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You’re watching the autos 360 network are you thinking what i’m thinking yes 2024 chevy silverado ev looks a whole lot like a chevy avalanche it’s that transition from the rear window into the truck bed this all-electric chevy silverado is completely different than the current silverado it’s based on the electric hummer platform and it’s important to note that this

Vehicle is extremely important for general motors because the silverado is their bread and butter truck and trucks are their bread and butter the style is rounded and clean it has a gigantic cabin on the rst version it will come equipped with a 17 inch touchscreen it will sit next to an 11 inch digital gauge cluster the wt or work truck version of this silverado

Ev will be equipped with slightly smaller screens chevrolet is going to offer the multiflex tailgate with the silverado ev to begin with chevrolet will offer two different powertrains the work truck which will be aimed at fleet vehicle sales will come with dual electric motors and four-wheel drive it will produce 510 horsepower and 615 pound feet of torque the

Rst version aimed at the retail market will also be equipped with two electric motors but the horsepower gets bumped up to 664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque to use all the power there’s a sport mode called wide open watts or wow in this mode chevrolet says the silverado ev can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in just four and a half seconds

Estimated range 400 miles the battery pack will be equipped with fast charging technology allowing you to add up to 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes if you can find a fast charger with a 350 kilowatt dc fast charging connection towing capacity is 8 000 pounds on the work truck with a payload capacity of 1200 pounds the rst is rated at 10 000 pounds towing

Capacity and 1300 pounds payload eventually chevrolet will offer a version that will be capable of towing up to 20 000 pounds of course the real question is will the silverado ev still measure up in terms of range and towing capacity in the real world only time will tell the silverado ev can be used to power up power tools and even charge other electric vehicles

Four-wheel steering will be included on both the work truck and the rst the silverado ev will be loaded with tech including supercruise for 2024 the silverado ev will sell for well over 100 thousand dollars that’s for the rst exact pricing on the work truck has not been released that’s because they’re fleet vehicles but the work truck is expected to have a starting

Price of around forty thousand dollars and these numbers are all in us currency so the first versions will be quite pricey but chevrolet says more affordable versions ranging in price from about forty thousand dollars to eighty thousand dollars will be coming very soon so the big question is does the silverado ev have what it takes to compete and so far we’d say

It’s looking pretty good but the proof will come when the first trucks are delivered in early 2023 and buyers begin to drive them in the real world chevrolet is taking orders for the new silverado ev right now for the autos 360 network and the sst car show i’m rick walker you are watching sst

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