battery and drivetrain the rs will be able to travel up to 320

Miles the blazer ev rides on general motors ultim platform and three battery sizes will be offered but chevy hasn’t revealed how big the packs are chevy says that when plugged into a dc fast charger the blazer ev will be able to charge it up to 190 kilowatts adding 78 miles of range in 10 minutes at the top of the range the blazer ss becomes the first electric

Chevy to bear the super sport badge and it pumps out 557 horsepower and 648 pound-feet of torque all-wheel drive is standard on the ss and chevy claims the crossover can hit 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds in the sportiest drive mode which bears the eye roll inducing name wide open watts or wow the ss will be fitted with front brembo brakes and it like all

Blazer evs features an independent front and rear suspension this sportiest model boasts an estimated 290 mile range each trim level gets a unique front fascia with the lt displaying a blanked off body color grille while the rs adds a black grille piece and a full width led light bar along with sporty side skirts the ss gets a more aggressive black mask with

A column of strikes below the headlights and also gains a black roof the lt rides on 19-inch wheels while the rs upgrades to 21-inch units and the ss features 22-inchers the led light bar found on the rs and ss which includes an illuminated chevy logo plays lighting sequences as the driver walks towards or away from the car as well as displaying the charge level

When the blazer is plugged in the center piece in the interior is a 17.7 inch touchscreen paired with an 11 inch digital gauge cluster the dashboard design is sleek and futuristic with turbine like air vents and the rs and ss add a flat bottom steering wheel ambient lighting and lots of red accents the rs and ss also get heated and ventilated front seats while

Standard heated rear seats on the ss can also be optioned on the rs we were wowed by the crisp design in our brief seat time in a pre-production vehicle but we found the headroom in the second row severely lacking the blazer ev also comes loaded with technology with standard automated emergency braking lane keeping assist front pedestrian detection and braking

And optional reverse automated braking and advanced park assist gm super crew’s hands-free highway driving system is also available and the my chevy app will allow owners to map out routes to find charging stations foreign

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2024 Chevy Blazer EV – Amazing Electric SUV | Review Interior & Exterior By RMD CAR

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